4AD To Reissue Cocteau Twins In High Def!

cocteau twins-heaven or las vegas-artwork

For the first time since the original pressing, 4AD are re-issuing Cocteau Twins 1990 classic ‘Heaven Or Las Vegas‘ and 1988′s ‘Blue Bell Knoll‘ on heavyweight vinyl from new high fidelity masters. *does a Scottish jig* There will also be high definition audio (96/24) downloads on offer, as announced today. For non audio nerds, that’s better quality than your current CD copies. However, I doubt the increased fidelity will make picking out Elizabeth Fraser’s lyrics any easier! Pre-orders are already available here and here. The reissues will be on shelves from July 14.

Cocteau Twins – ‘Heaven Or Las Vegas’

Visit Cocteau Twins online / Shop for high def reissues @ 4AD.

Bleach – ‘Trip & Slide’


Here’s a flashback to little known British rock act Bleach, who released their LP ‘Killing Time’ in 1992. The quartet didn’t enjoy a long lifespan (1989-93) but produced a handful of EPs and mini albums during their time. Often compared to Curve, Bleach suffered from some inconsistencies but were happy to test the water, even adding a rap to their single ‘Shotgun’ (albeit in a Blondie kind of way). Nevertheless, there was some stand out tunes, namely the album cut ‘Trip & Slide’.

Bleach – ‘Trip & Slide’

Bleach @ Discogs.

Sweet Trip – ‘Velocity: Design: Comfort’


Here’s a classic cut from Sweet Trip‘s second full length ‘Velocity: Design: Comfort’. Originally released in June of 2003 by Darla Distribution, it was praised for its crazy mix of glitchy beats, electronica, indie pop and shoegaze. ‘Chocolate Matter’ is an example of the latter and is primarily the work of San Francisco’s Roberto Burgos, together with vocalist Valerie Reyes. Sweet Trip’s final album ‘You Will Never Know Why’ was released back in 2009. But… last year Roberto posted a new Sweet Trip tune on Soundcloud, hinting it was the last. P.s. thanks Sam for the note!

Sweet Trip – ‘Chocolate Matter’

Visit Sweet Trip @ Darla @ LastFm.

The Voices – ‘The Sound Of Young America’


Over the break I received an email requesting an update on Cardiff shoegazers The Voices. The trio (CS Munday, Chris Pompa & Clare Pompa) released three albums, the last being ‘Death Of A Lovers Song’ via Phase One in 2009. The Voices called it quits following a tour later that year. During their four year life span they released the lauded 2007 LP ‘The Sound Of Young America’ via My Kung Fu. Check out the title track below, a blistering wall of sound with washed out vocals. Speaking of, during my Google search I came across this comical ‘How To Sing In Shoegaze Style‘ guide, which  notes “with Shoegazing, lyrics are short, poetic and sometimes convey a deep message that others will never understand.” Hehe.

The Voices – ‘The Sound Of Young America’

More info on The Voices @ Discogs @ A Defunct Myspace Profile.

For Against – ‘Amen Yves’


Captured Tracks are taking orders for a limited run of For Against box sets (1000) featuring three vinyl re-issues (‘Echelons’, ‘December’ and ‘In The Marshes’). The Nebraskan trio produced an ambient post punk sound (check out ‘Amen Yves’ below) which was at odds with what their peers were producing during their peak in the late eighties. The fact that it was remastered by Marc Ostermeier of Should is a bonus!

For Against – ‘Amen Yves’

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Closedown – ‘Bumblebee’ (Original Demo)


Scott (from Surfing On Steam) has kindly posted some rare Closedown demos that have been converted from tape. He writes. “I can say this without hesitation, but Closedown were the first American shoegaze band ever. Four dudes from east Los Angeles who were not only incredible musicians but on par with many bands coming out of the UK.” Since hearing these recordings I’ve been educating myself on their 1994 record ‘Nearfield‘ (Silent Records) which these tracks eventually landed on. The ambient-based label has long since faded away and there’s precious little web fodder on Closedown or bandleader Jerry Battle. So thanks to Scott for sharing and keeping these sounds alive.

Closedown – ‘Bumblebee’ (Original Demo)

Visit Closedown @ LastFM @ Discogs.