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‘Canicula Days’ the debut album from Norway’s Dråpe is out next month (April 18 via Riot Factory). We’ve treated our ears to the first single ‘Blue Skies‘, now dive into the follow up – ‘Memories’. I’ve heard four or five tracks from this record and while I’m not a betting man, I do love to contradict myself – so five bucks says this is one of the strongest dream pop albums of 2013! *puts crystal ball back on shelf* P.s. don’t hold me to the five bucks please.

Dråpe – ‘Memories’

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Dråpe: “Memories just happened to come about while we were recording our album and was nicknamed “the dance song”. Someone once said that it’s the perfect song for some good old fashioned linedancing, but yeah – we’ve still to see anything like that at our shows (except when singer and guitarist Ketil gets in the right mood backstage, that is). It’s is a feel-good song, with a sense of fragility lurking just beneath the surface. The song is basically about the waking up a little late on a Sunday and letting your mind fly backwards through last nights ups and downs.”

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