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Kigo – ‘Sunshine’


We knew it was coming but didn’t know when; Kigo released his new album ‘Sunshine‘ this week! The ten track LP features a few of last year’s singles (‘How Can I See’ and ‘Lust Lost’), together with fresh music recorded over the past three years. The Brisbane-based solo artist (Dwayne Pearce) has produced a large amount of work since first popping onto our radar in 2013 with the ‘Guilt’ EP. Kigo’s latest combines the shoegaze monsters he’s known for (‘Everyone Waits’ / ‘Can You’) with some ambient tangents (‘Some Other Place’ / ‘It Is’). ‘Sunshine’ doesn’t pull any punches, it’s an unforgiving collection of dissonant shoegazers, warped textures and sunken earbleeders. There’s some brilliant moments on the album, my fave being the closer ‘Sound And Score’.

Kigo – ‘Sunshine’

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Flyying Colours – ‘Mindfullness’


In case you missed it, Flyying Colours have officially given us their debut full length ‘Mindfullness’ (out now via Club AC30). The Melbourne shoegazers cut their teeth with two solid EPs and a string of local shows (with a UK/European tour about to kick off). The album opener ‘It’s Tomorrow Now’ is a must listen, supported by the second single ‘Long Holiday’ and the title track. Flyying Colours strike a balance between the heights of their debut EP and the rockers of the ‘Roygbiv’ EP. It’s a relentless record that will be a crowd pleaser. With a fresh line-up in place (two new members), and plenty of new material to showcase on the road, the UK tour should be awesome. It’s hard to believe that Flyying Colours’ ‘Wavygravy’ debut was three years ago! *mind blown*

Flyying Colours – ‘Long Holiday’ Video And ‘Mindfullness’ LP Stream

Visit Flyying Colours @ Club AC30 @ Facebook.

Vivienne Eastwood – ‘Messy’


If ‘Messy’ is indicative of Vivienne Eastwood‘s upcoming EP then we’re all in for a treat! It’s a stunning ambient trip from the Brooklyn shoegaze act. A submerged head nod to MBV and the classics; with all the warmth and fuzzy edges you’d expect. It’s the first new music we’ve heard from the quartet since 2012’s ‘Rose Pedals’ (as below), which is equally awesome. The new EP is dropping on October 6, with a release party happening at Night Of Joy (for the New Yorkers).

Vivienne Eastwood – ‘Messy’

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Kestrels – ‘Waiting’


Kestrels return with their third album on September 30 featuring the lead single ‘No Alternative’ and their latest ‘Waiting’. I had a listen to the record this week, and I know you’ll love it! The Halifax noise pop trio is drummer Paul Brown, bassist Devin Peck and singer/guitarist Chad Peck (of We Need Secrets / Noyes Records fame). Kestrels spent two years carving out the record, as mixed by Brad Wood (Smashing Pumpkins / Sunny Day Real Estate). Pick up the limited gold and purple splatter vinyl through Sonic Unyon.

Kestrels – ‘Waiting’

Visit Kestrels @ Sonic Unyon @ Bandcamp @ Facebook.

Turnip King – ‘Rosy’s On Safari’

turnip king-laika

Rosy’s On Safari‘ is my favourite song of the year… there I said it! I’ve flapped on about Turnip King‘s newie ‘Laika’ enough, but now you can stream the whole thing right here (as released by Fire Talk this month). The New Yorkers go nuts on this track, there’s the overblown chorus (that sounds like two songs playing at once), and the punk driven verse that plays out like Kim Deal and Black Francis at their most entertaining. If you’ve only got time to check out one new album this week, let it be this one.

Turnip King – ‘Rosy’s On Safari’ [‘Laika’ Stream]

Visit Turnip King @ Bandcamp @ Facebook.

Golden Graves – ‘Moon Man’


Austin’s Golden Graves have delivered their latest EP ‘Be Safe’ featuring the jangle/surf/shoegazer ‘Moon Man’. It’s the second EP from the foursome since they formed in 2013. Since then Golden Graves have played shows alongside Ringo Deathstarr, Bloody Knives, and some other bands you may (or may not) like! The ‘Be Safe‘ EP sounds very close to a DIIV record at times, but I’m enjoying it regardless. There’s many messy, melodic moments with plenty of charm; ‘Moon Man’ is one of them.

Golden Graves – ‘Moon Man’ [‘Be Safe’ EP Stream]

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