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The Vacant Lots – ‘Paint This City’


American psych rockers The Vacant Lots have posted their new single ‘Paint This City’. It’s a shift from the sound of ‘Mad Mary Jones’, this time round the duo (Jared Artaud & Brian MacFadyen) delve deep with a country drawl. As the presser states, “it actually started out as a misinterpretation of the chords to Galaxie 500’s classic ‘Tugboat’ but has ended up somewhere in between Mink DeVille’s ‘Spanish Stroll’ and New Order circa ‘Power, Corruption & Lies’.” Pick it up on The Vacant Lots debut LP ‘Departure’ (out now via Sonic Cathedral). Stay tuned, an interview is just around the corner!

The Vacant Lots – ‘Paint This City’


September 24 – London, Shacklewell Arms
September 25 – Rugby, Grand Central Studios
September 26 – Liverpool International Festival Of Psychedelia
September 28 – Southend, The Railway Hotel
September 29 – Bristol, Start The Bus

Visit The Vacant Lots @ Sonic Cathedral @ Facebook.

Medicine – ‘Turning’


Veteran rockers Medicine will release their new album ‘Home Everywhere’ on October 28 through Captured Tracks. The San Fernando trio have posted the lead single ‘Turning’, an experimental psych pop piece. Following the release of Medicine’s reunion album ‘To The Happy Few’ last year, the group continued recording. The result is nine fresh tracks, part Brazilian-inspired noise pop and part experimental drones! Guitarist Brad Laner tells Exclaim! about the title track, an “11-and-a-half-minute, multi-part album-within-an-album which begins as a sprightly celebration of domestic bliss and ends with a comely invitation to leave the planet.”

Medicine – ‘Turning’

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Stereosaurio – ‘Cara B’

stereosaurio-cara b-artwork

These lucky guys played with heavy duty psych-rockers Lorelle Meets the Obsolete during their European tour this spring. Now Madrid natives Stereosaurio invite us to join their breezy ride with ‘Lavagna’, freshly recorded for their 2-track ‘EP (Cara B)’ while in Brazil [‘EP (Flip side)’ en ingles] . The spacey tune grows hypnotically between weightless sighs. Before you know it, 40 minutes have passed, the song is repeating, and half a cereal box is gone without a bowl in sight (well…). Check out the charming pair of songs on Bandcamp, and expect another two-tracker later this year. [By Dave Lytton]

Stereosaurio – ‘Cara B’ [Stream]

Visit Stereosaurio @ Bandcamp @ Facebook.

Lorelle Meets the Obsolete – ‘Live In Mexico City’

lorelle meets the obsolete-tour ep

Hard times over at Captcha Records – “After a massive leak in the Captcha HQ last summer we were left with tons of damage and zero insurance coverage (due to **** policy).” The silver lining for supporters is that the Captcha crew are making lemonade out of lemons by offering a super limited stock of Lorelle Meets The Obsolete ‘Live In Mexico City‘ on vinyl for a steal (they aren’t even soggy!). Not only is it a second chance at the previously sold-out recording by a couple of our favorite psych rockers, it comes with the warm and fuzzies of seeing Captcha through a spot of bad luck.

Lorelle Meets the Obsolete – ‘Live In Mexico City’

For a perfectly timed bonus care of Live Eye Tv, check out this video of Lorelle Meets The Obsolete tearing it down with help from Disappearing People‘s Scott Travis Johnston and Landon Bates on their recently-wrapped global tour! And for fans, LMTO also have new second pressings of ‘Corruptible Faces’ and ‘On Welfare’ at Bandcamp. [By Dave Lytton]

Visit Captcha Records @ Facebook @ Bandcamp / Lorelle Meets The Obsolete @ Facebook @Bandcamp.

La Hell Gang – ‘Thru Me Again’


New from the Mexican Summer label, ‘Thru Me Again’, the eight track sophomore album by Chilean threesome La Hell Gang! It  takes us on a hazy, meandering trip to a psych-tinged landscape. From the muddy, swaying ‘Her Way Has Come’ to the hypnotically simple chords of ‘Sweet Dear’, La Hell Gang rely on their  full, reverb-heavy sound and bluesy psych sensibilities to hold it together.

The band know when to pile on biting layers for vintage rock blasts, and when to pull them back to a dreamy, mirage-like guitar wail that dyes Sweet Dear’s familiar tune in ‘Everywhere I Go.’ The Gang even have a “molten visual spinner” (as below) to occupy your mind while you tune out to the noisy closer ‘So High’. The album may lose focus as the band explore different sounds and indulge in 8-minute psych rock jams, but with the right mindset ‘Thru Me Again’ is a fun ride. [By Dave Lytton]
La Hell Gang – ‘Thru Me Again’ [Stream]

Visit La Hell Gang @ Bandcamp @ Facebook and find the vinyl or cd @ Mexican Summer.

LSD And The Search For God – ‘Heaven’

lsd and the search for god-profile

Believe it or not but LSD And The Search For God have unveiled their new video ‘Heaven’! The California psych meets shoegaze outfit (with more members than I can keep track of) have announced that a new EP is imminent, titled ‘Heaven Is A Place’. It’s been almost a decade since they first formed, and many years since their debut EP. In fact, this video was first announced last July during an interview with The Big Takeover! But LSD And The Search For God haven’t exactly been idle, they’ve played a number of shows throughout 2013. Not to mention previous tours alongside Colm O’Coissoig (My Bloody Valentine), The Telescopes, Nick Jago (Black Rebel Motorcycle Club) and DJs Anton Newcombe (Brian Jonestown Massacre). Hit up Facebook for more updates.

LSD And The Search For God – ‘Heaven’

Visit LSD And The Search For God @ Bandcamp @ Facebook.