Pinkshinyultrablast – ‘The Cherry Pit’ [Video]


Saint-Petersburg’s Pinkshinyultrablast give us their latest LP ‘Grandfeathered’ on February 26 via Club AC30! It’s a swift follow-up to last year’s stellar debut album, and may even top that effort. I’ve just had a first listen to the record and it’s full of massive tunes; epic, bold and very LOUD. You may have heard Pinkshiny’s single ‘The Cherry Pit’ before… but now you can see it…

Pinkshinyultrablast – ‘The Cherry Pit’ [Video]

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Peppermint Showers – ‘Soto’ [Premiere]


Introducing Peppermint Showers, a new dream pop duo based in Perth featuring Darren Stapley and Sandon French (of Hyla / Lanark). Their debut single ‘Soto’ is now streaming and available at Bandcamp, a breezy mix of dream pop and slo-mo psych; for fans of Au.Ra, Dear Tracks or Day Wave. It’s a fine start, especially considering that ‘Soto’ was recorded with a single microphone in a DIY sun room studio! For updates, hit up their freshly built Facebook page.

Peppermint Showers – ‘Soto’ [Premiere]

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FPRF – ‘87% Chill’


Russia’s FPRF have quietly dropped a new EP called ‘87% Chill’. The Novosibirsk foursome have changed up their sound since 2012’s self-titled LP, this time it’s less post-rock and more jangle pop, but still with the dreamy FPRF touch. It’s their happiest and catchiest release to date.

FPRF –  ‘87% Chill’

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Living Hour – ‘Seagull’

living hour-seagull

Living Hour have announced that their debut self-titled LP will be out February 19 via Lefse! The Canadians have also shared ‘Seagull’, a dream pop anthem with a surf twang. It’s an amazing slow burner that builds on their previous single ‘Steady Glazed Eyes’ (which was released under their former band name The Hours).

Living Hour – ‘Seagull’

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Pinkshinyultrablast – ‘The Cherry Pit’

pinkshinyultrablast-the cherry pit

Pinkshinyultrablast deliver their epic new single ‘The Cherry Pit’ which contrasts crushing walls of sound with ethereal dream pop. The Russian quintet are sounding as epic and explosive as ever. The ‘Cherry Pit’ follows the lead single ‘Kiddy Pool Dreams’, both taken from their sophomore album ‘Grandfeathered’ (out via Club AC30 on February 26). The new album is expected to be far more diverse and experimental than their debut. Singer Lyubov noted that “hardcore, metal and afrobeat” were influences. I’m not sure what’s around the corner for the Pinkshiny’s but I imagine it’ll be an exciting record either way.

Pinkshinyultrablast – ‘The Cherry Pit’

Pinkshinyultrablast – ‘Holy Forest (Waldeinsamkeit Remix)’ by Mahogany

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Best Friend – ‘Untitled’ [Premiere]

best friend-untitled

It’s a pleasure to host the first public stream of ‘Untitled’, the latest single by Best Friend. It’s the first of two new songs, and follows their 2014 full length ‘Division’. ‘Untitled’ is part dream pop, part jangle pop. In just three minutes the Tennessee band create a vast sense of space, which may have you daydreaming by the outro. Nashville locals can catch Best Friend live at Queen Ave Art Collective on December 16. For fans of DIIV and Wild Nothing.

Best Friend – ‘Untitled’ [Premiere]

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