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Channeling – ‘Self-titled’

channeling-self titled

Illuminated Paths have released the debut (self-titled) album by Channeling, and it’s a fantastic listen. I don’t often share ambient / experimental / drone, mainly because it’s not my strong suit, but this is just too good to pass up! It’s the work of New York’s Andrew Osterhoudt, who conjures soundscapes that should sit well with lovers of shoegaze or vaporwave. Channeling proves that synthesizers and reverbs make good friends! FFO: How To Disappear Completely, Survive or Boards Of Canada.

Channeling – ‘Self-titled’ [LP Stream]

Visit Channeling @ Illuminated Paths @ Facebook.

Salt Rush with Mark Peters – ‘Carry On’


‘Carry On’ is our first taste of Salt Rush with Mark Peters, a fresh project blending blissed out dream pop and ambient electronica. It’s the work of composer Matthew Linley (Gilbert, Engineers), singer Maud Waret, and Engineers frontman/guitarist Mark Peters. If you’re a fan of ethereal daydreamers, this one’s for you! The album will be available through Pedigree Cuts (Ulrich Schnauss/Jonas Munk) from June 24, however there’s an earlier Juno exclusive release from June 10.

Salt Rush with Mark Peters – ‘Carry On’

Visit Salt Rush With Mark Peters @ Pedigree Cuts.

Zone Out – ‘Transience’


Deaf Ambitions has delivered ‘Transience’, the debut full length from Zone Out. ‘Breakdown’ is a taste of what the Melbourne-based ambient electronic duo have served up. Since forming as a shoegaze-inspired outfit in 2012, the band split and reformed last year with Ashley Bundang (Totally Mild, Sui Zhen, Ciggie Witch) and Dave Bailey (Scotdrakula), reworking their sound. ‘Transience’ is one for fans of minimal electronic dreaminess!

Zone Out – ‘Transience’

Visit Zone Out @ Deaf Ambitions @ Facebook.

No Body Died – ‘The Nihilist and The Pretender’ [Premiere]


We recently indulged in ‘Dschungel’, an impressive electronic shoegazer from No Body Died. This week we’re celebrating the release of their debut full lengthThe Nihilist and The Pretender’ (out February 19) with the first public album stream! The Aussie duo (Jay Westfold and Declan Humphreys) combine ‘gazey textures, wall of sound sonics, and stormy vocal melodies. After six years working together, No Body Died carved out a sound that crosses genres and delves into deep and dark lyrics. The Nihilist and The Pretender’ is a bit of an enigma, well suited to those of diverse tastes. It’s a solid and unpredictable debut, my faves being the shoegazey numbers like ‘Dschungel’, ‘Loss’ and ‘The Haunting’. Australian fans can catch them live at the album launch this Friday at The Armidale Club (with visuals from Giv). Pick up The Nihilist and The Pretender’ via all online stores (iTunes preorder here), streaming services and CD Baby.

No Body Died – ‘The Nihilist and The Pretender’ [Premiere Album Stream]

Visit No Body Died @ Web @ Soundcloud @ Facebook.

Tiny Fireflies – ‘Melody (The Bilinda Butchers Remix)’


The Bilinda Butchers have crafted a spacey remix of the Tiny Fireflies ‘Melody’ from their latest record ‘The Space Between’ (via The Nerdist). The extended rework gives it the Bilinda Butchers dreamy touch, to be featured on the Japanese release (through Art Union). You can read Michal’s thoughts on the track right here.

Tiny Fireflies – ‘Melody (The Bilinda Butchers Remix)’

Visit The Bilinda Butchers @ Web @ Facebook.

No Body Died – ‘Dschungel’

no body died-artwork

Aussie electronic duo No Body Died have shared their “sonic-ode to the late David Bowie’s Berlin Years” with ‘Dschungel’. It’s the second single from their forthcoming album ‘The Nihilist & The Pretender’ (expected February). Jay Westfold and Declan Humphreys formed No Body Died in 2010, crafting layered electronic work that aims to subvert the conventions of shoegaze and dream pop (a la Ulrich Schnauss, or Reighnbeau). Thanks to Ray for the heads up! 

No Body Died – ‘Dschungel’

Visit No Body Died @ Web @ Soundcloud @ Facebook.