Total Slacker – ‘Sometimes You Gotta Die’


Brooklyn rock act Total Slacker have announced their new long player ‘Slip Away’ will be out February 11 through Black Bell Records! The first single ‘Sometimes U Gotta Die’ has huge guitars set against a rhythm that drags you across the floor (metaphorically speaking)! Total Slacker nail the classic ‘quiet, loud, quiet, loud’ formula. Its a brilliant precusor to the album and will fit nicely into their much loved live shows.

Total Slacker – ‘Sometimes You Gotta Die’

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Boardwalk – ‘It’s Over’


Following the beautiful lead track ‘I’m To Blame‘, Los Angeles duo Boardwalk (Amber Quintero and Mike Edge) have delivered their debut album via Stones Throw. Drawing comparisons to dream pop contemporaries Beach House and Mazzy Star, the pair has been harshly judged for similarities. That aside, Boardwalk’s record deserves to be judged on its own merits. Amber’s voice is perfectly suited to their slow motion, psych pop sound, which is full of strong melodies and sedate pop numbers. Album cut ‘It’s Over’ is just one example. The LP could use a few tempo changes and perhaps have taken a few risks but overall its a welcome debut that’s well worth a listen (for fans of Widowspeak, Tamaryn and Memoryhouse).

Boardwalk – ‘It’s Over’

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New videos from The Fauns, I Break Horses, Neil Halstead and more…


The inbox is overflowing with new videos – here’s a select bunch to chomp on! There’s some surprises in there, some great new tracks and also a few that fall below expectation – I’ll let you decide which…

Flyying Colours – ‘Like You Said’

Melbourne’s Flyying Colours have a new psych/shoegaze creation called ‘Like You Said’, fresh footage below…

I Break Horses – ‘Faith’ 

Stockholm’s I Break Horses (Maria Lindén) returns with a new single ‘Faith’ from the forthcoming second album due in 2014. Things have changed up since the 2011 gazey debut with a more electronic, beat-centric sound this time round…

Neil Halstead And Rachel Goswell – ‘Alison’ (Slowdive)

Last week former Slowdiver Neil Halstead put a smile on fans faces when he performed the classic ‘Alison’ in London with Rachel Goswell…

Dark Bells – ‘Want’

Aussie power trio Dark Bells give us their latest vid ‘Want’ – single out now via Rip Records…

Joanna Gruesome – ‘Sugarcrush’

Slumberland Records have delivered Joanna Gruesome’s impressive debut LP ‘Weird Sister’. The noise poppers have produced an equally fun video complete with singing hamburgers…

The Fauns – ‘Seven Hours’

On December 2 Invada Records will release The Fauns new album ‘Lights’ featuring the lead single ‘Seven Hours’…

The Death Of Pop – ‘Tasteless’

Brit shoegazers The Death Of Pop return with a new tune, note the video has nudity (NSFW)…

Eros And The Eschaton – ‘Over And Over’ (Live)

Greensboro indie outfit Eros And The Eschaton perform a cut from their new record ‘Home Address For Civil War’ (in a backstreet alley) for Love Drunk…

Black Hearted Brother – ‘This Is How It Feels’

Earlier this month The Quietus premiered Black Hearted Brother’s latest “spacegaze” video (album out now)…


SBWR Is Back Online


After a month in the wilderness, SBWR returns. Needless to say, seeing the Himalayas at sunrise from the top of a mountain was amazing. There’s a massive amount of artsy ice and mountain photos ready to be plastered all over these pages! Yawwwwn. Now back to business – there’s a lot to catch up on, with album releases from Black Hearted Brother, Tape Deck Mountain, The Stargazer Lilies and Boardwalk plus new singles from The Fauns, Flyying Colours and many more. Over the next week there will be a bunch of re-caps (so feel free to curse the screen if its old news to you). Apologies to those who haven’t had an email response or post as yet! Perhaps re-submit in a week if I miss your big tune. Thanks.


…Returning Late October


It’s been over a year since the last break in transmission but its that time again. Regular updates will resume in late October. I’m off to Nepal. I figure excessive hours at the keyboard is the best possible preparation to hit the Himalayas! I’ve got cut price Kathmandu hiking boots and those rip off pants. Yup, things are getting serious. I don’t have the best sense of direction though – considering attaching a GPS to my forehead. Safety first and such.

Thanks to all for contributing, emailing and visiting Sounds Better With Reverb this year. Will shoot out a Facebook note on return. Cheers!

Black Hearted Brother – ‘This Is How It Feels’


Neil Halstead (Slowdive, Mojave 3) + Mark Van Hoen (Seefeel) + Nick Holton (Coley Park, Locust) = Black Hearted Brother. Get set for some indulgent space rocking goodness next month when Black Hearted Brother’s ‘Stars Are Our Home’ hits us with their debut album! The experimental noise pop trio recently posted a new anthemic cut called ‘This Is How It Feels‘, which overflows with spaced out harmonies. Grab the album from October 22 through Slumberland Records (USA) (October 21 through Sonic Cathedral in the UK).

Black Hearted Brother – ‘This Is How It Feels’

Visit Black Hearted Brother onlineSonic Cathedral @ Slumberland Records @ Facebook.