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imandra lake-avane-artwork-cover

Imandra Lake deliver their second album ‘Avane’ this week (the title roughly translates to “Be Opened”). The Estonian dream pop outfit features former members of Pia Fraus (Rein Fuks and Eve Komp) with live performers Rivo Järvsoo, Taavi Laatsit and Tõnis Kenkmaa. Imandra Lake released their debut LP ‘Seesamseesam‘ in 2010, praised for its spacious (and otherworldly) dream pop atmospheres. However ‘Avane’ is a less dark and more accessible album, something that the beautiful single ‘Metsatants’ attests to. Those vocal harmonies could weaken the knees of a wide audience and deservedly so. Pick up ‘Avane’ from May 8 through Seksound. The label are also celebrating their 10th anniversary this year – congrats!

Imandra Lake – ‘Avane’

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