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Shoegaze And Dream Pop Albums Of 2016

shoegaze dream pop songs albums 2016

It’s time, here’s the yearly list of our most loved albums in shoegaze and dream pop for 2016! It kicked off with some brilliant EPs from LSD & the Search for God, Indoor Voices and Dear Tracks, before gifting us with some of the most exciting shoegaze albums in recent years; Rev Rev Rev, Jaguwar, and The Stargazer Lilies. Supergroup Minor Victories landed, along with the reformation of Lush. Nothing’s full length ‘Tired Of Tomorrow’ gave us the crowd pleasers we’d been looking for (an instant classic). Next year we look forward to fresh music from Slowdive, Airiel, Miniatures, Pia Fraus, and the wonderful Star Horse. In the meantime, the yearly playlist has been updated and added to the bottom of the post. Thanks to everyone for your support this year (it’s been a tough one), see you in 2017.

Shoegaze And Dream Pop Albums Of 2016

1 NothingTired Of TomorrowRock/Shoegaze
2 NewmoonSpaceRock/Shoegaze
3 LSD and the Search for GodHeaven Is A Place [EP]Psych Rock/Shoegaze
4 Leave The PlanetNowhere [EP]Dream Pop
5 Japanese BreakfastPsychopompRock/Shoegaze
6 Turnip KingLaikaRock/Shoegaze
7 Lazy LegsVisiondeathShoegaze
8 Day WaveHard To Read [EP]Jangle Pop/Dream Pop
9 Matt BartramMoments BeforeShoegaze
10 CrescendoUnlessJangle Pop/Dream Pop
11 KindlingEverywhere ElseShoegaze
12 Rev Rev RevDes fleurs magiques bourdonnaientShoegaze
13 JaguwarIINoise Rock/Shoegaze
14 DIIVIs The Is AreJangle Pop/Shoegaze
15 Dear TracksSoft Dreams [EP]Jangle Pop/Dream Pop
16 Hideous TownsDisquiet LivingDream Pop/New Wave
17 Flyying ColoursMindfulnessRock/Shoegaze
18 VHS DreamDepartureDream Pop/Shoegaze
19 The Stargazer LiliesDoor To The SunDream Pop/Psych
20 Vivienne EastwoodShook [EP]Shoegaze
21 Tape WavesHere To FadeDream Pop/Jangle
22 Box And The TwinsEverywhere I Go Is SilenceDream Pop/Darkwave
23 Minor VictoriesMinor VictoriesDream Pop/Post-Rock
24 Linda GuilalaPsiconauticaShoegaze/Dream Pop
25 Hazel EnglishNever Going Home [EP]Dream Pop/Synth
26 KestrelsKelstrelsShoegaze/Rock
27 LandingComplekt Psych/Dream Pop
28 Good Morning TVGood Morning TV [EP]Psych Pop/Dream
29 Indoor VoicesAuratic [EP]Shoegaze
30 Tears Run RingsIn SurgesShoegaze/Dream Pop
31 WrayHypatiaPost-Punk/Shoegaze
32 PinkshinyultrablastGrandfeatheredDream Pop/Shoegaze
33 Living HourLiving HourDream Pop/Psych
34 True WidowAVVOLGEREDoom/Sludgegaze!
35 Dead Horse OneSeason Of MistPsych/Shoegaze
36 MumrunnerGentle Slopes [EP]Rock/Shoegaze
37 CandanceNew FutureDream Pop
38 MeltRifferShoegaze/Rock
39 MiserableUncontrollableDream Pop
40 Hope Sandoval And The Warm InventionsUntil The HunterDream Pop
41 LandingThird SightPsych/Dream Pop
42 The FloristBlood MusicShoegaze
43 FaitSonder [EP]Dream Pop/Instrumental
44 MollySun Sun Sun [EP]Dream Pop/Shoegaze
45 Lorelle Meets The ObsoleteDistancePsych/Shoegaze
46 MemoryhouseSoft HateDream Pop/Synth Pop
47 Vinyl WilliamsBruneiPsych/Dream
48 Vet TripSwimming In MachinesShoegaze/Dream Pop
49 Haiku GardenWaverRock/Shoegaze
50 VallensConsentDream Pop
51 LushBlind Spot [EP]Dream Pop/Rock
52 FluctuationsNightlife [EP]Shoegaze
53 Salt Rush & Mark PetersSalt RushDream Pop
54 No JoyDrool Sucker [EP]Rock/Shoegaze
55 Kinoko TeikokuAi no YukueShoegaze/Dream Pop
56 KigoSunshineShoegaze
57 Floating RoomSunlessDream Pop
58 Bloodhounds On My TrailHaunted Isles [EP]Dream Pop/Shoegaze
59 The High VioletsHeroes And HalosIndie Pop/Dream Pop
60 PolykitePrimordial [EP]Dream Pop

Shoegaze And Dream Pop Songs Of 2016

**see last year’s list; Shoegaze & Dream Pop Albums of 2015**

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December Releases Out Now


The year is almost done, to celebrate the passing of 2016 here’s a bunch of December releases. There’s been some solid shoegazers from The Age of Colored Lizards, No Sun (album incoming), and Tears Run Rings. Landing’s dreamy psych creation ‘Complekt’ is gorgeous! The rebirth of underground 90s group Ozean has meant they’re finally on Bandcamp (a vinyl release is planned for 2017). Dead Horse One finish the year with ‘Season Of Mist’, recommended for psych lovers. And lastly, Surf Rock Is Dead; who are breathing new life into jangle/dream pop, here’s hoping a debut full length is just around the corner.

More @ the Sounds Better With Reverb blog page.

Lazy Legs – ‘Chain Of Pink’


Lazy Legs do reverse reverb right on their latest single ‘Chain Of Pink’, taken from their forthcoming EP (of the same name). The song arrives on the heels of last month’s ‘Soft Skull’, which is equally impressive. Given that their ‘Visiondeath‘ album only arrived in July, it’s fair to say that 2016 has been huge for the trio. If there was an award for breakout shoegaze artist of the year, I’d nominate these guys! Lazy Legs’ ‘Chain Of Pink’ EP will be available via Wild Patterns from December 16 (all proceeds go to Planned Parenthood, Sierra Club and the ACLU).

Lazy Legs – ‘Chain Of Pink’

Visit Lazy Legs @ Bandcamp @ Facebook.

Burning House – ‘Mercurial’


Southampton shoegazers Burning House have dropped their latest anthem ‘Mercurial’; a crowd pleaser that works up to a suitably swoony end. Earlier in the year we heard Burning House’s ‘If You Won’t‘ (from their upcoming ‘Anthropocene’ LP). BUT… I believe an evolution has occurred since then and plans are now directed toward an EP called ‘Tracer’. Whatever happens, it’s sounding like its headed in the right direction.

Burning House – ‘Mercurial’

Visit Burning House @ Bandcamp @ Facebook.

Purs – ‘Girl In Love’


‘Girl In Love’ is a fun shoegaze/punk/psych crossover tune; courtesy of North London’s Purs (as premiered by Silent Radio). The group formed from the solo work of guitarist Andy Becker, who is joined by Serra Petale (guitar/vocals), Kris Proshovski (guitar), Mattias Bhatt (drums), and Mandi Goodier on bass. Purs made their first appearance on the ‘Hide And Psych’ comp with a cover of Autolux’s ‘Here Comes Everybody’; also worth a listen. Blak Hand Records are hitting the The Independent Label Market at Old Spitalfields Markets this weekend with a handful of limited transparent tapes – get involved Londoners! \m/

Purs – ‘Girl In Love’

Visit Purs @ Blak Hand Records @ Facebook.

FOREVR – ‘Petrichor’


Brissy shoegazers FOREVR drop new single ‘Petrichor‘! And wow, the foursome have switched up their tremolo riding ways for a brooding dose of industrial electronica. Plus there’s a fresh cover of The Jesus & Mary Chain’s ‘You Trip Me Up’ from the ‘Tym Records Presents Psychocandy’ compilation. Meanwhile FOREVR kick off their tour this week with the Street Street Band (details).

FOREVR – ‘Petrichor’

Visit FOREVR @ Bandcamp @ Facebook.