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There’s Talk – ‘Bathed Water Moon’ [EP]

Dreamgazers There’s Talk have posted ‘Soundry’, the third single/video from their ‘Bathed Water Moon‘ EP (out February 23). The band grew from the work of Oakland-based multi-instrumentalist Olivia Lee, who sings, plays synths and guitar. The trio released their debut EP ‘Tiny Strands’ in 2013, and have reunited with engineer Ian Pellicci (Yann Tiersen, Rogue Wave, Hauschka) for their latest recording.

Olivia shared the back story of ‘Soundry’, “The Soundry was a darling, ephemeral art collective housed in a converted garage – the only one of the sort in my Virginia hometown. I was an angsty teen who absolutely lived for it every week, each time trying actively to contain my excitement at the sights and sounds of other misfits and weird music lovers. I devised new covers, secretly sandwiching my own songs, to share at the weekly open mic where I met the host, a charismatic soul with an authoritative humor reminiscent of Jack Black: Sean Meyers. In a short time we played an avante ambient folk show at a dive in D.C. together, contributed noises to a haunted house soundtrack, and he encouraged me to put together my first show of my own songs at The Soundry.”

“I eventually moved to San Francisco for college and Sean checked in often to hear big city tales and see when I’d come back and play. In our last exchange I promised soon. I was heartbroken to hear he had been taken too soon in a motor accident. Sean lives alive in the currents and my heart, and I laugh to myself when he sends me an extra farty sound through the VCA.”

There’s Talk – ‘Bathed Water Moon’ [EP]

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Pure Violet – ‘Glass’

Pure Violet returns with the dream popper ‘Glass’, the follow-up to the ‘Numb’ and ‘Garden’ singles (released last year). It’s the work of vocalist/guitarist Chadwick Johnson, who is also a big part of Hundredth (who recently delivered ‘RARE’). It’s an interesting listen for Hundredth fans, it has a similar character despite being almost opposite of the band’s output. Hear more when the South Carolina solo artist releases his debut full length later this year.

Pure Violet – ‘Glass’

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Candace – ‘Rewind’

Candace have posted a fresh video for their single ‘Rewind’, lifted from their forthcoming long player ‘New Ruins‘ (available March 2). The Portland-based band is Sarah Rose (guitar/bass/vocals), Sarah Nienaber (guitar/bass/vocals), and Mara Appel DesLauriers (drums/vocals). The trio have been making music since 2009 (under the moniker Is/Is) before changing their name to Candace in 2016. Long-time collaborator Neil Weir produced the album, which follows last year’s ‘Horizons’ 7 inch. ‘Rewind’ is perfect for those who like it downbeat and hazy!

Candace – ‘Rewind’ (‘New Ruins’ LP)

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Bolinas – ‘Casa’

Bolinas have delivered a stunning single in ‘Casa’, a slow motion dream popper that is dripping melody. This is the third single from the Los Angeles-based band in the past twelve months (following ‘Angostura’ and ‘Vacation’). With tunes like this Bolinas deserve the attention of the blogosphere!

Bolinas – ‘Casa’

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Luke Reed – ‘I’m Dreaming’

The lo-fi jangle pop stylings of Luke Reed combine with collaborator Tea Leigh for ‘I’m Dreaming’. The Massachusetts-based solo artist (of Bent Shapes and Mini Dresses fame) is gifting this single to fans; grab a free download through Native Sound. It follows last year’s re-release of Luke’s debut LP ‘Won’t Be There’. Stream the whole album right here.

Luke Reed – ‘I’m Dreaming’

Visit Luke Reed @ Native Sound.

Launder – ‘Fade’

L.A.’s John Cudlip teams up with guitarist Zachary Cole Smith (of DIIV fame) and French singer Soko for a new project called Launder. The trio have posted ‘Fade’, taken from their forthcoming debut EP ‘Pink Cloud’ (due March 23). It should sit well with fans of jangly dream pop; a la Day Wave and Hazel English. In fact, the recording was produced by Day Wave (aka Jackson Phillips) in his Echo Park home studio. Definitely one to keep an ear on.

Launder – ‘Fade’ [Pink Cloud EP]

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