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denver-colorado-eternal love-usual fog

Jump into the first public stream of Denver, Colorado’s impressive debut single ‘Eternal Love // Usual Fog‘. Denver, Colorado is a solo project backed by a music collective; led by Sweden’s Simeon Pappinen Hillert (a touring sound engineer with acts including Niki & the Dove, Elliphant and School ’94). The Gothenburg-based project plan to release ‘Eternal Love // Usual Fog’ on their forthcoming EP ‘…and it still keeps on rising’ (due later this year). The wonky tune was “inspired by foggy nights and shoegaze tunes echoing over the sea,” a mix of lo-fi pop and bittersweet melodies. There’s some generous reverb in there too! It reminds me a little of early Mercury Rev, and has me very excited to hear what comes next.

Denver, Colorado – ‘Eternal Love // Usual Fog’ [Premiere]

Visit Denver, Colorado @ Soundcloud.