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Channeling – ‘Self-titled’

channeling-self titled

Illuminated Paths have released the debut (self-titled) album by Channeling, and it’s a fantastic listen. I don’t often share ambient / experimental / drone, mainly because it’s not my strong suit, but this is just too good to pass up! It’s the work of New York’s Andrew Osterhoudt, who conjures soundscapes that should sit well with lovers of shoegaze or vaporwave. Channeling proves that synthesizers and reverbs make good friends! FFO: How To Disappear Completely, Survive or Boards Of Canada.

Channeling – ‘Self-titled’ [LP Stream]

Visit Channeling @ Illuminated Paths @ Facebook.

Half / Wozniak – ‘Mute Swan’

half wozniak-mute swan-cover

Last week two UK acts; Half and Wozniak teamed up for the split single ‘Mute Swan’. It’s a slow burning cinematic soundscape that pairs nicely with the 2016 mix of Half’s stunning ‘Mind Maps’. Best of all, proceeds go towards the much-loved DKFM! The Fresno shoegaze broadcaster has hit hard times thanks to fees mounting from the US Copyright Royalty Board (CRB). Download now and feel warm n’ fuzzy!

Half / Wozniak – ‘Mute Swan’

Download ‘Mute Swan’ by Half / Wozniak @ Bandcamp.

Slowly – ‘Same Lines’

slowly-same lines-cover

Toronto shoegazers Soft Wounds have spawned a side project called Slowly; take a listen to their reverb rocker ‘Same Lines’. Slowly are delivering an LP called ‘Unfold’ by posting new free songs every month – pick ’em up here.

Slowly – ‘Same Lines’

Visit Slowly @ Bandcamp @ Facebook.

Shoegaze And Dream Pop Songs Of 2016

shoegaze dream pop songs albums 2016

Here’s 6+ hours of brain melting shoegaze, psych, dream pop and jangle pop songs! Handpicked from 2016 releases (as featured on Sounds Better With Reverb this year). As usual, the monster mixtape (almost 100 songs) will keep growing until the year is out. If you’re thinking “yay songs but… what about the albums?” Check out the newly updated list of shoegaze and dream pop albums here, there’s a shed load of albums (listed by release date).

2016 has produced some brilliant shoegaze releases; it kicked off with the Indoor Voices EP, Matt Bartram’s solo effort, Italy’s marvellous Rev Rev Rev, Jaguwar’s off the wall ‘II’ EP, Nothing’s epic new album, Thud’s stand out single, and just last week, Kindling’s ‘Everywhere Else’ LP. Switching to dream pop; Leave The Planet’s ‘Nowhere’ EP is a must, with solid LPs from Miserable and VHS Dream. LSD and the Search for God gave us one of the best psych/gaze crossovers ever with their ‘Heaven Is A Place’ EP, not forgetting The Stargazer Lilies, and Good Morning TV ‘s psych pop gem. In dreamy jangle pop land there’s been the lauded DIIV record, as well as great releases from Crescendo, Dear Tracks and Tape Waves.

Plus there’s a heap of records slated for release in the coming months; Turnip King, Mumrunner, Lorelle Meets The Obsolete, Panda Riot, Miniatures, Mahogany, Dead Horse One, Airiel, and next year – Slowdive! Lastly, got a suggestion for the playlist? Click through the OTT gif logo and comment at the bottom of the page. Note that a few key tunes are missing because they are not currently available on Soundcloud. Cheers!
Shoegaze And Dream Pop Songs Of 2016

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More songs in shoegaze and dream pop 2016 @ Sounds Better With Reverb.

Southpaw – ‘Amour Fou’


Southpaw is the moniker of Californian multi-instrumentalist Nathan Guzman. Last month he unveiled ‘Gin’, the first song from his upcoming 4 track EP ‘Amour Fou’ (expected late this year/or early next). The hypnotic ‘Gin’ video was streamed more than 10,000 times in just a few weeks. Not bad for a reverb swamped instrumental! And this week, he unveiled the stunning title track; another blissful instrumental masterpiece. I believe this is an early version, and may be changed up. Still, Southpaw is one to watch.

Southpaw – ‘Amour Fou’

Visit Southpaw @ Bandcamp @ Facebook.

Turnip King – ‘The Ho_se’

turnip king-laika

Turnip King have shared ‘The Ho_se’ (named after the Brooklyn house venue) from their forthcoming debut LP ‘Laika’ (out September 9 through Fire Talk). The Sea Cliff, New Yorkers premiered it over at Impose (along with an interview). ‘The Ho_se’ follows the public streams of ‘Metonymy’ and ‘Carsong’, which gives you a good impression of what to expect. I know I’ve blabbed about this record before, but I’m really loving it. It intersects loads of different styles and influences, which is what makes it great; from droney indie rock, garage punk and shoegaze. It’s not trying to be anything it isn’t… and in my opinion the strongest track on the album hasn’t been posted yet. Exciting release.

Turnip King – ‘The Ho_se’

Visit Turnip King @ Bandcamp @ Facebook.