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London dream pop duo Snowbird release their full length ‘Moon’ this week via Rough Trade/Bella Union. It’s the work of Simon Raymonde (former Cocteau Twins bassist) and singer Stephanie Dosen. Of course, nobody can replace the vocals of Elizabeth Fraser but that doesn’t stop comparisons being made between Snowbird and Cocteaus. Nevertheless, ‘Moon’ is a great record, thanks (in part) to the long list of talent that contributed, including Philip Selway and Ed O’Brien (Radiohead), Paul Gregory (Lanterns On The Lake) plus Eric Pulido and McKenzie Smith (Midlake). The album is coupled with a remix album called ‘Luna’. Simon and Stephanie’s styles work so well together and they’ve created some beautiful pop songs. If you’re a fan of Mazzy Star, Land Of Talk or Warpaint, this is a must.

Snowbird – ‘All Wishes Are Ghosts’

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Visit Snowbird @ Bella Union @ Facebook.

Snowbird - 'Moon'
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