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Lowtide – ‘Julia/Spring’


Lowtide return with a new 7inch single (via Lost And Lonesome) and announce a run of Aussie tour dates! The Melbourne-based dream poppers teamed up with production gurus Matthew Hosking (VHS Dream) and Gareth Parton (The Go! Team, Foals) for the recording. ‘Julia’ is a re-working of the Asylum Party’s 1988 original and ‘Spring’ was tracked during sessions for Lowtide’s 2014 LP. It’s one of Lowtide’s more positive sounding songs, and an absolute gem. Hit up Facebook for August tour dates.

Lowtide – ‘Julia/Spring’

Visit Lowtide @ Bandcamp @ Facebook.

Them Are Us Too – ‘Remain’


Whirr think you should be listening to Them Are Us Too, and they’ve got a point. The 21-year-old duo (guitarist Cash Askew and singer Kennedy Wenning) hail from California, and released their debut album ‘Remain’ in April (which may have flown under radars, but should be in the spotlight). It’s a near flawless debut, taking influence from 80s synth pop/goth (Depeche Mode, New Order), along with 4AD-era dream pop. Noisey have already made comparisons between Kennedy’s vocals and Elisabeth Fraser’s voice (Cocteau Twins), which is high praise given she’s the queen of ethereal vocals. The lead songs ‘Us Now’ and ‘Eudaemonia’ impress. But for me, the album highlight is ‘The Problem With Redheads’ (which can be streamed over at Spotify). Better still, pick up the vinyl through Dais Records, you’ll be glad you did.

Them Are Us Too – ‘Us Now’

Visit Them Are Us Too @ Dais Records @ Facebook.

Trementina – ‘Almost Reach The Sun’


Trementina have returned from their Japanese tour with Astrobrite for the digital release of their debut album ‘Almost Reach The Sun‘ (physical copies will be available later this year via Vinyl Junkie (Japan) / BYM Records (Chile). Whilst it’s not an entirely new offering (there’s a number of cuts from the ‘Brilliant Noise’ EP on there), it’s still one of the more exciting noise pop/shoegaze releases of 2015 so far. The lead single ‘Kisses In Your Eyes’ made sure of that! So does the closer ‘I Know You Well’. Jump into the stream below…

Trementina – ‘I Know You Well’

Visit Trementina @ Bandcamp @ Facebook.

Peluché – ‘The Guy With The Gammy Eye’


‘The Guy With The Gammy Eye’ is a very interesting new tune by Peluché, an upcoming UK trio. It blends psych and dream pop into something entirely unique, and that voice. Wow! Peluché may still be finding their feet stylistically, with earlier singles sounding rather different. Experimentalism runs rife, and with results like this, why not!? ‘The Guy With The Gammy Eye’ will be available on limited 7inch via Speedy Wunderground. The South London label records everything in a single day, and mixes the next. The philosophy being that it prevents “over-cooking and faff”. Mission accomplished, amazing work.

Peluché – ‘The Guy With The Gammy Eye’

Visit Peluché @ Speedy Wunderground @ Facebook.

Wind Along The Coast feat. Anastasia Okrugova – ‘Runaway’


Since forming in 2013 Russia’s Wind Along The Coast have delivered a debut self-titled EP and toured their homeland with the much-loved Aerofall. This month the quartet posted a new double a-side single ‘Inside Your Mind/Runaway‘. The latter features guest vocalist Anastasia Okrugova and an extended intro that builds into a solid tune (with loads of tremolo abuse)! Which is always encouraged, obviously.

Wind Along The Coast feat. Anastasia Okrugova – ‘Runaway’

Visit Wind Along The Coast @ Bandcamp @ Facebook.

Helen – ‘Motorcycle’


Liz Harris (of Grouper) unveiled a new single last week with her side project Helen. It’s only short, but ‘Motorcycle’ points to an exciting debut album, one filled with copious reverb n’ fuzz! The Portland-based band, who originally planned to play thrash metal, will release the record ‘The Original Faces’ on September 4 (via Kranky).

Helen – ‘Motorcycle’

Visit Helen @ Kranky.