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This week Italian dream pop outfit Be Forest deliver their second album ‘Earthbeat’ (via We Were Never Being Boring). In addition, the four piece have announced a string of European tour dates. Since releasing their debut album ‘Cold’ in 2011 Be Forest have evolved, this time round it’s a much warmer, outward looking album. With the addition of synth specialist Lorenzo Badioli, the group is now a four piece, enabling a broader scope. But rather than adding an electronic layer, this has had the opposite effect, as Lorenzo opts for organic keyboard sounds (vibes, bells and only an occasional electronic swell). ‘Earthbeat’ also favours percussive rhythms, Drummer Erica Terenzi mixes it up throughout, keeping time with toms and shakers rather than the familiar sound of the hi-hat. This is where the Native American influence of the record really shines through. ‘Earthbeat’ is a breath of fresh air, a well considered collection of songs and one of the best albums I’ve heard this year. It’s also proof positive that an endless swathe of effects pedals isn’t a prerequisite for the genre. Not that that’s a bad thing! Highly recommended.

Be Forest – ‘Earthbeat’ (Album Stream)

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Be Forest - 'Earthbeat'
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