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Delay Trees third album ‘Readymade’ is out now through Soliti! The Helsinki foursome delivered the jangle pop lead single ‘Perfect Heartache‘ late last year, but don’t expect the rest of the LP to follow suit. ‘Readymade’ is for the most part a sedate affair, full of beautiful dreamy pop tunes lashed with delay and reverb. It’s a sleepy listen but great for a late night headphone session. If ‘Fireworks’ flips your eggs then jump right in. In other album news, the upcoming LP’s by Mogwai, Warpaint and Alcest are either streaming or have been unceremoniously leaked! Google is your friend, more on those records soon.

Delay Trees – ‘Fireworks’

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Visit Delay Trees @ @ Soliti Music @ Facebook.

Delay Trees - 'Readymade'
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