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With artwork like that I really had no idea what to expect when hitting the play button. I mean… it’s a picture of a man with his giant cock *boom-tish*! Thankfully, Alec’s Band are a nice surprise. However, trying to pin down the Naperville quartet is a tough ask, with a mix of experimental indie psych pop burgeoning on post rock, mixed with dream pop and everything in between. As you can tell, I’m struggling to sum it up! Point being, their latest EP is a great listen – for fans of Happy Particles, Letting Up Despite Great Faults, Young Prisms plus there’s elements of Weekend in there too (see ‘Gettin’ Paid, Pt. II’). Plus a fantastic cover of ‘Young Adult Fiction’ by Pains Of Being Pure At Heart. Highly recommend folks! Side note, what’s with all the random Facebook cox?

Alec’s Band – ‘Well Water’

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Visit Alec’s Band @ Bandcamp @ Soundcloud @ Facebook.

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