Oeil – ‘Myrtle’


Chances are you’ve heard ‘Myrtle’, the title track from Oeil‘s latest EP (out now via Hands And Moment), but you may not have heard the whole stream which was recently posted on Youtube (thanks to Japanese Shoegaze). The Tokyo-based trio formed in 2007 and released their debut EP ‘Urban Twilight’ followed by the singles ‘Half Dreaming’, ‘After The Rain’ and ‘Scent’. The band’s MBV influence is obvious, they nail that classic sound on opener ‘Blurred Lights’ and ‘Memories Of The Past’ however the remaining songs are a complete contrast, with a jangle pop/twee feel. Judge for yourself, the EP stream is below…

Oeil – ‘Myrtle’ [EP Stream]

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Soda Fabric – ‘Bitter Moon’


Following last year’s ‘Tears On The Beach’ EP, Soda Fabric are getting ready to deliver their debut full length ‘Atlantis’ this Spring via Anova Music. The Berlin-based foursome enlisted Yuck’s Max Bloom to mix the LP, take a listen to the fuzz filled lead track ‘Bitter Moon’. Soda Fabric’s latest has already been praised by SPIN, Diffuser and Consequence Of Sound.

Soda Fabric – ‘Bitter Moon’

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Programm – ‘Like The Sun’ [Video]


Mid last year we had our first listen to Programm‘s moody ‘Like The Sun’, this week the Toronto quartet deliver the video (as premiered by Stereogum). It’ll be available from February 17 through The Hand (as a four track EP). Programm first popped onto our radar with their ‘Everything At Once’ EP in 2013, they have a knack for dark, atmospheric songs that ooze class – the new video is no different. Great work.

Programm – ‘Like The Sun’ [Video]

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Weed – ‘Thousand Pounds’


Super impressed with ‘Thousand Pounds’, the first song from Weed‘s forthcoming second album (due this April). The Vancouver rockers have joined the Lefse roster following their debut 2013 LP ‘Deserve‘. There’s also a 7inch on the way with ‘Thousand Pounds’ and an older b-side (pre-orders here). Should sit well with the Built To Spill fans out there!

Weed – ‘Thousand Pounds’

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High Tide 15:47 – ‘High Tide 15:47’ [EP]


High Tide 15:47‘s debut self-titled EP is out this week featuring the lead single ‘Shade Of Blue’. The British four piece dish out the reverb over four tracks, with early support from Amazing Radio, BBC and NME. Not a bad start! The EP launch is happening on February 7 at Newcastle Upon Tyne (details), EP downloads at Bandcamp.

High Tide 15:47 – ‘High Tide 15:47’ [EP Stream]

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Wildhoney – ‘Sleep Through It’


‘Sleep Through It’, Wildhoney‘s first full length is now available through Deranged/Forward Records. The Baltimore band first impressed with their self-titled 2013 EP featuring ‘Like Me’, followed by the much loved ‘Seventeen Forever’ three tracker last year. I’ll admit, Sounds Better has had a soft spot for Wildhoney since the get go, there’s something very raw, fun and honest about these guys that’s instantly likeable. A mix of garage rock, punk aggression and shoegazey ambiguity. ‘Sleep Through It‘ embodies this, beginning with the title track and previously streamed single ‘Fall In’.

Wildhoney – ‘Sleep Through It’

‘Owe You Nothing’ sports a twee edge, with downcast lyrics that hinge on sugary vocals, backed by a jagged wall of sound in the latter half. Truth be told, we’ve heard that sound plenty of times before. But, Wildhoney do add to the mixture, there’s accessible pop-centric melodies combined with lo-fi charm, they’re delivered with a frenetic energy that bowls the listener over. ‘Maybe You’re Crazy’ is a good example of this. It sucks you in with catchy vocals and then hits with a wave of noise.

If a heavy dose of noise pop is your thing, then Wildhoney’s ‘Sleep Through It’ will be right up your street! It’s full throttle most of the way, with a short breath for air during ‘Tea Leaves’ and ‘FSA’, otherwise it doesn’t let up. The standouts ‘Seventeen’, ‘Fall In’, ‘Molly’ and the title track are worth the price of admission alone. Wildhoney aren’t taking themselves too seriously and are producing some really fun noise pop along the way. Download a digital copy here, or head to Deranged/Forward for the vinyl.

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Wildhoney - 'Sleep Through It'
  • Packed with noise pop!
  • Loads of fun
  • Lacks some variety
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