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Gorgeous new tune from London’s Sky Between Leaves, this one will put you in a new place. Hopefully a better one! ‘O.B.E’ is an instrumental swoon that tip toes genres lines, but for what its worth the most common tags that stick are krautrock and dream pop. Sky Between Leaves released their debut, self-titled single back in 2011 (vinyl here) or snap up a freebie at Soundcloud. For those of you pondering their name – I quote, “The band’s name was taken from Jarvis Cocker’s narrative of being given glasses as a child and realizing that the holes in the trees were in fact the “sky between the leaves”. That enthralling imagery translates to the band’s sound and the elicited sentiment is simple yet poignant: it’s like awakening from a feverish dream to a wildly glittery reality.”

Sky Between Leaves – ‘O.B.E’

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Visit Sky Between Leaves @ Tumblr @ Bandcamp @ Soundcloud @ Facebook.


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