Morning Harvey – ‘T.I.D.E.’ [Video]


Brisbane rockers Morning Harvey have been perfecting their brand of stoner, psych n’ gaze since forming in 2011. The five piece are in the midst of an East Coast tour with The Tambourine Girls but have dropped a new video for the single ‘T.I.D.E.’ (download via iTunes). Morning Harvey are tapping into a classic psych sound, turning the heads at Rolling Stone Australia in the process. The hard work is paying off!

Morning Harvey – ‘T.I.D.E.’ [Video]

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A Sunny Day In Glasgow – ‘Shut Your Mouth, It’s Christmas’


Like many of you, Christmas music isn’t my thing, but when it’s A Sunny Day In Glasgow I might make an exception! Geographic North have launched ‘Sketch For Winter’, a tape series that begins with the December 3 release of A Sunny Day in Glasgow’s ‘New Christmas Classics’ (pre-order). ‘Shut Your Mouth, It’s Christmas’ is our first listen. Plus the good folks at Lefse Records have given us a new video for the single ‘Crushin’, taken from the glorious LP ‘Sea When Absent’ (available now). Christmas comes early.

A Sunny Day In Glasgow – ‘Shut Your Mouth, It’s Christmas’ (from ‘New Christmas Classics’)

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The Bulls – ‘Come Unwound’ [Video]


While we wait for The Bulls debut EP to arrive, the L.A. duo have unveiled the slickly produced video for ‘Come Unwound’. Directed by Evan Mathis, the video depicts Kinbaku Model Stacy Lewis, who is placed in some rather uncomfy positions! Kinbaku meaning “the beauty of tight binding” in Japanese. The Bulls are guitarist Marc Sallis (The Duke Spirit) and Anna Bulbrook (Airborne Toxic Event), the ‘Come Unwound’ single is available now via iTunes.

The Bulls – ‘Come Unwound’ [Video]

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Moon Tapes – ‘Back In Love’ (Demo)


Moon Tapes are a new band to put on your musical radar! The Amsterdam four piece have posted a handful of demo songs, the latest being ‘Back In Love’. It’s a beautiful tune with a lo-fi, dream pop feel. The vocals steal the show, with a new wave/crooner charm that sucks you in. Check out more via Soundcloud.

Moon Tapes – ‘Back In Love (Demo)’

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Hideous Towns – ‘Undone’


I’ve been giving Hideous Towns‘ self-titled EP a trashing. You’ve got to hear ‘Undone’! Amazing tune. The Melbourne foursome have been putting in work since delivering their debut single ‘Joy’ at the start of the year. Stream/download the ‘Hideous Towns EP’ here. Oh and, they still win best band bio – “Chris and Ryan are long time pals, nothing sexual, Ashley’s mother was a coworker of Ryan’s so she hooked us up with her little drummer boy, nothing sexual, Alana was recruited from the internet. Nothing sexual”.

Hideous Towns – ‘Undone’

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