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Suburban Living – ‘Come True’

suburban living-almost paradise

Philadelphia’s Suburban Living has announced their sophomore album ‘Almost Paradise’ with the lead single ‘Come True’. The four piece have signed with 6131 Records and will release the LP on October 7. ‘Come True’ extends their lo-fi bedroom pop sound with the help of producer Jeff Ziegler (The War On Drugs, Kurt Vile, Nothing). This should please fans of their 2015 debut, and earn them some new ones.

Suburban Living – ‘Come True’

Visit Suburban Living @ 6131 Records @ Facebook.

Vallens – ‘Devour’

Vallens - Devour

‘Devour’ is a smoky slice of dream pop that would sound at home on the Twin Peaks soundtrack. After all, the band take their name from David Lynch’s Dorothy Vallens (Blue Velvet). The song is lifted from Vallens‘ debut full length ‘Consent’ (out now through Hand Drawn Dracula). The Toronto foursome worked with producer Josh Korody (Beliefs) on the album, as well as Jeff Berner (of Psychic TV). Stream in full below…

Vallens – ‘Devour’

Vallens @ Hand Drawn Dracula @ Facebook.

Channeling – ‘Self-titled’

channeling-self titled

Illuminated Paths have released the debut (self-titled) album by Channeling, and it’s a fantastic listen. I don’t often share ambient / experimental / drone, mainly because it’s not my strong suit, but this is just too good to pass up! It’s the work of New York’s Andrew Osterhoudt, who conjures soundscapes that should sit well with lovers of shoegaze or vaporwave. Channeling proves that synthesizers and reverbs make good friends! FFO: How To Disappear Completely, Survive or Boards Of Canada.

Channeling – ‘Self-titled’ [LP Stream]

Visit Channeling @ Illuminated Paths @ Facebook.

Half / Wozniak – ‘Mute Swan’

half wozniak-mute swan-cover

Last week two UK acts; Half and Wozniak teamed up for the split single ‘Mute Swan’. It’s a slow burning cinematic soundscape that pairs nicely with the 2016 mix of Half’s stunning ‘Mind Maps’. Best of all, proceeds go towards the much-loved DKFM! The Fresno shoegaze broadcaster has hit hard times thanks to fees mounting from the US Copyright Royalty Board (CRB). Download now and feel warm n’ fuzzy!

Half / Wozniak – ‘Mute Swan’

Download ‘Mute Swan’ by Half / Wozniak @ Bandcamp.

Slowly – ‘Same Lines’

slowly-same lines-cover

Toronto shoegazers Soft Wounds have spawned a side project called Slowly; take a listen to their reverb rocker ‘Same Lines’. Slowly are delivering an LP called ‘Unfold’ by posting new free songs every month – pick ’em up here.

Slowly – ‘Same Lines’

Visit Slowly @ Bandcamp @ Facebook.