93MillionMilesFromTheSun – ‘Sunshine Girl’


Doncaster’s 93MillionMilesFromTheSun are readying their fourth record for release later this year. ‘Sunshine Girl’ is our first taste! The trio (Nick Noble, Rob Hogg and Jase Burns) are well loved for their experimental tunes, whether it be shoegaze, drone or spacey post rock! If you need to catch up, check out 93′s greatest hits (for want of a better term) ‘White Noise Revisited 2007​/​2013′ (available now).

93MillionMilesFromTheSun – ‘Sunshine Girl’

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Sounds Of Sputnik Feat. Ummagma – ‘New Born’


Moscow rockers Sounds of Sputnik have released a pair of singles ahead of their debut LP ‘New Born‘ expected late next month. ‘Overdrive’ builds upon post and psych-rock influences with bent, fuzzy guitar layers and pressing drum work by Graham Bonnar (Swervedriver/Brian Jonestown Massacre) to create a backdrop for guest vocalist Shauna Mclarnon’s (Ummagma) melodic vocals. Both members of Canadian-Ukrainian dream-pop vets Ummagma lend a hand on New Born, with Shauna’s husband and bandmate Alexander Kretov supplying additional vocals, production work, and cover art. It’s not the first time the two bands have crossed borders to collaborate -  Roman Kalitkin, shoegaze veteran and solo-creater of  Sounds of Sputnik pitched in guitar and writing work for Ummagma’s Antigravity LP (‘Live and Let Die’), as well as contributing a track for their ‘Lama Remixes EP.’

Title track ‘New Born’ follows up with more of Shauna’s lovely vocals, this time with a lush, dreamy backing of guitars, moody piano, and distant drum work that creates a sense of grandiosity. It’s a change of pace, but the creativity and talent in the collaboration is evident and should make for an exciting release! If it catches your interest check out the New Born pre-order packages on Bandcamp, or head to Soundcloud to listen to more unreleased tracks! [by Dave Lytton]
Sounds Of Sputnik Feat. Ummagma – ‘New Born’

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Lava Lite – ‘Lava Lite’


St. Petersburg shoegazers Lava Lite‘s hard work in the studio shows on their self-titled debut EP, released on Bandcamp in April. Since their 2011 demo release, they have cleaned up and focused their sound toward dream pop. Opener ‘Fear of Silence’ features a muddy wash of guitar, chugging drums, and brilliantly apathetic, near-monotone vocals that could be mistaken for Joy Division played through a wall. The pace picks up from there, with ‘Have You Ever’ and ‘Behind The Trees’ highlighting energetic, pop leaning songwriting, tight layers of reverb, thick bass, and more washed out vocals to tie it together. Sedate closer ‘Like in 1993′ brings the collection full circle building echoing guitar and sweetly nostalgic vocals.

Altogether an exciting release that hopefully is a sign of things to come! Should appeal to fans of Vaadat Charigim, Viscous Liquid, or Camcorders. Name your own price at Bandcamp or catch it on Soundcloud along with their demos. [by Dave Lytton]
Lava Lite – ‘Lava Lite’ [EP Stream]

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Miners – ‘Soft Focus’


‘Soft Focus’ by  New South Wales shoegazers Miners could be a soundtrack for the walk home after a very big night! Numb vocals and a sedate bass-driven melody offer a counterpoint to the distorted ringing-in-the-ears guitar wall (filling the background). The track is off the ‘Beached Friends‘ compilation by newly formed Farmer & The Owl Records featuring “some of their favorite underground artists with whom all have found a special connection to the leisure coast.” While the compilation crosses genre lines with plenty of indie rock and surf-inspired tunes, there are some psych gems as well (see ‘Nevernow’ by The Grease Arrestor); give a listen or pay-what-you-want over on Bandcamp. Check Soundcloud to dig into Miners’ earlier lo-fi, shoegaze, and punk inspired EP featuring fuzz, texture, and lots of talent. [by Dave Lytton]

Miners – ‘Soft Focus’

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The Death Of Pop – ‘Mirage’

the death of pop-mirage-artwork

The Death Of Pop unleash their new EP ‘Fifths’ on July 28 via Art Is Hard! The British family band (three brothers / two cousins) recently posted the poppy single ‘Whenever‘ and now we can wrap our ears around ‘Mirage’ (via DIY). It’s always a surprise with these guys, who knows what sound will pop out. It’s like jangle pop, shoegaze and psych in a blender. ‘Fifths’ is bound to be a strong release, ‘Mirage’ is fantastic.

The Death Of Pop – ‘Mirage’

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Slowdive North American Tour 2014

slowdive-north american tour 2014

Slowdive‘s North American fans are officially losing their s**t after the English shoegazers announced 2014 tour dates! For the full list and ticket links head to their official website. Tickets are on sale very soon – this Friday, July 18. So I hope you’ve saved your pennies! In the meantime, here’s a webcast from last month’s European show.

Slowdive Live @ Best Kept Secret (Netherlands June 2014)

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