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Over the break I received an email requesting an update on Cardiff shoegazers The Voices. The trio (CS Munday, Chris Pompa & Clare Pompa) released three albums, the last being ‘Death Of A Lovers Song’ via Phase One in 2009. The Voices called it quits following a tour later that year. During their four year life span they released the lauded 2007 LP ‘The Sound Of Young America’ via My Kung Fu. Check out the title track below, a blistering wall of sound with washed out vocals. Speaking of, during my Google search I came across this comical ‘How To Sing In Shoegaze Style’ guide, which ¬†notes “with Shoegazing, lyrics are short, poetic and sometimes convey a deep message that others will never understand.” Hehe.

The Voices – ‘The Sound Of Young America’

[mejsaudio src=]

More info on The Voices @ Discogs @ A Defunct Myspace Profile.

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