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Miniatures – ‘To The Lake’

miniatures-to the lake

Earlier this month Miniatures posted ‘To The Lake’; another cut from their forthcoming debut album ‘Jessamines’. So far we’ve heard ‘What You Want’ and ‘Honey’, both sound amazing. The Melbourne dream pop / shoegaze act posted the clip in a Facebook post, letting y’all know that there’s been delays in releasing the album due to tough times. As Ché states, “A talented family friend was working away on this [the ‘To The Lake’ video] before the aforementioned life’s mean streak lost her computer and files etc leaving only this unfinished rough cut, it would have been our next single and video. At any rate it deserves to be seen, so please check it out and enjoy! (Not an official single, call it a sneak peak or a “thank you for waiting, please wait just a little more” present).” p.s. any labels interested in physical distribution – hit ’em up!

Miniatures – ‘To The Lake’

Visit Miniatures @ Bandcamp @ Facebook.

Pia Fraus Catalogue Now On Vinyl


If you’re yet to experience the legendary Pias Fraus, there’s never been a better time. The Estonian dream pop/shoegaze band have announced the most comprehensive release of their catalogue to date. All of their otherworldly, melodic awesomeness is now available on vinyl (many for the first time). Seksound (together with Clairecords on several releases) have pressed the ‘Mooie Island’ EP (2004), ‘Wonder What It’s Like’ (2001), ‘In Solarium’ (2002), ‘After Summer’ (2008), and ‘Nature Heart Software’ (2006); these are some of the greatest dream pop records of the noughties.

For the uninitiated, the band was formed in 1998 by six art students (Rein Fuks, Reijo Tagapere, Tõnis Kenkmaa, Joosep Volk, Kristel Loide and Kärt Ojavee). Together they released their debut LP ‘Wonder What It’s Like’ in 2001. Along the way they’ve worked with Ulrich Schnauss and Teenage Fanclub’s Norman Blake, and partnered with Clairecords (USA), Vinyl Junkie (Japan) and Shelflife Records (USA) for the ‘Silmi Island’ compilation. Pia Fraus are a must for fans of Stereolab, The Pastels, Broadcast or The Radio Dept. Pick up the limited pressings from Tone Vendor (USA), Darla (USA), Monorail Music (EU/Scotland), or directly from Seksound.

Pia Fraus – ‘In Solarium’ / ‘Nature Heart Software’

Visit Pia Fraus @ WEB @ Facebook.

Diverting Duo – ‘Ariel/Shadows’ [Video Premiere]


It’s a pleasure to present the debut stream of Diverting Duo’s new video, ‘Ariel/Shadows’. It’s lifted from the Italian duo’s third album ‘Desire’; a mix of dream pop, new wave and synth pop with an 80s/90s feel. Sara and Gianmarco are based in Cagliari (the main city on the island of Sardinia). The eerie ‘Ariel/Shadows’ black and white video was shot in Sardinia’s Sette Frattelli forest. It’s a beautiful but otherworldly creation that is at odds with their sunny, coastal homeland. The ‘Desire’ LP is available now on digital and limited vinyl from Etch Wear and Deambula Records.

Diverting Duo – ‘Ariel/Shadows’ [Video Premiere]

Visit Diverting Duo @ Deambula Records @ Tumblr @ Facebook.

Baby Fire – ‘Water’

baby fire-water

‘Water’ is the eclectic debut single from Baby Fire; self described as 50% Cocteau Twins and 50% Shonen Knife. The Tokyo trio create a unique, dreamy, slacker punk sound that’s difficult to pin down. Hence my terrible description! Keep an ear out for their forthcoming EP. In the meantime, pick up a copy of ‘Water / Indigo’ here.

Baby Fire – ‘Water’

Visit Baby Fire @ Bandcamp @ Facebook.

Best Friend – ‘Flowers / Always Is’

best friend-flowers-always-is

This week Gezellig Records gives us ‘Flowers / Always Is’, the new single from Best Friend. The foursome is fronted by Nashville’s Peter McCarville who we’ve been a fan of for a very long time now. ‘Flowers’ is a twangy delight, with a live sound and generous ‘verb, the flipside ‘Always Is’ is perhaps the poppier of the two. It’s indulgent and messed up dream pop at its playful best; not sure what those sounds are! Jump in below.

Best Friend – ‘Flowers / Always Is’

Visit Best Friend @ Bandcamp @ Facebook.

DAODA – ‘Shields’


DAODA is a Philly solo project (by way of New York) that continues to drip feed impressive dream pop, case in point ‘Shields’. It’s a stalking tune that reminds me a little of The Cure; sitting unevenly between new wave and post punk. DAODA (pronounced “day oh duh”) has amassed a healthy Soundcloud following over the past few years due to his quality output. No word on an official long player as yet.

DAODA – ‘Shields’

Visit DAODA @ Bandcamp @ Facebook.