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Children Of The Stones – ‘The Stars And The Silence’


Electronic wiz Mark Van Hoen (Black Hearted Brother, Seefeel, Locust, Scala) has teamed up with Martin Maeers for the new project Children Of The Stones. Back in January we had a listen to the debut EP ‘Extended Play‘ but now we can stream the whole album ‘The Stars And The Silence’ (out this week via Saint Marie). The record features guests Rachel Davies (Esben & The Witch), Neil Halstead (Slowdive / Black Hearted Brother) and Angus Finlayson. It’s an eclectic mix of electronic oddities, but throws up some magical vocal melodies to suck you in. ‘Out Of Reach’ is just one example, dig in!

Children Of The Stones – ‘The Stars And The Silence’ [Stream]

Visit Children Of The Stones @ Saint Marie Records.

Sleep Party People – ‘In Another World’


Well this is creepy! But it’s also pretty darn awesome. The new single ‘In Another World’ by Denmark’s Sleep Party People. Last time we checked in with the electronic project (of Brian Batz) he was delivering 2012’s ‘Drifting On A Sad Song’. The multi-instrumentalist began in 2010, mixing the shoegaze sheen of MBV with some highly orchestrated dream pop. Things have changed, but this is fantastic, even if it does have you checking over your shoulder for the boogie man.  Sleep Party People’s new album ‘Floating’ will be available via Riot Factory on May 30 (Scandinavia/Asia), rest of the world on June 2. Note: due to a ‘by region’ embargo you may not be able to stream this…yet. Hold tight!

Sleep Party People – ‘In Another World’

Visit Sleep Party People @ Riot Factory @ Facebook.

Ice Cream Cathedral – ‘The Swans’


Now for something a little different, ‘The Swans’ is a mixture of genres culminating into something that Ice Cream Cathedral call ‘space pop’. The Copenhagen trio take experimental dream pop to the next level, crossing frenetic beats, samples and synths to create beautiful pop songs. There’s an exploratory nature to this seven minute song that breaks from convention and extends into spacey depths the more it progresses! The Danes formed in 2011 before releasing their debut album ‘The Drowsy Kingdom‘ early last year. ‘The Swans’ is our first listen from their second record, due this May via Riot Factory (home to Dråpe, Scarlet Chives & Snøskred).

Ice Cream Cathedral – ‘The Swans’


Visit Ice Cream Cathedral online @ Bandcamp @ Riot Factory @ Facebook.

Savage Sister – ‘Wild Sleep’


Savage Sister can’t be accused of going light on the reverb, if ‘Dreamfeathers’ is any example! There’s endless reflections throughout this track, with Chloe’s vocals occasionally peeking through the haze. The Chicago-based dream pop trio release their latest EP ‘Wild Sleep‘ this week featuring lead tune ‘Champagne Panthers‘. This time round Savage Sister explore new ground with meditative electronic tracks that combine drone, ambient and coldwave influences. Download or stream ‘Wild Sleep’ here.

Savage Sister – ‘Dreamfeathers’

Visit Savage Sister @ Tumblr @ Bandcamp @ Facebook.

Children Of The Stones – ‘The Stars And The Silence’


To round off a massive news week for Slowdive fans, here’s more good news! Mark Van Hoen (of Black Hearted Brother, Seefeel, Locust and Scala) has a new project with Martin Maeers called Children Of The Stones. A host of guests will join the pair including his Black Hearted Brother bandmate Neil Halstead (Slowdive), plus Angus Finlayson, Al Forrester and Rachel Davies (Esben And The Witch). Saint Marie Records have announced two EPs and an LP due in the coming months, kicking off with the EP ‘Extended Play’ on February 18 (pre-order). The lead single is ‘The Stars And The Silence’ – check out the newly released video. I’m not sure how Mark has had time to sleep over the past twelve months! Saint Marie have been equally busy, with solid albums from Lilies On Mars and Blackstone Rangers just around the corner.

Children Of The Stones – ‘The Stars And The Silence’ [VIDEO]

Visit Children Of The Stones @ Saint Marie Records.

The Tower Of Light – ‘Lightnet’


On February 4 The Tower Of Light gives us his debut self-titled album and by the strength of ‘Lightnet’, it could be very special. The producer works alone from his Brooklyn bedroom and I’d say he rarely opens the curtains! Grab a free download or pre-order at Felte Sounds.

The Tower Of Light – ‘Lightnet’

Visit The Tower Of Light @ Felte Sounds @ Facebook.