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Lilies On Mars deliver their lavish album ‘Dot To Dot’ today via Saint Marie. After Cocteau Twins/Bella Union vet Simon Raymonde selected a cut for his radio show, the duo already had hopes high. If you’re a fan of the single ‘Dream Of Bees‘ or ‘Oceanic Landscape’, you’re in for a treat. Bandmates Lisa Masia & Marina Cristofalo recorded the LP between London and Sardina with the help of drummer Valentina Magaletti (Fanfarlo/The Oscillation). Their experiments with vintage organs, synths and space echo really pay off, it’s a unique sounding collection. ‘Dot To Dot’ is a Pandora’s box of colourful sounds, elaborate ideas, floating melodies and odd psychedelia. This is a strange record, but a great listen. It’s not an album you’re likely to connect with immediately, it’ll take a few listens to get a grapple on. But once you do, the otherworldly nature of it will stay with you.

Lilies On Mars – ‘No Way’

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Lilies On Mars - 'Dot To Dot'
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