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beach house-depression-cherry

Anyone else pick up the fancy velvet-sleeved version of ‘Depression Cherry’ on vinyl? There’s still a few copies left over at Mistletone, but it ain’t cheap! As regulars will know, Beach House‘s fifth album is in our hands (via Sub Pop). So much has already been said, a mention now seems superfluous. However, it is one of the most impressive dream pop records of 2015 so credit is due. The Baltimore duo chose to take a risk and avoid an easily-digestible (and more commercially viable option) in favour of a hazy, noisy and somewhat sparse creation. The move seems to have paid off, ‘Depression Cherry’ nails the “less is more” philosophy, with stripped back instrumentation and desolate melodies. Some critics have called it “bland”, while avid supporters have hailed it as their best work yet. Personally, I think being able to generate power through subtlety is a master stroke. Love it.

Beach House – ‘Depression Cherry’

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