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Pity Sex – ‘Burden You’


Pity Sex are following up ‘What Might Soothe You?’ with ‘Burden You’ (as premiered by Nylon Mag). The Ann Arbor quartet have announced that their fresh full length ‘White Hot Moon’ will be in your hands on April 29 via Run For Cover Records (home to Cloakroom, Weskust and more). As the presser states, Pity Sex are aiming to top their 2013 debut ‘Feast Of Love’ with “something bigger, stronger, and altogether more monumental, looking to wide-screen albums by Yo La Tengo and Sonic Youth for inspiration.”

Pity Sex – ‘Burden You’

Visit Pity Sex @ Run For Cover Records @ Facebook.

Happy Holidays


Happy holidays (if you got ’em!) Thanks to everybody who helped out with SBWR this year, and of course, thanks so much to the regulars for visiting and showing your support. All the best for the new year!

Regular updates will resume mid-late January (depending on what’s happening… like the LSD & The Search For God Premiere!).

Till 2016… cheers all.

Talking Bush – ‘Overgrow’


Shelflife Records recently released a charming debut four tracker from Talking Bush. It’s the moniker of Nikita Bushmanov, a St. Petersburg native who transitions several genres. ‘Overgrow’ blends new wave and synth pop into this catchy creation! The ‘Ordinary Unusual’ EP serves as a taster for his debut album, planned for 2016.

Talking Bush – ‘Overgrow’

Visit Talking Bush @ Shelflife Records @ Facebook.

Transmission Break


Sounds Better has been on an unscheduled break for the past week (or two) due to the early arrival of a baby girl. She’s all kinds of awesome! And while all’s well in the land of projectile turds, there’s loads to catch up on. During the break there was also a technical malfunction – the website got too large and was almost removed (due to hosting restrictions). To remedy this, 20,000+ spam comments (along with thousands of legit comments) were removed. This was regrettable, and apologies to those who contributed and got snuffed out!

On a different (and more pressing) note, is the ongoing Earthquake crisis in Nepal. After spending time there in 2013, it’s heartbreaking to hear of their loss. I’ve been in contact with a Nepali friend this week, his family is one of thousands now living in a tent without any basic needs. If you are in a position to help, please donate through the Red Cross (or your chosen charity). Thanks!

Tamaryn – ‘Hands All Over Me’


Tamaryn is back and sounding… totally different! ‘Hands All Over Me’ is the lead single from their forthcoming full length ‘Cranekiss’ (out August 28 via Mexican Summer). The New Zealand native has assembled a new line-up for live shows and is sporting an 80s synth pop sound on the single. It’s caused a stir online. After all, it’s a big departure but apparently it’s not representative of the album. I guess we’ll find out in August, but given the brilliance of ‘The Waves’ and ‘Tender New Signs’, I’m full of faith it’ll be a marvelous record.

Tamaryn – ‘Hands All Over Me’

Visit Tamaryn @ Mexican Summer @ Facebook.

Moon Tapes – ‘A Little Bit Of Paris / Sleepy’


Moon Tapes released their first official singles today, ‘A Little Bit Of Paris’ and ‘Sleepy’ (download). It follows the brilliant demo ‘Back In Love’, which I gushed about last November. The Amsterdam four piece craft new wave pop gems with a reverb-heavy, lo-fi charm. ‘A Little Bit Of Paris’ should sit well with fans of The Smiths, there’s also a dash of Alex Turner to the vocals. Bright days ahead!

Moon Tapes – ‘A Little Bit Of Paris / Sleepy’

Visit Moon Tapes @ Bandcamp @ Facebook.