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jangle pop

Contrast – ‘Drum Machine’


Melbourne rockers Contrast delivered their latest EP ‘Less Than Zero‘ back in May featuring the singles ‘Pipe Dreams’ and ‘Dull’. This week the four piece reveal the new video for ‘Drum Machine’, a slacker jangle pop tune with VHS visuals! If you missed ‘Less Than Zero’ – take a listen to the stream below.

Contrast – ‘Drum Machine’

Visit Contrast @ Bandcamp @ Facebook.

Dear Tracks – ‘Connectivity’

dear tracks-connectivity-artwork

Meet Dear Tracks, a new dream pop group out of Grand Rapids, Michigan. To be fair it’s hard to know exactly what the four piece will grow into but if their debut ‘Connectivity’ is any indication, it’ll be a bright future! It’s a reverb swamped, jangle popper with loads of charm (grab a free download). Dear Tracks just played their first show with Literature over the weekend at a Slumberland Records showcase, so they’re in good company!

Dear Tracks – ‘Connectivity’ (Demo)

Visit Dear Tracks @ Bandcamp @ Facebook.

Daoda – ‘Feel For You’


Daoda is the work of Mike Sacchetti, a Philly-based solo artist who began releasing music as Bad News Bears almost a decade ago. His latest work has a lot in common with the early Captured Tracks roster. The lo-fi, bedroom pop feel is a perfect match for his raw and honest brand of songwriting. Take a listen to ‘Feel For You’ (free download) and check out Mike’s more recent work here.

Daoda – ‘Feel For You’

Visit Daoda @ Bandcamp @ Facebook.

The Death Of Pop – ‘Fifths’

the death of pop-fifths-artwork

This week The Death of Pop release their jangly five track collection ‘Fifths’ on the heels of the lead singles ‘Whenever‘ and ‘Mirage‘ (which are bound to wear out some grooves). The London team (three brothers and two cousins) make music that has a lush, textured quality. Building gazey walls of summery, brightly compressed guitars and dreamy, echoing vocals – a family of psych-loving songwriters!

The opening half highlights the best of the band – booming and brilliant, with layers of jangling guitars dancing between infectiously twangy bridges. The vocals are clear and lovely throughout the tracks, somehow distinctly English, at times reminding me of The Stone Roses given a heavy ‘chorus’ treatment. The tracks are tight and fresh, bound to hook listeners in by the time ‘Mirage’ hits. It melts energetically into a droning psychedelic sea that breaks with the delightfully bare acoustic opening of the lovable ‘Key of Three.’ It’s a sweet change of pace that hints at the groups vocal and tune writing talents.

There’s a bit of a timeless quality to The Death of Pop’s fabulous new EP. There’s also a disparate nature to the collection, as if the band set out in a jangle time-machine. The jumpy transition during ‘Key of Three’, for example, is jarring enough to make one speculate which of the brothers (or was it a cousin?) switched reels while making the master. It’s fun, as is the chill, synth-laden closer ‘Circles’ but it’ll throw some listeners for a loop. It’s imaginative and daring, if uneven. There’s a lot to love in each song, and when Death of Pop hits their stride, they make waves. [By Dave Lytton]

Check out Death of Pop @ Facebook @ Bandcamp @ Soundcloud with limited run ‘Fifths’ “flexizine ep” @ Art is Hard Records.



Gulls – ‘Endless’


Gulls have posted the second single ‘Endless’ from their forthcoming debut EP, it follows ‘When The Light Lands’. The British five piece dip their toes in jangle pop, dream pop and post punk. For the ‘Endless’ video, they’ve re-cut some classic (and hilarious) dance scenes…

Gulls – ‘Endless’

Visit Gulls @ Soundcloud @ Bandcamp @ Facebook.

Tape Waves – ‘All I Can See’

tape waves-let you go-artwork

Bleeding Gold Records are all set to release Tape Waves debut 12 inch ‘Let You Go’ on July 28 featuring the pretty dream popper ‘All I See’. It follows last month’s premiere of ‘Stay All Night‘, another stand out. The Charleston, South Carolina duo (Kim and Jarod Weldin) know how to craft a melody. Pre-order’s are up for the vinyl, either bone coloured or blue n’ orange swirl (shop)!

Tape Waves – ‘All I Can See’

Visit Tape Waves @ Bleeding Gold Records @ Tumblr @ Facebook.