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In 1985 when a news reporter asked The Jesus And Mary Chain why people are so excited about them, the response was point blank. “Because we’re so good, because we’re so much better than everybody else. Because so many other people are complete rubbish. People have got to pay attention to us. It’s pretty obvious really” (watch the interview below). Its been more than twenty years since those cringe-worthy remarks were made, six albums and more past members than I care to list.

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Over the past few weeks Demon Music Group has re-issued The Jesus And Mary Chain’s six albums complete with deluxe packaging, shiny booklets, b-sides, demos and rarities. This week The Jesus And Mary Chain’s 1998 album ‘Munki’ was re-issued, so now fans can pick up the whole re-issued set.

‘Just Like Honey’ became the Scottish rockers biggest hit to date when it was released as the third single from ‘Psychocandy’ in September 1985. Its hard to believe that around this time the Jesus And Mary Chain were supporting Sonic Youth. It’s also hard to believe the song is now being used in TV commericals. Nevertheless, it’s a classic for good reason.

In 2008 Jim Reid announced that a new Jesus And Mary Chain album was underway. I’m not holding my breath. In the meantime, these shiny new packages should keep hardcore fans sated.

Visit the Jesus And Mary Chain @ Facebook, The Jesus And Mary Chain official blog or through the Demon Music Group.

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