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Trances, acid dropping and ESP connections, there’s a lot of stories floating around about The Casket Girls. Whether you believe they met in a Savannah field with an autoharp is irrelevant, turning it all into a great album is what matters. And this week we find out, The Casket Girls second album ‘True Love Kills The Fairy Tale’ is released February 11 through Graveface Records (shop or stream via COS). The electronic dream pop trio (sisters Phaedra and Else Greene with Ryan Graveface) have opened themselves up to a larger audience since their 2012 debut ‘Sleepwalking’. It’s a more controlled album and far more pop, built upon the lush vocal choruses of Phaedra and Else. Ryan’s well polished production work takes a backseat. At times they work well together, but occasionally the vocals feel displaced, like they could be placed over a different musical backing entirely. Perhaps this is the feel they were after. But it makes for a mixed experience, that said, stand outs ‘Holding You Back’, ‘Day To Day’ and ‘Same Side’ hold it above water.

The Casket Girls – ‘Holding You Back’

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Visit The Casket Girls online @ Graveface Records @ Facebook.

The Casket Girls - 'True Love Kills The Fairy Tale'
3.2Overall Score
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