Dianas – ‘Sleep Now’


Last month Perth trio Dianas released their new ‘EP#02‘ featuring the aforementioned single ‘Weightless‘ (download). It’s a mix of indie pop and surf rock plus there’s a beautiful tune called ‘Sleep Now’ on there. The swoon-worthy vocal harmonies of Nathalie Pavlovic and Caitlin Moloney set it apart. Since forming in 2012, Dianas have produced four DIY pop releases, check out the rest here.

Dianas – ‘Sleep Now’

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Suburban Living – ‘Video Love’


Wesley Bunch (better known as Suburban Living) relives the glory days of 80s VHS tapes in his latest clip ‘Video Love’. Wesley combines his love of new wave, jangle pop and shoegaze, along with a healthy sense of humour! I particularly enjoyed the “sick guitar solo” subtitles. The Virginia-based artist first got our attention with ‘Summer Breeze‘ back in 2011, which was swiftly followed by the debut EP ‘Cooper’s Dream‘. I’m told a debut LP is just around the corner.

Suburban Living – ‘Video Love’

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Gulls – ‘Deep Water’


Here’s a delightful ditty from British newcomers Gulls. The five piece are busy working on a new EP release but have posted a number of promising demos on Soundcloud. ‘Deep Water’ is a jangle meets surf pop tune, which is all light and floaty on top but with lyrics that are a little less sunny. Looking forward to hearing more soon.

Gulls – ‘Deep Water’

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Home Alone – ‘There’s A Light Coming Through’


‘There’s A Light Coming Through’, the new album from Toronto’s Thomas Mazurkiewicz aka Home Alone hits hard drives (and cassette players) this week via Beko and Orchid Tapes. Album opener ‘Interstates And Stuff’ gives you an indication of the desperately intimate nature of Tom’s work. At times it’s almost claustrophobic, due to the ultra close, hushed vocals. His lo-fi dream pop gets a work out on the album, from the sparse ‘Drive All Night’ to the electronic meets shoegaze of ‘Blunts’. It’s unashamedly morose, so if you’re in need of some company – stream the rest right here.

Home Alone – ‘Interstates And Stuff’

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Svper – ‘Nuevo Cisne De Piedra’


Svper returned this week with the fresh tune ‘Nuevo Cisne De Piedra‘ (translates as ‘New Stone Swan’ *thanks Carlos*) and the promise of a new full length in 2014. Their latest is a little more synth heavy and Luciana’s vocals steal the show! The Spanish duo (Sergio Pérez and Luciana Della Villa) formed in 2011 under the moniker Pegasvs before switching names and delivering their debut LP in 2012 (you may remember I gushed about it). Not only are Svper hitting up SXSW this week, they’re also joining Slowdive at Primavera Sound this May.

Svper – ‘Nuevo Cisne De Piedra’ (New Stone Swan)

Svper @ Canada Editorial @ Bandcamp @ Soundcloud.

The Mary Onettes – ‘Portico’


Portico‘, the new mini-LP from The Mary Onettes is available now via Labrador (stream here)! We’re not far into 2014 but this is one of the stand out dream pop EPs of the year. It’s a perfect mix of related styles, there’s a little jangle and synth pop amongst the seven track collection. All with a pop sensibility that the Swedes do like no other. Lead tracks ‘Silence Is A Gun‘ and ‘Naive Dream‘ pointed towards something special and the rest of the EP cuts don’t disappoint. ‘Ritual Mind’ is a beautiful tune with dazzling synth work and guitars interweaving. While ‘Your Place’ sounds like early Wild Nothing, simple but effortlessly catchy. And oddly enough, despite the masses of reverb and melancholy vocals, ‘Portico’ isn’t a downer. The Mary Onettes have written an EP that deserves to be heard, these are brilliantly crafted songs.

The Mary Onettes – ‘Your Place’

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The Hours – ‘Steady Glazed Eyes’


Winnipeg trio The Hours meld psych pop, dream and shoegaze on their latest track ‘Steady Glazed Eyes’. Written while “staring into lava lamps and jumping on the bed”, The Hours will appeal to fans of Tashaki Miyaki, Widowspeak and Cloud Control – check out more here.

The Hours – ‘Steady Glazed Eyes’

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The Snow – ‘Memory Loss’


Captured Tracks have gift wrapped a few surprises for Record Store Day, one of the biggest is super group The Snow which features Wild Nothing‘s Jack Tatum, Holograms‘ Andreas Lagerström and Dustin Payseur (of Beach Fossils). Their single ‘Memory Loss’ is unsurprisingly great, a downcast new wave number with an 80s sheen. Pick it up on Record Store Day (April 19), you may also be interested in Medicine‘s Part Time Punks LP (recorded live for air last year) and available in pretty tri-colour vinyl!

The Snow – ‘Memory Loss’

The Snow via Captured Tracks.

Ice Cream Cathedral – ‘The Swans’


Now for something a little different, ‘The Swans’ is a mixture of genres culminating into something that Ice Cream Cathedral call ‘space pop’. The Copenhagen trio take experimental dream pop to the next level, crossing frenetic beats, samples and synths to create beautiful pop songs. There’s an exploratory nature to this seven minute song that breaks from convention and extends into spacey depths the more it progresses! The Danes formed in 2011 before releasing their debut album ‘The Drowsy Kingdom‘ early last year. ‘The Swans’ is our first listen from their second record, due this May via Riot Factory (home to Dråpe, Scarlet Chives & Snøskred).

Ice Cream Cathedral – ‘The Swans’


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Eastern Hollows – ‘The Way That You’ve Gone’


Next month London label Club AC30 celebrates their 10th birthday. The purveyors of fine rock n’ shoegaze are throwing a birthday bash with Exit Calm, Air Formation plus Adam Franklin & Bolts Of Melody (April 22 @ The Lexington, London – get tix). In other news, recent Club AC30 signees Eastern Hollows are readying their debut self-titled LP (out next month). Check out the Brooklyn five piece and their jangly pop tune ‘The Way That You’ve Gone’…

Eastern Hollows – ‘The Way That You’ve Gone’

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