Neiv – ‘Decades’ EP [Premiere]


Ever heard a shoegaze song with a saxophone!? You’re about to! Take a listen to ‘Last Cry’ from Neiv‘s latest EP ‘Decades’ (an all analogue recording). It’s a dramatic, inventive, and at times surreal collection of dream pop and shoegaze that bends your expectations of the genre.

The songwriting rule book has gone out the window in favour of unpredictable compositions, usually found in prog or post rock. ‘Summer Daze’ is one example, it’s a slow burner that transitions from post punk into ambient and then explodes with a noisy crescendo. ‘Killed By A Unicorn’ (great title) is a creepy tune, it’s backed by a big synth that sounds like a swarm of bees. It has the same saturated effect but without the guitars.

Closing track ‘Sedaced’ (‘Decades’ backwards), is a reworking of the single ‘Decades’ but this time in reverse! A clever twist to end the EP, and with unnerving results (especially on the vocals). Due credit also goes to Neiv’s producer James Aparicio, known for his work with Mogwai and These New Puritans. The Swiss trio (Pj, Jennie and Bugy) have created a unique EP with depth, pick it up through Worn Pop Records from July 5 on digital and limited white vinyl!
Neiv – ‘Decades’ EP [Premiere]

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Neiv - 'Decades' EP [Premiere]
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Foxes In Fiction – ‘Shadow’s Song’

foxes in fiction-ontario gothic-artwork

Amazing new tune ‘Shadow’s Song’ from Foxes In Fiction, taken from the forthcoming EP ‘Ontario Gothic’ (out September 23 via Orchid Tapes). The seven track collection features guests including Rachel Levy, Caroline White, Sam Ray, Ansel Cohen, Beau Sorensen and Owen Pallett. Foxes In Fiction is the work of Canadian native Warren Hildebrand. ‘Ontario Gothic’ details Warren’s experiences following the passing of his younger brother. Bound to be a heavy record but on the strength of ‘Shadow’s Song’ it’s going to be a special one (pre-sale).

Foxes In Fiction – ‘Shadow’s Song’

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Ashrae Fax – ‘CHKN’

Ashrae Fax-CHKN-artwork

Earlier in the week Ashrae Fax announced the release of their first new album in over a decade! ‘Never Really Been Into It’ will be out this August, great news for fans of the ‘Static Crash!‘ re-issue. The North Carolina outfit (powered by singer Renée Mendoza and producer/guitarist Alex Chesney) have posted the lead single ‘CHKN’. Cocteau Twins comparisons are inevitable, it’s an 80s styled dream popper after all. One thing is certain, the years haven’t dimmed Renée’s vocals one bit! Pre-order the LP via Mexican Summer.

Ashrae Fax – ‘CHKN’

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An Occasion For Balloons – ‘You’ll Get By’ (Valdorea Remix)

beko summer 2014-sampler

French producer Valdorea has created a brilliant remix of An Occasion For Balloons ‘You’ll Get By’ for the newly released compilation album ‘Summer 2014‘ (available for free download thanks to Beko). If you’re a fan of dreamy beats with a shoegaze sheen then this should toss your salad! The original track was released late last year on ‘All As It Is‘, the work of North Carolina’s Nate Wagner. As for Valdorea (real name is Loïc), some of you may have heard her previous work under the pseudonym Valdor, she’s got a talent for crafting angelic sounds.

An Occasion For Balloons – ‘You’ll Get By’ (Valdorea Remix)

Download Beko’s ‘Summer 2014′ here / Valdorea @ Facebook / An Occasion For Balloons @ Facebook.