Megawave – ‘NS1’


Ohio newcomers Megawave have posted their debut four track EP featuring ‘NS1′. The four piece have a raw n’ ready sound (influenced by Dinosaur Jr, Ride and Swervedriver). It’s always refreshing to hear music that doesn’t concern itself with perfect pitch or robotic time keeping, instead the EP has loads of loveable rough edges. Plus they’ve got a band name fit for a transformer! Actually… that was Soundwave right? The one with the cassette player chest – off topic! Grab the EP here.

Megawave – ‘NS1’

More Megawave @ Bandcamp.

Stella – ‘Old World’


Here’s an album from late last year that you may have missed – I know I did. It’s the beautifully crafted debut full length from Indiana reverb rockers Stella. ‘Old World’ is just a taste of the diverse record, with touches of shoegaze, indie and drone. The ten track release is available now through Rebore Records.

Stella – ‘Old World’

Visit Stella @ Bandcamp[email protected]Facebook.

Deadpan Interference – ‘I Like the Taste (of Ugly Women)’


Deadpan Interference have delivered a stormy rock monolith by way of their debut EP (out now via Drone Recordings)! This is something for psych and shoegaze fans, as you’ll see from the tune ‘I Like the Taste (of Ugly Women)’. The foursome have only been at it since 2013, grabbing the attention of fans from the underground Danish scene. Understandably so, it’s an accomplished debut!

Deadpan Interference – ‘I Like the Taste (of Ugly Women)’

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Echodrone – ‘Five’


Echodrone have posted a fresh video for ‘Glacial Place’, taken from their latest album ‘Five’ (out now through Saint Marie Records). The San Francisco shoegazers have expanded their sound, adding three new members to the founding duo (of Eugene Suh and Brandon Dudley). The ten track release has been praised by the Big Takeover, DKFM, Louder Than War, Step On Mag and Arctic Drones. ‘Five’ was recorded remotely, with members sharing their parts via Dropbox before landing in the mix engineer’s lap. It’s a monster effort, stream it in full below or grab a copy here.

Echodrone – ‘Glacial Place’

Visit Echodrone online[email protected]Bandcamp[email protected]Facebook.

J. Francis – ‘To Adore’


J. Francis returns with his latest album ‘To Adore‘ this week, his third full length (in as many years). The Brisbane-based solo artist (Julian Pearce) first impressed with 2013’s ‘Almost’ and followed it up last year with ‘Tired’. J. Francis produces the shyest bedroom pop imaginable, with equal parts jangle pop, new wave and dream pop. The title track ‘To Adore’ is one of his most accomplished efforts to date, an introspective gem. But there’s a number of stand outs, like the Cure-esque ‘Hang Up On Me’ and my personal fave, the bleak lament ‘Float, Sway’.

J. Francis – ‘To Adore’ [LP Stream]

Visit J. Francis @ Bandcamp.