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Cloakroom – ‘Further Out’


There’s a bunch of new releases to check out this week, Pinkyshinyultrablast’s ‘Everything Else Matters’ (streaming here), Wildhoney’s ‘Sleep Through It‘ AND Cloakroom‘s ‘Further Out’. It’s the Indiana trio’s debut album proper, so far we’ve heard ‘Starchild Skull‘ and ‘Dream Warden‘, now it’s time to stream, purchase or pillage straight from Bandcamp (courtesy of Run For Cover Records)! The album is no nonsense rock n’ roll, a live sounding analogue recording that captures Cloakroom’s bold and ballsy tunes. The bummed out vocals are a perfect match for the blown out, detuned guitars. Stream the rest below…

Cloakroom – ‘Lossed Over’ [‘Further Out’ LP Stream]

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Au.Ra – ‘Talk Show’


Au.Ra have posted a fresh tune called ‘Talk Show’ from their forthcoming debut LP ‘Jane’s Lament’ (out March 3 through felte). The London (via Sydney) duo have consistently dished up impressive jangly psych pop since their collaboration began in late 2012 (with the ‘Sun’ single). Noisey are presenting some preview shows in Melbourne and Sydney this February, so come on down – more here.

Au.Ra – ‘Talk Show’

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Title Fight – ‘Your Pain Is Mine Now’


There’s been loads of internet chatter surrounding Title Fight‘s new singles ‘Chlorine’ and ‘Rose Of Sharon’. The Pennsylvania four piece have given their post-hardcore sound a boost of reverb and tremolo, leaving many fans scratching their heads. Are they shoegaze now? Well no, but Title Fight are continuing down the path that Nothing’s ‘Guilty Of Everything’ blazed last year and (I imagine) they won’t be the last band to do so in 2015. Having said that, their new track ‘Your Pain Is Mine Now’ is something entirely different (and my preferred song of the three unveiled so far). It’s a gem. ‘Hyperview’ is shaping up to be an interesting (and divisive) album, pre-order via Anti (out February 3).

Title Fight – ‘Your Pain Is Mine Now’

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Omega Vague – ‘Reveries’


Connecticut solo artist Craig Douglas (aka Omega Vague) released his sixth album ‘Reveries’ this month (grab it here). The stand outs ‘Beyond The Stars’ and ‘The Long Way’ pepper a dreamy collection of anthems that are well produced and presented. ‘Reveries’ has so far been praised by The Shoegaze Collective, DKFM and Ambient Airwaves.

Omega Vague – ‘Reveries’

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Disappears – ‘Halcyon Days’


I’ve got no idea what Disappears are up to on ‘Halcyon Days’ but I’m liking it! The Chicago-based outfit have transitioned across many genres and are now exploring new horizons. The experiment is ‘Irreal’, their fifth full length (out this week via Kranky). The eight track release was recorded at Electrical Audio by producer John Congleton (The Black Angels, Explosions In The Sky and Land Of Talk (geez I miss that band). Take a trip into the ‘Halcyon Days’ kaleidoscope below…

Disappears – ‘Halcyon Days’ [Video]

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The Morelings – ‘Less’


Introducing Philly dream pop act The Morelings. The trio (Kedra Kearis, Matt Kearis and Chris Jordan) teamed up with producer Kyle “Slick” Johnson to deliver their debut three tracker ‘No Sign’ this month. Take a listen to the slow-mo opener ‘Less’ and/or grab a copy here!

The Morelings – ‘Less’

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