Aerofall – ‘Fear For Everyone’


Hands And Moment, the label home to Sea Dweller, The Bilinda Butchers and Vibragun are preparing for Aerofall‘s new full length (available from April 2 – pre-order). Check out the beautiful video for ‘Alien Dance’ or stream some album cuts here. The quintet from southern Russia are influenced by JMC, Swirlies and Sonic Youth. So keep an ear out for their debut album proper when it lands next month!

Aerofall – ‘Fear For Everyone’


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Web Maintenance – The Internets Are Broke!


The problem with running websites is, if you don’t consistently maintain, update and otherwise prune your technical back end, things go southward fast! I’m a little guilty of that, SBWR has had the same functionality and feel for several years now. That’s kinda like the rock n’ roll equivalent of Elliott Smith wearing the same t-shirt in consequent album covers. But just not as cool. So… over the coming weeks there will be some downtime on SBWR for tech fixes. And most likely, a complete site re-build. If you’re confronted with a landing page and can’t get through – apologies and thanks for your patience. Rest assured, I’m sure that three keyboards will be shattered in frustration before the build is done! If there’s anything you’d like added or changed to the site, please shout. Otherwise it’ll turn into such a complicated mess of style over substance that you may shatter a keyboard too! Would love to know your thoughts. Cheers.


Elastic Sleep – ‘Leave You’


Irish shoegazers Elastic Sleep return with ‘Leave You’, their most impressive single to date. On April 28, the five piece will release their new six track EP (also titled ‘Leave You’) via Fifa Records/Big Tea Records. Muireann’s vocals are once again a lynchpin, backed by polished production and pretty harmonies. I still remember the first time I heard Elastic Sleep (last June) partly because I was so impressed and partly because I was so tired at the keyboard that I called them – The Elastic Sheep. Awkward typos happen.

Elastic Sleep – ‘Leave You’

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Greta Mob Feat. Spencer P Jones – ‘Gypsy Town’ (Revisited)


Music legend Spencer P Jones (known for his work with Beasts Of Bourbon, The Johnnys and Paul Kelly among others) has teamed up with Greta Mob for a reworking of their track ‘Gypsy Town’. The Sydney-based rock act had a chat with SBWR last November before unveiling their debut LP ‘Let The Sunburnt Country Burn‘. The original version appeared on the record but this amped-up incarnation offers even more ass kickin’ rock n’ roll! Grab it on the new EP ‘Gypsy Town Revisited‘ (available from March 28 via Greta Mob Music). Side note, ten points for the artwork!

Greta Mob Feat. Spencer P Jones – ‘Gypsy Town’ (Revisited)

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Home Alone – ‘There’s A Light Coming Through’


‘There’s A Light Coming Through’, the new album from Toronto’s Thomas Mazurkiewicz aka Home Alone hits hard drives (and cassette players) this week via Beko and Orchid Tapes. Album opener ‘Interstates And Stuff’ gives you an indication of the desperately intimate nature of Tom’s work. At times it’s almost claustrophobic, due to the ultra close, hushed vocals. His lo-fi dream pop gets a work out on the album, from the sparse ‘Drive All Night’ to the electronic meets shoegaze of ‘Blunts’. It’s unashamedly morose, so if you’re in need of some company – stream the rest right here.

Home Alone – ‘Interstates And Stuff’

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Sleep Party People – ‘In Another World’


Well this is creepy! But it’s also pretty darn awesome. The new single ‘In Another World’ by Denmark’s Sleep Party People. Last time we checked in with the electronic project (of Brian Batz) he was delivering 2012′s ‘Drifting On A Sad Song‘. The multi-instrumentalist began in 2010, mixing the shoegaze sheen of MBV with some highly orchestrated dream pop. Things have changed, but this is fantastic, even if it does have you checking over your shoulder for the boogie man.  Sleep Party People’s new album ‘Floating’ will be available via Riot Factory on May 30 (Scandinavia/Asia), rest of the world on June 2. Note: due to a ‘by region’ embargo you may not be able to stream this…yet. Hold tight!

Sleep Party People – ‘In Another World’

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Ceremony – ‘Until Forever’


Just in – the latest single from Ceremony titled ‘Until Forever‘, taken from the forthcoming five track EP ‘Birds’ (out this May through Emerald & Doreen Records)! Ceremony is the solo act of Fredericksburg’s John Fedowitz who released his last album ‘Distance’ in December, regular readers may remember our chat. Once again John has teamed up with his former Skywave bandmate Oliver Ackermann (of A Place To Bury Strangers) to help out with mastering duties. ‘Until Forever’ is an uncompromising reverb rocker with a 60s pop melody, one of Ceremony’s more catchy creations!

Ceremony – ‘Until Forever’

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Sharesprings – ‘Maydear’


Jakarta shoegaze outfit Sharesprings are back this month (after an extended delay and many years of silence)! The song ‘Maydear’ will be released on a split with The Wellington (and is available from February 28 via Hey Ho! Records). The Indonesian trio formed in the mid-noughties and produced the demo ‘It’s Just Noise And Pop’ followed by their first official single in 2010 with ‘I Love To See You (Daydreaming Me)‘. Here’s hoping a full release is on the way but I won’t be holding my breath.

Sharesprings – ‘Maydear’

Visit Sharesprings @ Hey Ho! Records @ Bandcamp.

The War On Drugs – ‘Lost In The Dream’


After more than two years of writing and recording, The War On Drugs third album ‘Lost In The Dream’ is released this week via Secretly Canadian. The Philadelphia-based band have already been accused of turning ‘soft rock’ after the brilliant lead single ‘Red Eyes‘ was noted for its similarities to The Boss. If you’re in that camp, the rest of ‘Lost In The Dream’ isn’t going to change your mind, best give it a miss. This is a top shelf collection of songs but it’s likely to divide fans. Primary songwriter Adam Granduciel has evolved since 2011′s ‘Slave Ambient’, and why shouldn’t he? It’s a more settled record, which is surprising given that a relationship breakdown occurred at the outset. That said, there’s still exploratory moments, take the ambient final minutes of ‘Under The Pressure’ or the closing song ‘In Reverse’ (both running at over seven minutes). After repeated listens, ‘Lost In The Dream’ really takes hold, it’s a logical progression after almost a decade of music making. I recommend grabbing a pair of headphones and settling in for a superb late night listening session.

The War On Drugs – ‘Under The Pressure’

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Sundaze – ‘Green’


Off the wall British noise rock from newcomers Sundaze! ‘Green’ is the first single taken from their debut EP  ’Ok//Then‘ (out now). It’s a fuzz overload that sits somewhere between A Place To Bury Strangers and The Jesus & Mary Chain. The band began as a solo recording project before growing into a duo for live shows. Since appearing out of the never in January, Sundaze have enjoyed airplay on Part Time Punks and Simon Raymonde’s (Cocteau Twins) Amazing Radio show.

Sundaze – ‘Green’

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