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Suburban Living – ‘Lovely Times’

suburban living-almost paradise

Swoony pop music doesn’t get much more fun than this! Suburban Living‘s ‘Lovely Times’ has a simple but epic hook that leads you into the double timed outro. It might be too sugary for some ears; a well-balanced mix of indie pop and ‘gazey layers. It’s lifted from Suburban Living’s second album ‘Almost Paradise’ (out October 7 via 6131 Records).

Suburban Living – ‘Lovely Times’

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Baby Fire – ‘Water’

baby fire-water

‘Water’ is the eclectic debut single from Baby Fire; self described as 50% Cocteau Twins and 50% Shonen Knife. The Tokyo trio create a unique, dreamy, slacker punk sound that’s difficult to pin down. Hence my terrible description! Keep an ear out for their forthcoming EP. In the meantime, pick up a copy of ‘Water / Indigo’ here.

Baby Fire – ‘Water’

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Sounds Better In The Cloud


After several weeks of technical issues, Sounds Better has made the move to a new cloud-based server and web host. Only three keyboards gave their lives to make this happen! It’s been quiet around here lately but loads has been going on under the hood. The process is much like moving house digitally. It proved to be just as stressful, and went on much longer than expected. The change will eliminate downtime and restrictions, meaning the site shouldn’t max out like it was. Problems with the previous host meant that the site was dropping out, plus search engine results were being compromised. Thanks for your patience, and especially to all of the bands effected (several had their premieres pushed back or postponed). With the move done, it’s back to the business of music talk. \m/

School ’94 – ‘Common Sense’


Swedish new wave act School ’94 are set to release their second EP ‘Bound’ next month through Luxury. The first single ‘Common Sense’ is another stunner with an 80s feel. To me, it sounds a little like Kate Bush fronting The Cure. Either way, great tune!

School ’94 – ‘Common Sense’

Visit School ’94 @ Luxury @ Facebook.

Time for a catch up…

minor victories-film-one

It’s been a couple weeks since the last update so a catch up is in order – here’s a bumper post! First up, some fresh music videos. Minor Victories (featuring Slowdive’s Rachel Goswell) has delivered ‘Folk Arp’ from their forthcoming debut (out this June). Nothing dropped their Nirvana-esque alt rocker ‘Eaten By Worms’, taken from ‘Tired Of Tomorrow’ (out next month). Explosions In The Sky has released ‘The Wilderness’, one of their best works and their first non-soundtrack record in five years! L.A.’s Autolux have unleashed their third album ‘Pussy’s Dead’ with the experimental lead single ‘Brainwasher’. Bloody Knives new album ‘I Will Cut Your Heart Out For This’ is sounding deadly! Take a look at ‘Reflection Lies’ ahead of the album release on April 15. Fans of fuzzy psych rock should check out The Orange Kyte’s ‘Which Vivian?’, it’s out now.

Germany’s Hazy Mountains is back with a new electronic shoegaze album called ‘Small Hours’. It a big progression for the soloist (Julian Prott), I’m loving the album cut ‘Silver Screen’ with its overblown mid section.

A handful of really impressive bedroom pop songs deserve attention, Fog Lake’s ‘Rattlesnake’ is brilliant, it’s lifted from an LP (coming this fall). Plus Daniel Longmore aka Sunface has posted a pair of lo-fi charmers that are also worth your minutes.

More soon @ Sounds Better With Reverb.

Minor Victories – ‘A Hundred Ropes’


We knew it was coming but we didn’t know when… now we do! Minor Victories debut self-titled album will be in our hands on June 3 via Fat Possum. The supergroup features Rachel Goswell (Slowdive), Stuart Braithwaite (Mogwai), Justin Lockey (Editors) and James Lockey (Hand Held Cine Club). There’s also a few guests involved including The Twilight Sad’s James Graham. ‘A Hundred Ropes’ is our first taste (since Minor Victories posted the teaser ‘Film One’ last year). I expect it will be a very diverse record, but first impressions are positive (pre-order here).

Minor Victories – ‘A Hundred Ropes’

Visit Minor Victories @ Fat Possum @ Facebook.