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Day Ravies (winks to The Kinks) are a quartet from Sydney that are part lo-fi indie pop, part garage rock, dream pop, shoegaze… you get the drift. They’re a bit of everything but its all good! Since forming in 2011, they’ve released a debut EP and are on their way to a full length.

Day Ravies – Slippery Dip

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Double Act‘ is the first single from Day Ravies debut album, out mid this year through Popfrenzy. Influenced by 80s and 90s legends like Aussie faves The Go-Betweens, The Clean and Sonic Youth. Locals can catch their East Coast tour during February and March (details here).

Day Ravies – ‘Double Act’

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Visit Day Ravies @ Popfrenzy @ Bandcamp @ Soundcloud @ Facebook.

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