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Despite leaking online several weeks ago, Mazzy Star’s new album ‘Seasons Of Your Day’ is now “officially” available through Rhymes Of An Hour Records. Given that it’s been more than fifteen years since the group’s last full length, it’s amazing how cohesive this album is. After all, it was recorded over an extended period (and self produced) across locations in Norway, London and California.

Mazzy Star – ‘In The Kingdom’

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‘Seasons Of Your Day’ is full of solid songwriting, the six piece haven’t bothered to conform to an audience, instead they’ve grown with them. There’s no forced melodies or slick production in play, its a mature listen. That said, there’s also no great surprises but Hope Sandoval’s vocal chords are as dreamy as ever. Coupled with a country feel, this record is certainly not “alternative rock” as they’re occasionally labelled.

Mazzy Star – ‘Common Burn’

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Guitarist David Roback previously stated that an excessive amount of songs were recorded during the sessions for ‘Seasons Of Your Day’ and its likely that another LP won’t be far off. In the meantime, I’m happy to keep this on repeat.

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