Brief Candles – ‘Olympic Sleeper’


Gotta love the intro to Brief Candles latest video ‘Olympic Sleeper’. The Milwaukee-based band performed the song with LED bracelets and LED lights on their fingers, which were layered to create a painting of the music. Pretty cool huh? This tune is the opener from their 2013 EP ‘Newhouse‘. Catch Brief Candles on tour stateside with Dead Leaf Echo and Lightfoils this week – see dates at Bandcamp.

Brief Candles – ‘Olympic Sleeper’ [VIDEO]

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Onwe – ‘Unpaid Internship (Trust-fund Blues)’


Introducing Onwe (pronounced “ennui”), the work of Brooklyn’s David Welles. ‘Unpaid Internship (Trust-fund Blues)‘ is an impressive reverb-soaked jangle pop track, the b-side from the new digital release ‘jk bb‘ (free download). David’s clearly got a healthy sense of humour, he recently “transitioned from male model to recording artist in 2014 when he moved into a Bushwick, Brooklyn loft. Inspired by his artist community’s most prominent social movement, apathy.” P.s. sorry not re-blogged on Tumblr.

Onwe – ‘Unpaid Intership (Trust-fund Blues)’

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Hunck – ‘Toy Trucks’


Indulge in this slacker rock tune and ease yourself into the working week! ‘Toy Trucks‘ is the first original single from Hunck and follows last month’s cover of ‘In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning‘. The London-based duo features Frederik Tyson-Brown (of MT) and Thomas Wykes who’s had his fingers in many pies! Said pies include the History Of Apple Pie side project Parakeet as well as Jonathan Boulet. No word on an official release as yet, it’s early days.

Hunck – ‘Toy Trucks’

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Lorelle Meets The Obsolete – ‘Chambers’


Continuing a big week for album releases is the fresh LP ‘Chambers’ by Lorelle Meets The Obsolete (available through Sonic Cathedral UK and Captcha Records USA). The Mexican duo (Lorena Quintanilla and Alberto González) kicked off their tour last week, leaving us to lap up their third long player. It follows the singles ‘What’s Holding You?‘ and ‘Music For Dozens‘ with eight more psych wonders to discover. ‘Chambers’ was recorded with the help of Cooper Crain (from Chicago drone legends Cave) and mastered by Sonic Boom (of Spacemen 3). Surprisingly, whilst the album maintains the garage charm of its predecessors ‘On Welfare’ and ‘Corruptible Faces’, it’s less noisy overall. By degrees of course, there’s still no lack of LSD dripping guitar haze, it’s just more focused. ‘Sealed Scene’ for instance, is a colourful mix of surf rock madness mixed with LMTO’s trademark psych powers! Meanwhile ‘I Can’t Feel The Outside’ has an almost British swagger to it, with playful melodies interchanged between the husband and wife team. ‘Chambers’ sounds consistently vintage, like the beautifully sedate ‘Dead Leaves’ that could be mistaken for a 70s rocker. Lorelle Meets The Obsolete have produced a large amount of music in the past few years, I’m not sure how they manage to maintain the high quality without becoming watered down. And yet here we are again – recommended.

Lorelle Meets The Obsolete – ‘Chambers’ [Album Stream]

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Lorelle Meets The Obsolete - 'Chambers'
3.9Overall Score
Reader Rating: (6 Votes)

Roku Music – ‘Collider’


Roku Music began as a home recording project last year, the musical baby of Innez Tulloch (Tiny Spiders/Pastel Blaze) and Donovan Miller (Butcher Birds/No Anchor). The pair have since grown into a four piece with the addition of bassist Jody Gleeson (The Madisons) and drummer Tom Roche (Rational Academy/O). Together Roku Music have developed a strong live show that’s about to hit the road for a national tour. The Brisbane-based band are out to promote their debut album ‘Collider‘ (available now via Sonic Masala). The title track immediately impressed when it was unveiled in January, followed by the equally awesome single ‘Reflector‘. But what about the rest? First off it’s obvious these guys have some weapons; big guitar sounds, beautiful guy/girl vocals, solid production and some synths for contrast. This works brilliantly for the aforementioned singles and album stand outs ‘Ended’ and ‘Come Untrue’. However some of the melodies aren’t bold enough to poke through the wall of sound, like the epic ‘No One Else’. Of course the distant vocal performances have been intentionally buried in the mix, but even so not all clarity is an evil. That aside, ‘Collider’ is still one of the most exciting shoegaze records of the year so far and another must listen for fans of the genre. It marks the beginning of Sonic Masala Records and it’s an introduction that will be remembered by fans of fuzzy rock.

Roku Music – ‘Collider’ [Album Stream]

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Roku Music - 'Collider'
3.7Overall Score
Reader Rating: (4 Votes)

Nothing – ‘Guilty Of Everything’


Nothing have expectations high this week as fans welcome the arrival of their debut record ‘Guilty Of Everything’ (via Relapse). Despite being a debut, the four piece have already enjoyed a fair share of praise over the past few months, Noisey recently labelled them ‘Philly’s best shoegaze band’. However many articles are quick to draw comparisons between the band’s loud guitar music and its 90s heyday, relevant or not. In this case, ‘Guilty Of Everything’ has just as much in common with punk and hardcore as it does shoegaze, possibly more. The defining characteristic being Dominic Palermo’s light and floaty vocals, restrained and reflective. Nothing do fall into a formula with broody verses followed by wall of sound choruses, as in the title track ‘Guilty Of Everything’ and ‘Endlessly‘. However the latter is still one of the stand out tracks, together with the singles ‘Bent Nail‘ and ‘Dig‘.

Nothing - ‘Somersault’

There’s no excess window dressing or bells n’ whistles to make the album sound slick, but the songwriting doesn’t call for it. In fact, the analogue gear used in the recording make the top heavy distorted moments sound fantastic. Ambient “deep breaths” are short lived and there’s plenty of pedal to the floor chaos like ‘Get Well’ and ‘B And E’. Though I do wonder what Nothing would sound like with more emphasis on the spaced-out, quiet moments, perhaps that’ll be album number two. Perhaps not. Either way, ‘Guilty Of Everything’ is a solid record, well worth a listen for ambient rock fans. Given how much they’ve grown since their 2012 EP ‘Downward Years To Come’, I’d say the best is actually yet to come and that’s an exciting prospect.


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Nothing - 'Guilty Of Everything'
3.9Overall Score
Reader Rating: (6 Votes)