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Funeral Advantage – ‘Body Is Dead’

funeral advantage-body is dead

The Native Sound has released the debut long player by Funeral Advantage. ‘Body Is Dead’ doesn’t sound very sunny, and it isn’t! But… it is an underrated record (a blend of jangle and dream pop) that’s worth a listen. Funeral Advantage is the work of Boston’s Tyler Kershaw, who has steadily released EPs and splits for the past few years. Pick up the vinyl here, recommended for fans of The Radio Dept or The Mary Onettes.

Funeral Advantage – ‘Body Is Dead’ [LP Stream]

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Beach House – ‘Depression Cherry’

beach house-depression-cherry

Anyone else pick up the fancy velvet-sleeved version of ‘Depression Cherry’ on vinyl? There’s still a few copies left over at Mistletone, but it ain’t cheap! As regulars will know, Beach House‘s fifth album is in our hands (via Sub Pop). So much has already been said, a mention now seems superfluous. However, it is one of the most impressive dream pop records of 2015 so credit is due. The Baltimore duo chose to take a risk and avoid an easily-digestible (and more commercially viable option) in favour of a hazy, noisy and somewhat sparse creation. The move seems to have paid off, ‘Depression Cherry’ nails the “less is more” philosophy, with stripped back instrumentation and desolate melodies. Some critics have called it “bland”, while avid supporters have hailed it as their best work yet. Personally, I think being able to generate power through subtlety is a master stroke. Love it.

Beach House – ‘Depression Cherry’

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Cull – ‘Truth Bomb’

cull_truth bomb

Next month Cull unleash their new full length ‘Aloft’, featuring the psych rocking singles ‘Magi Fuel’ and ‘Nasty Drought’ plus their latest creation ‘Truth Bomb‘. The Sydney-based outfit never fail to impress, delivering a barrage of well orchestrated ideas that are packed into short psychedelic blasts. ‘Truth Bomb’ is a song of three parts, the playful vocal-led introduction, the explorative mid section, and the space rocking conclusion. It’s a like a meal that tastes different with every mouthful. Enjoy!

Cull – ‘Truth Bomb’

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Oyama – ‘Lung Breathers’

oyama-cool boy-art

Oyama unveil a fresh video for their hypnotic track ‘Lung Breathers’. The Reykjavik five-piece have been crafting dreamy tunes in their native Iceland since 2012. Director Alisa Kalyanova filmed the video over two days at the Icelandic Academy of Arts (via Jajaja). ‘Lung Breathers’ is out on Oyama’s impressive album ‘Cool Boy‘ (stream below).

Oyama – ‘Lung Breathers’

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Orange Crate Art – ‘Clang Associations’


Who’s Orange Crate Art!? And no, not the Brian Wilson and Van Dyke Parks album, I’m talking the mysterious collection of eclectic shoegaze gems that’s popped online this year. If you take a listen, I’m sure you’ll be impressed. The artwork isn’t terribly polished but the tunes are amazing! There’s been four EPs and an album released since February (explore here). After some sleuthing, turns out Orange Crate Art is the work of Swedish solo artist Toby Bernsand (a touring member of LKWRM). Toby tells Lazer Guided Melody that these releases have been recorded over many years but never properly released, with some “eight or nine” albums yet to see the light of day (*paging A&R reps*)!

Orange Crate Art – ‘Clang Associations’

Visit Orange Crate Art @ Bandcamp @ Facebook.

Shoegaze And Dream Pop Songs Of 2015

Sounds Better With Reverb 2015

Looking back over 2015 makes you realize how big a year it’s been for reverb-loving music fiends. Of course, this list of songs only accounts for the world of dream pop, shoegaze and noise pop, with a little psych thrown in. But the truth is, I was beginning to think it had been a quiet year… but nope. In fact, a running tally of standout releases already dwarfs 2014. To name a few, we’ve had shoegaze epics from La Casa al Mare, Venera 4, No Joy, 93MillionMilesFromTheSun, Flyying Colours and This Love Is Deadly (among others). Plus jaw dropping dream pop records from Pinkshinyultrablast, The Black Ryder, Winter and Them Are Us Too, and there’s a mountain of full lengths just around the corner.

One word of note; there are a handful of songs not included due to their absence from Soundcloud. So before you spit fire and say, “Buddy where the hell is Astrobrite!? You dirty heathen!”… please double check the cloud. Otherwise, you know the drill, this is a growing list that will evolve until 2016 dawns… and until you remind me I’ve forgotten something (click through via the indulgent gif logo to comment).

Shoegaze And Dream Pop Songs Of 2015

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