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Wozniak – ‘Pikes Peak’


After many months of hard work, Edinburgh foursome Wozniak have released their latest EP ‘Pikes Peak’ via Morningside Young Team Records (download). The five track release is a mix of shoegaze, post rock and psych. Lead single ‘El Maresme’ is a stormy slow burner that opens up into a sprawling noise fest! But there’s a heap of variation, my favourite being the balls-to-the-wall rocker ‘Columbo’s Car’. Stream the rest at Bandcamp or below…

Wozniak – ‘Pikes Peak’

Visit Wozniak @ Bandcamp @ Blogspot @ Facebook.

Aires – ‘Contraplacado’


Get ready to have your hair blown back by the new experimental project Aires (out of Lisbon, Portugal). The eight minute epic ‘Contraplacado’ is enough to put the fear of God into all of us – prepare the fallout shelter folks! Aires is only a few months old, born with a view to explore drone, ambient and field recordings and then combine them with a love of noise rock and shoegaze. The self-titled debut EP (out via Enough Records) is cinematic, dark and gives MBV’s ‘Holocaust’ a run for its money! The beautiful part is, just when you think it’s getting too left field, you realize a melody has already been set up, taking you to another head space. Fans of experimental tunes can stream/download at Bandcamp.

Aires – ‘Contraplacado’

Visit Aires @ Enough Records @ Soundcloud @ Bandcamp.

The Churchhill Garden Feat. Hideka – ‘Forever’


The Churchhill Garden (solo artist Andy Jossi) has returned with the new single ‘Forever’ (free download). The Swiss producer teamed up with Japanese singer Hideka for the song, who is known for her work with The Pristines and also for her solo material (which is mostly dream pop or shoegaze related). However ‘Forever’ is a cinematic post rocker, it swells and contracts with multi-layered sounds galore! Paging Alcest fans.

The Churchhill Garden Feat. Hideka – ‘Forever’

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Alcest – ‘Shelter’


French post rockers Alcest have well and truly left their metal days behind them with the release of their fourth album ‘Shelter‘ this week. Their abrasive past has made way for a gorgeous sounding album, full of swelling instrumentation and shimmering edges. Having Sigur Ros producer Birgir Jón Birgisson in tow must’ve made the journey to dizzying euphoria a little easier. Album cut ‘Away’ features guest vocalist Neil Halstead (of Slowdive / Black Hearted Brother). Another fine reason to jump straight into this LP!

Alcest Feat. Neil Halstead – ‘Away’

Visit Alcest @ Prophecy Productions @ Facebook.

Alcest - 'Shelter'
3.7Overall Score
Reader Rating: (5 Votes)

Mogwai – ‘Rave Tapes’


Its album number eight for Mogwai! ‘Rave Tapes’ hits February 20 via Rock Action, recorded in the awesomely named ‘Castle Of Doom‘ studios in Glasgow. The Scottish post rockers built both the label and studio, I suppose that’s the prize for surviving almost twenty years in the business. Their latest ten track creation will appeal to long standing fans, they haven’t lost any edge (or gone “soft”). Lead track ‘Remurdered‘ raised eyebrows last year due to its synths but really, this album is about guys rocking out in a room together. And once again, they’ve created an album that’s familiar but fresh.

Mogwai – ‘Hexon Bogon’

Visit Mogwai @ Rock Action @ Facebook.

Mogwai - 'Rave Tapes'
3.6Overall Score
Reader Rating: (5 Votes)