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Flyying Colours – ‘Running Late’ [Video]


British fans can catch Flyying Colours on tour this week with Pinkshinyultrablast! The quartet are set to deliver their new EP ‘Roygbiv’ next week via Club AC30 (UK) / Shelflife Records (USA). Take a peek at the newly released video for ‘Running Late’ below.

Flyying Colours – ‘Running Late’ [Video]

Flyying Colours – UK / EU Tour – May 2015
06 May – CARDIFF – Clwb Ifor Bach with Pinkshinyultrablast
07 May – BIRMINGHAM – The Temple with Pinkshinyultrablast
08 May – NOTTINGHAM – Lofthouse with Pinkshinyultrablast
09 May – LEICESTER – Scholar Bar with Pinkshinyultrablast
11 May – LONDON – Hoxton Bar & Kitchen with Pinkshinyultrablast
13 May – RAMSGATE – Music Hall with Pinkshinyultrablast
15 May – BRIGHTON – The Great Escape Festival – The Hope
22 May – PRAGUE – 007 Venue
23 May – HAMBURG – Molotiv

Visit Flyying Colours @ Club AC30 @ Shelflife Records @ Facebook.

Transmission Break


Sounds Better has been on an unscheduled break for the past week (or two) due to the early arrival of a baby girl. She’s all kinds of awesome! And while all’s well in the land of projectile turds, there’s loads to catch up on. During the break there was also a technical malfunction – the website got too large and was almost removed (due to hosting restrictions). To remedy this, 20,000+ spam comments (along with thousands of legit comments) were removed. This was regrettable, and apologies to those who contributed and got snuffed out!

On a different (and more pressing) note, is the ongoing Earthquake crisis in Nepal. After spending time there in 2013, it’s heartbreaking to hear of their loss. I’ve been in contact with a Nepali friend this week, his family is one of thousands now living in a tent without any basic needs. If you are in a position to help, please donate through the Red Cross (or your chosen charity). Thanks!

Tamaryn – ‘Hands All Over Me’


Tamaryn is back and sounding… totally different! ‘Hands All Over Me’ is the lead single from their forthcoming full length ‘Cranekiss’ (out August 28 via Mexican Summer). The New Zealand native has assembled a new line-up for live shows and is sporting an 80s synth pop sound on the single. It’s caused a stir online. After all, it’s a big departure but apparently it’s not representative of the album. I guess we’ll find out in August, but given the brilliance of ‘The Waves’ and ‘Tender New Signs’, I’m full of faith it’ll be a marvelous record.

Tamaryn – ‘Hands All Over Me’

Visit Tamaryn @ Mexican Summer @ Facebook.

Fever Dream – ‘Moyamoya’


Fever Dream‘s debut LP ‘Moyamoya’ is out now via Club AC30. The London-based act serve up fuzz filled rockers, and frenetic noise pop with a post-punk edge (stream via Beat). The lead singles ‘Serotonin Hit’ and ‘Nightcrawling’ are loads of fun, with bold choruses, poppy vocals and wall of sound distortion. The trio (drummer Cat Loye, bassist Sarah Lippett and guitarist/vocalist Adey Fleet) have been making music together since 2010, releasing an EP in 2012 before writing their full length.

‘Moyamoya’ doesn’t settle for any one genre. Sure it’s a rock record, but it doesn’t attempt to fit in. This is not a purist experience, which is a positive because it doesn’t stick to a formula. There’s shades of noise pop/shoegaze in ‘Sleep TV’ and ‘Serotonin Hit’, a punk rock pace in ‘Flux’ and ‘Watch You Sleep’. But a catchy indie rock feel prevails, such as ‘They Live’, ‘Dance Forever’ and ‘Vapours’. The album sounds like it was written for the stage. ‘Moyamoya’ doesn’t rely on studio trickery or high gloss, it’s a band rockin’ out in a room. Simple, no fuss, rock n’ roll.

The two singles are definite highlights, the remaining album cuts are a little less tightly composed but could be compared to The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart, Yuck or early Crocodiles. In truth, the midsection laboured a little for me before ‘Sleep TV’ swept in. It’s a fantastic rocker with a natural feel, and a killer ending. ‘Flux’ and ‘Vapours’ round out the ten track album with relentless fashion, both songs are strong entries. Fever Dream find their feet on ‘Moyamoya’, and I imagine it will sound amazing on tour. A solid debut effort.

Visit Fever Dream online @ Club AC30 @ Facebook.

Fever Dream - 'Moyamoya'
  • High energy, fun noise pop
  • Diverse collection of styles
  • A solid debut
  • Mid section loses steam
3.7Overall Score
Reader Rating: (11 Votes)

Maria False – ‘Shadows’ [Premiere]


French psych/gazers Maria False will release their debut album ‘When’ on May 4 via A Quick One Records. The foursome wage war on perfect pitch by bending notes to oblivion in ‘Shadows’! A de-tuned, lo-fi rocker with a warped swagger (first public stream below). Having already listened through ‘When’, I can say that Maria False don’t hold back, it’s ambitious, colourful, and as overblown as ever. It’s a big step from their 2013 EP ‘Spots And Lines In A Frame‘, less noise-rock focused and insanely trippy! Maria False is the work of Yann Le Razavet, Bernard Marie Canévet, Matthieu Richard and Yann Canévet (also of Future and Venera 4).

Maria False – ‘Shadows’ [Premiere]

Visit Maria False @ Bandcamp @ Soundcloud @ A Quick One Records @ Facebook.

No Joy – ‘Moon In My Mouth’


No Joy have posted their latest creation, a dreamy slacker pop tune with loads of character called ‘Moon In My Mouth’. There’s a fresh interview that’s waaaay more interesting than my paragraph, so perhaps check that out on Rookie. From the impression of the lead single ‘Everything New‘, (and from the album trailer below), it sounds like No Joy have edged toward poppier/happier songs. Albeit only mildly happier! But either way, they’re not the kind of band that repeats material. I expect that ‘More Faithful’ will be another leap for the Montreal four piece.

No Joy – ‘Moon In My Mouth’

Visit No Joy @ Mexican Summer @ Facebook.