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Dayflower – ‘Big Blue’


Leicester shoegaze act Dayflower have posted several impressive singles over the past few months. Most recently on the Edils Records double a-side ‘Neverfriend / Seeing Up‘ and earlier on ‘Big Blue’. The four piece have been at it since 2013, and have so far enjoyed airplay on BBC, attention from FatCat Records, and shows alongside Gulp and Pinkshinyultrablast. One to watch.

Dayflower – ‘Big Blue’

Visit Dayflower @ Bandcamp @ Facebook.

Vivienne Eastwood – ‘Shook’ EP


Brooklyn shoegaze act Vivienne Eastwood have delivered their impressive new EP featuring the lead single ‘Messy’. The four piece have also posted a new video for the opener ‘Snooze’ (which you can check out below). The ‘Shook‘ EP is a nostalgia driven collection of songs; from lo-fi indie pop (‘Maybelline’), spacious dream pop (‘Sea Salt’) to overdriven shoegazers (‘Messy’). The combination of feels gives the mini album plenty of touch points, their first since 2012’s ‘Vanity’ EP. It’s a great listen, ‘Snooze’ and ‘Messy’ are musts.

Vivienne Eastwood – ‘Shook’ [EP Stream]

Visit Vivienne Eastwood @ Bandcamp @ Facebook.

Kestrels – ‘Kestrels’


Kestrels have dropped their self-titled full length (via Sonic Unyon Records) and are heading on tour later this month (dates here). The trio have spent two years crafting the record following shows alongside Ringo Deathstarr, Beliefs and Greys. They feel it’s their most accomplished to date and I’m not about to disagree! The singles ‘Waiting’ and ‘No Alternative’ bolster a no-filler selection of energetic rockers, noise pop and shoegaze. Should sound great on the road. There’s still some limited gold/purple splatter vinyl available here.

Kestrels – ‘Kestrels’ [Album Stream]

Visit Kestrels @ Sonic Unyon @ Bandcamp @ Facebook.

Floating Room – ‘Fun’


Floating Room‘s lo-fi reverb rocker ‘Fun’ leads the campaign for their forthcoming full length ‘Sunless’. The trio is Alec Van Staveren, Maya Stoner (Sabonis/Forest Park) and Kyle Bates (Drowse). The pairing of Kyle’s dreamy melancholia and Maya’s rawness makes for an intimate and compelling tune. I hope there’s more like this from the Portland-based band. ‘Sunless’ will be available on November 18 via Good Cheer Records.

Floating Room – ‘Fun’

Visit Floating Room @ Bandcamp @ Facebook.

Scarlina – ‘Plume’ EP


Last month San Francisco’s Scarlina posted their debut EP ‘Plume‘; a mix of hard hitting shoegaze and post-hardcore. The four piece worked with Jack Shirley on the recording – an ear bleeder! Stream in full below…

Scarlina – ‘Parade’ [Plume EP]

Visit Carlina @ Bandcamp @ Facebook.

Kigo – ‘Sunshine’


We knew it was coming but didn’t know when; Kigo released his new album ‘Sunshine‘ this week! The ten track LP features a few of last year’s singles (‘How Can I See’ and ‘Lust Lost’), together with fresh music recorded over the past three years. The Brisbane-based solo artist (Dwayne Pearce) has produced a large amount of work since first popping onto our radar in 2013 with the ‘Guilt’ EP. Kigo’s latest combines the shoegaze monsters he’s known for (‘Everyone Waits’ / ‘Can You’) with some ambient tangents (‘Some Other Place’ / ‘It Is’). ‘Sunshine’ doesn’t pull any punches, it’s an unforgiving collection of dissonant shoegazers, warped textures and sunken earbleeders. There’s some brilliant moments on the album, my fave being the closer ‘Sound And Score’.

Kigo – ‘Sunshine’

Visit Kigo @ Bandcamp @ Facebook.