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Black Tambourine didn’t play many shows, they didn’t release many albums. In fact, they never released a true album. But that didn’t stop the Maryland group from becoming an important stepping stone for indie pop.

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In November 1991, Black Tambourine released their first EP ‘By Tomorrow’ through Slumberland Records featuring the title track and concluding with the charmer ‘Drown’. In context, this was a bold statement. The hair metal days of the 80s were yet to be a faded memory and grunge was rising.

Then there’s Black Tambourine. Pam Berry’s sweetly sung vocals recall classic pop melodies with a decidedly different twist. One with messy guitars, relentless feedback and not a trace of macho rock n’ roll to speak of! The list of contemporary acts expanding on their legacy is debatable but I’d mark The Dum Dum Girls, Crystal Stilts and Camera Obscura among them.

Pick up Black Tambourine’s complete recordings @ Slumberland Records or download Black Tambourine @ iTunes.

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