Rayning – ‘Bury The Lovers’


Detroit solo artist Gerald McKay has released his latest EP under the Rayning moniker. The self-titled collection is Gerald’s third (in as many years) and follows ‘Refraction’ from last October. ‘Rayning’ features a mix of dream pop and shoegaze, along with some brutal noise rockin’ moments! The mastering is a little hard on the ears but it’s well worth the journey, for fans of Astrobrite and Ceremony. Side note, the different art for each track is a nice touch!

Rayning – ‘Bury The Lovers’ [EP Stream]

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Linoleum Dream – ‘Iridescent’

linoleum dream-artwork

Introducing Linoleum Dream, a fresh four piece from Oakland, California. ‘Iridescent’ kicks off their new three track release (available now). Producer Jack Shirley was behind the mixing desk, known for his work with Deafheaven and Whirr. Last month the self-confessed Silver Shadows fans were the subject of controversy following a live show with Crisis Arm and Airs. Apparently bottles were thrown, people hurt etc. Having not been at the show I can’t comment but I hope Oakland stays creative, lots of great music coming from the port city this year!

Linoleum Dream – ‘Iridescent’

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Allegories – ‘Funny Way Of Loving You’


There’s something very compelling about Allegories ‘Funny Way Of Loving You’ that I can’t put my finger on! The hypnotic video helps, together with that amazing voice (that reminds me of Ian McCulloch from Echo & The Bunnymen). Truth is, nobody knows much about the Belize duo but I’m hoping there’s more from where the debut came from!

Allegories – ‘Funny Way Of Loving You’

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The Foreign Resort – ‘Flushed’

The Foreign Resort -Flushed - artwork

The darkly polished energy of The Foreign Resort now has an appropriately emotionally provocative music video (that takes us to the edge of ‘sfw’) for their anthemic hit ‘Flushed’. Denmark’s post-punk new wave act The Foreign Resort will soon return to the states for a coast-to-coast visit (details below). How whips and leather will play into their US tour is yet to be seen, but fans will expect to be swept along with some of the most effective new wave this side of the oughts.

In addition to launching a fresh tour, The Foreign Resort frontman Mikkel B. Jakobsen will join DKFM to debut a monthly show based around on-the-road interviews of bands that The Foreign Resort tour with, a list which includes heavyweights Swervedriver and fellow Danes The Raveonettes . Premieres 24-9-14 3 pm Eastern / 8 pm GMT / Noon PDT, with a repeat Sunday night following New Tracks Weekend. [By Dave Lytton]

The Foreign Resort – ‘Flushed’


Tour dates:

10/9 Silverlake Lounge, Los Angeles, CA
10/10 Neck of the Woods, San Francisco, CA
10/11 Solstice Skyline, Pasadena, CA (private showcase)
10/12 The Ken Club, San Diego, CA
10/14 Kelly’s Olympian, Portland, OR
10/15 High Dive, Seattle, WA
10/16 Crazy Horse, Boise, ID
10/17 Muse Music, Provo, UT
10/18 Skyline Park, Denver, CO
10/23 Charged.fm In-Studio Session, Brooklyn, NY
10/24 Spike Hill, Brooklyn, NY (CMJ Music Marathon)
10/25 Lilypad, Cambridge, MA

 Visit The Foreign Resort online @ Bandcamp @ Facebook and @ DKFM.

Foxes In Fiction – ‘Ontario Gothic’

foxes in fiction-ontario gothic-artwork

Orchid Tapes has delivered the second album from Foxes In Fiction, download ‘Ontario Gothic’ here! It’s the work of New York-based artist Warren Hildebrand, who creates beautiful lo-fi pop songs. It’s a very emotional, introverted collection, written following the passing of Warren’s younger brother. It should appeal to dream pop fans however there are some experimental tunes on there too. The title track and ‘Shadow’s Song’ are brilliant!

Foxes In Fiction – ‘Ontario Gothic’ [Stream]

Visit Foxes In Fiction @ Orchid Tapes @ Facebook.