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Hideous Towns – ‘Disquiet Living’ [Album Premiere]


We’re celebrating the impending release of Hideous Towns‘ debut album ‘Disquiet Living’ with an exclusive stream (as below)! The Melbourne dream pop champions impressed with their 2014 self-titled EP and the lead singles ‘Don’t Forget’, ‘Wake Us’ and ‘Value’. The album delivers that intangible Aussie punk attitude; its raw, take it or leave it mentality makes ‘Disquiet Living’ sound honest and immediate. There’s a blend of new wave tracks (‘Waratah’, ‘Coincidents’), post-punk/kraut rock moments (‘Glass Curtain’, ‘Don’t Forget’) and spacious jangly pop gems (‘Fantasy’, ‘Lion’).

The album was produced by Matthew Hosking, known for his work as one half of VHS Dream. Hosking has had a hand in producing several likeminded local acts including Contrast, Bloodhounds On My Trail, Lowtide, Miniatures, and Glaciers. ‘Disquiet Living’ is an album with depth and character, recommended listening. Pick it up this Friday (November 25) from Lost And Lonesome (home to Parading, Lucy Roleff, and Lowtide). Melburnians can catch the album launch at Bella Union with Contrast, Mares, Splendid, and the Icypoles on December 2 (details). 
Hideous Towns – ‘Disquiet Living’ [Album Premiere]

Visit Hideous Towns @ Lost And Lonesome @ Bandcamp @ Facebook.

Wy – ‘Never Was’


‘Hate To Fall Asleep’ left me open mouthed on first listen; it’s a stunning dream pop tune in the vein of Cocteau Twins. It leads Wy‘s new EP ‘Never Was’ which you can stream in full below (courtesy of Hybris). The young duo (Ebba and Michel) are based in Malmö (Sweden). Their debut release is an eclectic mix of moody anthems that whets the appetite for a full length. ‘The God Concept’ and the opener are the most dream pop-centric of the EP, here’s hoping they follow this direction. Lovely work.

Wy – ‘Never Was’ [EP Stream]

Visit Wy @ Hybris @ Instagram.

Floating Room – ‘Sunless’ LP


Floating Room came together largely by happenstance; Maya Stoner (Sabonis/Forest Park) and Kyle Bates (Drowse) discussed collaborating at a house party before being joined by bassist Alec Van Staveren. Together the Pacific Northwest trio have created one of the most raw, real and exciting dream pop records of the year. The ‘Sunless’ LP was released this week on Good Cheer Records, and it’s already been praised by Stereogum, She Shreds, and CLRVYNT. The emotion-charged lead songs ‘Fun’ and ‘Sad God’ are so good. However, there are several short, experimental interludes on the album which are both a strength and weakness. It’s great to have these odd, dreamy moments but they also make the record play out like a collection of demos that aren’t fully fleshed out (which may/or may not be the case). Regardless, I’m really impressed by ‘Sunless’ and I hope this collaboration continues to grow. Definitely worth your minutes…

Floating Room – ‘Sunless’ LP

Visit Floating Room @ Bandcamp.

Pia Fraus – ‘Autumn Winds’


After eight years Pia Fraus have broken their silence with the new single ‘Autumn Winds‘. It’s a brilliant surprise from the Tallinn-based dream pop vets. Only a few months back the quintet unveiled their catalogue on vinyl (many for the first time) and now this! Best of all, ‘Autumn Winds’ confirms a fresh album is on the way (expected 2017 via Seksound). In the meantime, jump into ‘Autumn Winds’; which combines off-kilter psych sounds, otherworldly vocal harmonies and a super pretty chorus. The combination of Rein and Eve’s voice is just magic.

Pia Fraus – ‘Autumn Winds’

Visit Pia Fraus @ Bandcamp @ Facebook.

Pastel Dream – ‘Pastel Dream’


Caitlyn Whitfield fronts Pastel Dream; a five piece dream pop outfit out of California. Fans of lo-fi jangle/dream pop should lap up their debut self-titled EP. Its a short introduction (at four tracks), but it’s a promising start nonetheless. Name your price at Bandcamp.

Pastel Dream – ‘Pastel Dream’

Visit Pastel Dreams @ Bandcamp @ Facebook.

Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions – ‘Until the Hunter’


Hope Sandoval and The Warm Inventions return with their third album ‘Until The Hunter’ (featuring the lead single ‘Let Me Get There’ with Kurt Vile). The album is an expectedly solid emotional trip; seven years in the making. It’s good to see that the collab between Mazzy Star’s Hope Sandoval and My Bloody Valentine’s Colm Ó Cíosóig is still producing (even though their respective bands have been back in action). ‘Until The Hunter’ is a moody listen (and you really need to be in the right one to appreciate it). Personally, I enjoyed it as much as their 2001 debut ‘Bavarian Fruit Bread’. Which admittedly, I only properly indulged in recently. Dream pop doesn’t get much classier and thoughtful than this. Pick up the record via Tendril Tales (digital / physical).

Hope Sandoval And The Warm Inventions – ‘Until the Hunter’

Visit Hope Sandoval And The Warm Inventions @ Facebook.