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The Bilinda Butchers Feat. Smany – ‘Sentimental Girl’s Violent Joke’ (Number Girl Cover)


The Bilinda Butchers are back! The San Fran trio have covered ‘Sentimental Girl’s Violent Joke’ by Number Girl, and it’s out now via their own label Zoom Lens. The dream house track features guest vocalist Smany who continues The Bilinda Butchers Japanese-flavoured sound (in unpredictable fashion)! Always great, and always full of character. It’s the first new music from The Bilinda Butchers since their 2014 LP ‘Heaven’, and arrives following their North American tour with Craft Spells.

The Bilinda Butchers Feat. Smany – ‘Sentimental Girl’s Violent Joke’ (Number Girl Cover)

Visit The Bilinda Butchers @ Zoom Lens @ Facebook.

Late Night Hysterics – ‘Moondance’


Time to finish off the week with a jaw dropping new single from Late Night Hysterics. ‘Moondance’ is a hazy electronic creation that sits somewhere between Ulrich Schnauss and Boards Of Canada. Cinematic and slow moving, this is utterly compelling listening! The Western Australian five piece are launching the single (through Blue Grey Pink) at The Astor Lounge (Perth) on April 5.

Late Night Hysterics – ‘Moondance’

Visit Late Night Hysterics @ Blue Grey Pink @ Facebook.

Bizarre – ‘Vectors’


And now for something completely different! Seksound are re-issuing Bizarre’s 1996 tape ‘Cafe De Flor‘ (on digital, and for the first time on vinyl). It’s the second album from the band, who are considered to be one of the first shoegaze bands from Estonia! ‘Vectors’ is just a taste, the rest of the album is quite a trip! A mix of experimental electronica, world music and shoegaze.

Bizarre – ‘Vectors’

Visit Bizarre @ Bandcamp @ Seksound.

Dead Sea – ‘Keep It High / Rain’ [EP 1]


Hands up if you remember Dead Sea‘s stellar debut single ‘Before We Die’? The cheaters can check out the youtube link below! This week the French four piece posted two new tracks from their first EP, ‘Keep It High’ and ‘Rain’. It marks a clear departure from the smoky dream pop of their debut but still with dreamy edge, albeit with an electronic/chillwave feel. No doubt it’ll win a heap of new fans.

Dead Sea – ‘Keep It High / Rain’ [EP 1]

Visit Dead online @ Facebook.

Ummagma – ‘Kiev (Haioka Remix)’


Ummagma continue their prolific year of non-stop music making with the ‘Kiev Remixes’ (out now via Emerald & Dooreen Recordings)! The Canadian-Ukrainian duo enlisted a huge amount of talent to rework ‘Kiev’ including Japan’s Shintaro Haioka. Take a listen to the ambient electronic piece below, a beautifully warped re-imagining (as requested by @shoegazeindie)!

Ummagma – ‘Kiev (Haioka Remix)’

Visit Ummagma @ Emerald & Doreen Recordings @ Bandcamp @ Facebook.

M83 – ‘Run Into Flowers’ (Maps Remix)


M83’s 2003 album ‘Dead Cities, Red Seas & Lost Ghosts’ was labelled electronic, dream pop, shoegaze and post rock. It didn’t fit neatly into any classification. It was a case of, “we don’t know what this is but it’s really f***ing good”! It’s been praised as one of the greatest albums of that era. On August 25 Mute are re-issuing M83’s first three albums along with two EPs (out this week) with rarities and b-sides. Take a listen to a remix of M83’s ‘Run Into Flowers’ by Maps!

M83 – ‘Run Into Flowers’ (Maps Remix)’

Side note, The Radio Dept. released their first new song in four years today – listen to ‘Death To Fascism’ here. Hearing the news this morning was like waking up to a rainbow, only to walk outside and have a bird shit in my mouth! Sorry folks but this is a political statement first and a song second, distant second. I respect the message but resent lazy sampling. *climbs off soapbox* *cries in corner* *puts on ‘Clinging To A Scheme’*

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