The Death Of Pop – ‘Fifths’

the death of pop-fifths-artwork

This week The Death of Pop release their jangly five track collection ‘Fifths’ on the heels of the lead singles ‘Whenever‘ and ‘Mirage‘ (which are bound to wear out some grooves). The London team (three brothers and two cousins) make music that has a lush, textured quality. Building gazey walls of summery, brightly compressed guitars and dreamy, echoing vocals – a family of psych-loving songwriters!

The opening half highlights the best of the band – booming and brilliant, with layers of jangling guitars dancing between infectiously twangy bridges. The vocals are clear and lovely throughout the tracks, somehow distinctly English, at times reminding me of The Stone Roses given a heavy ‘chorus’ treatment. The tracks are tight and fresh, bound to hook listeners in by the time ‘Mirage’ hits. It melts energetically into a droning psychedelic sea that breaks with the delightfully bare acoustic opening of the lovable ‘Key of Three.’ It’s a sweet change of pace that hints at the groups vocal and tune writing talents.

There’s a bit of a timeless quality to The Death of Pop’s fabulous new EP. There’s also a disparate nature to the collection, as if the band set out in a jangle time-machine. The jumpy transition during ‘Key of Three’, for example, is jarring enough to make one speculate which of the brothers (or was it a cousin?) switched reels while making the master. It’s fun, as is the chill, synth-laden closer ‘Circles’ but it’ll throw some listeners for a loop. It’s imaginative and daring, if uneven. There’s a lot to love in each song, and when Death of Pop hits their stride, they make waves. [By Dave Lytton]

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Medicine – ‘Turning’


Veteran rockers Medicine will release their new album ‘Home Everywhere’ on October 28 through Captured Tracks. The San Fernando trio have posted the lead single ‘Turning’, an experimental psych pop piece. Following the release of Medicine’s reunion album ‘To The Happy Few’ last year, the group continued recording. The result is nine fresh tracks, part Brazilian-inspired noise pop and part experimental drones! Guitarist Brad Laner tells Exclaim! about the title track, an “11-and-a-half-minute, multi-part album-within-an-album which begins as a sprightly celebration of domestic bliss and ends with a comely invitation to leave the planet.”

Medicine – ‘Turning’

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A Sunny Day in Glasgow – ‘Almost Like Emotion (The Drop)’

a sunny day in glasgow-no death-artwork

A Sunny Day In Glasgow have released a new EP called ‘No Death’ featuring remixes and two new songs including ‘Almost Like Emotion (The Drop)’. The limited edition (hand stamped) EP is available to fans that purchase their newly released full length ‘Sea When Absent‘. But here’s the rub, it’s only available in UK stores (more info here). The rest of us are left to, well, eat a bag! Good news is, there’s an online stream of this fresh ditty…

A Sunny Day in Glasgow – ‘Almost Like Emotion (The Drop)’

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