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Burning House – ‘If You Won’t’


Southampton rockers Burning House have shared their latest single ‘If You Won’t’. The foursome have been at it since 2011, and are readying their forthcoming album ‘Anthropocene’, inspired by the likes of Red House Painters, Smashing Pumpkins, MBV and Guided by Voices. Jump into ‘If You Won’t’, as heard on Steve Lamacq’s BBC6 show.

Burning House – ‘If You Won’t’

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Crescendo Feat. Frankie Soto Of Surf Club – ‘Pressure’ [Premiere]


To celebrate the impending release of Crescendo‘s sophomore album ‘Unless’ (out February 19) we’re sharing the first public stream of the album cut ‘Pressure’! It’s an exciting collaboration with Frankie Soto (of Surf Club / formerly Craft Spells) that crosses genre lines with dream pop, jangle and shoegaze. The Los Angles trio knows how to marry noisy edges and accessible melodies, giving their gritty sound just the right amount of sugar! Case in point, the lead single ‘Repulsor’ that was featured on our 2015 “best of” comp. No doubt the dreamgazers will reach a much bigger audience this time round with support from The Line Of Best Fit, Consequence Of Sound and The Deli Mag. It’s only been a few years since Crescendo’s debut ‘Lost Thoughts’ but they’ve grown creatively and stretch their sound on ‘Unless’.

Crescendo Feat. Frankie Soto Of Surf Club – ‘Pressure’ [Premiere]

Gregory (guitarist / singer) explains, “Pressure was one of the last songs on the album to be tracked and produced. It was apparent that we all felt it (Olive, Jess, John Kunkel; Producer / The New Division), and I were feeling the universe tugging to complete the record. At that point we decided to take the energy from the pressure… and transform it into creative power. As an artist your mind will play tricks on you and say, “everyone is counting on you to write the record of the year for your genre, so you better deliver.” … we knew better, and we settled on being ourselves. You can witness our attempt in the songwriting, mix, instrumentation, and the lyrics… It was an absolute pleasure working with Frankie of Surf Club, as he is not only our friend but also has an incredible live set and releases…” Preorder Crescendo‘s ‘Unless’ on vinyl, CD or digital via We Were Never Being Boring!

Crescendo – ‘Repulsor’

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Kigo – ‘How (Can I See)’


It seems like an age since Kigo graced us with one of his bendy, distorted monsters! This week the Brisbane native returned with ‘How (Can I See)’, backed by ‘Come, Come To Me’. These droney indulgences are not for the faint of heart! The single will likely land on the next EP (hopefully by mid year). *fingers crossed*

Kigo – ‘How (Can I See)’

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Tiny Fireflies – ‘Melody (The Bilinda Butchers Remix)’


The Bilinda Butchers have crafted a spacey remix of the Tiny Fireflies ‘Melody’ from their latest record ‘The Space Between’ (via The Nerdist). The extended rework gives it the Bilinda Butchers dreamy touch, to be featured on the Japanese release (through Art Union). You can read Michal’s thoughts on the track right here.

Tiny Fireflies – ‘Melody (The Bilinda Butchers Remix)’

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DIIV – ‘Is The Is Are’


Captured Tracks delivered ‘Is The Is Are’ this week, the long-awaited second album by DIIV. So far the press has praised the record, but there’s also plenty of fans calling it “samey” and “bland” on Reddit. It was always going to be tough following up their amazing debut ‘Oshin’, so you best just decide for yourself! ‘Is The Is Are’ covers more ground but loses some subtlety and invention in the process. Nevertheless, it’s recommended listening.

DIIV – ‘Is The Is Are’ (Selected Cuts)

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