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Mogwai – ‘Rave Tapes’


Its album number eight for Mogwai! ‘Rave Tapes’ hits February 20 via Rock Action, recorded in the awesomely named ‘Castle Of Doom‘ studios in Glasgow. The Scottish post rockers built both the label and studio, I suppose that’s the prize for surviving almost twenty years in the business. Their latest ten track creation will appeal to long standing fans, they haven’t lost any edge (or gone “soft”). Lead track ‘Remurdered‘ raised eyebrows last year due to its synths but really, this album is about guys rocking out in a room together. And once again, they’ve created an album that’s familiar but fresh.

Mogwai – ‘Hexon Bogon’

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Mogwai - 'Rave Tapes'
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Alcest – ‘Délivrance’


Neil Halstead (of Slowdive / Black Hearted Brother) has added his vocals to Alcest‘s forthcoming LP ‘Shelter’, but we’ll have to wait til its released on January 17 via Prophecy Productions (Jan 21 for North America). Until then, here’s the second single ‘Délivrance’ which was produced by Birgir Jón Birgisson (known for his work with Sigur Rós). The French post rock outfit have left their black metal days behind them, now with a cinematic scope that’s so dramatic you may want to climb a mountain after listening to it.

Alcest – ‘Délivrance’

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Dumbsaint – ‘The Auteur’


The first installment of Dumbsaint‘s audio/visual project has been unveiled – ‘The Auteur‘ EP (available from Bird’s Robe). The Aussie post rock act have enlisted sound artist Eoin Clements and Setec for remix duties. As part of the project, Dumbsaint have collaborated with a number of actors to shoot a short film – as below. Impressive work, big tune!

Dumbsaint – ‘The Auteur’

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Wozniak – ‘MFMB’


Wozniak are on a self confessed mission “to cause terminal tinnitus with their brooding… cocktail of feedback, reverb and delay”! The post rocking four piece hail from Edinburgh and have released their debut single ‘MFMB’ (available @ Bandcamp). Influenced by no wave and shoegaze, Wozniak’s soundscapes are only in their infancy but are already ear shaking with their angular riffs and suspense-filled instrumentals.

Wozniak – ‘MFMB’

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Solkyri – ‘Hunter’


Are You My Brother?’ the debut album from Sydney’s Solkyri is available now via Bird’s Robe Records (also home to sleepmakeswaves and Panzer Queen). The trio are known for their post rock explosions and intricate instrumentals, album cut ‘Hunter’ is but one example. At its core ‘Are You My Brother?’ thrives on the guitar, bass, drums combination but breaks out with additional musicians adding strings, horns and vocals (Hannah Cameron) on ‘Home’. If you’re a fan of instrumental tunes, post rock or experimental music – check out the rest here.

Solkyri – ‘Hunter’

Visit Solkyri online @ BandcampBird’s Robe Records @ Facebook.