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Twin Oaks – ‘Living Rooms’ EP

Twin Oaks‘ fans can soak up four fresh songs on the ‘Living Rooms‘ EP. The Los Angeles duo (Aaron Domingo and Lauren Brown) have crafted an intimate set of dream pop meets folk songs, recorded live during several DIY sessions. ‘Living Rooms’ is ideal for late night listens (a la Widowspeak, Black Ryder or Mazzy Star). Red wine optional!

Twin Oaks – ‘Living Rooms’ [EP Stream]

Visit Twin Oaks @ Bandcamp @ Facebook.

The Voices – ‘Dark Waters’

Welsh veterans The Voices released a new album on new year’s eve that was eight years in the making. ‘Dark Waters’ has already been supported by the BBC, Kool Strings and DKFM. Lovers of space/alt rock should find something to enjoy here, with plenty of moody rockers on offer. Stream below or pick up the physical release at Bandcamp.

The Voices – ‘Dark Waters’ [album stream]

Visit The Voices @ Bandcamp @ Facebook.

Plant Cell – ‘Cyan’ EP

Asian noise pop collective Plant Cell have posted their latest EP ‘Cyan‘. The Japanese and Chinese six piece have several releases to their credit, despite only forming in 2015. Plant Cell blend sugary twee rockers with guy/girl vocals and a wall of guitars. Check out the video for the title track below…

Plant Cell – ‘Cyan’ [EP Stream]

Visit Plant Cell @ Bandcamp @ Web @ Facebook.

Syrup, Go On – ‘Joyful Hesitation’

Introducing Syrup, Go On and their fresh EP ‘Joyful Hesitation’ (available now)! The Gold Coast band deliver a mix of melodic noise pop, shoegaze and angular post-punk. Syrup, Go On have actually been at it for several years now (formerly known as Young Pros) and hail from the same state that is responsible for Deafcult, Kigo, Roku Music, Nite Fields and Forevr. Syrup, Go On started as duo (featuring Tom and Kris Briese) before fluctuating into a five piece. ‘Joyful Hesitation’ is an explosion of bright melodies against a wall of noise. Opener ‘Mantaray’ is instantly catchy, the title track is an impressive slow burner, whereas the final two tracks mix in male vocals. ‘Waco’ (which runs at 6 minutes) is less pop-focussed, and demonstrates a more progressive spirit which is appreciated after the short and sharp start to the EP. It’s an exciting listen, jump in!

Syrup, Go On – ‘Joyful Hesitation’ [EP Stream]

Visit Syrup, Go On @ Bandcamp @ Facebook.

Your Friends Polymers – ‘V Chuzhoi Strane’

Russian shoegazers Your Friends Polymers released their new EP ‘v chuzhoi strane’ a couple weeks back with the opener ‘Bees’. The band formed in 2013 as a duo before expanding into a four piece for their 2015 debut EP ‘Chudesa’. Their latest is an eclectic collection of unpredictable tunes, with dynamic textures and progressive melodies. It’s an impressive effort for a group that has only been playing together for a few years. Stream in full below…

Your Friends Polymers – ‘V Chuzhoi Strane’

Visit Your Friends Polymers @ Bandcamp @ Facebook.

Indoor Voices – ‘Always The Same’

Here’s a peaceful way to kick off 2018, some uber-chilled ambient dream pop from Indoor Voices! It’s only a demo, but it is Indoor Voices (a long-term fave). The Canadian recording project is helmed by Jonathan Relph, who always delivers something surreal and special. The repeating synth arpeggio in ‘Always The Same’ is a nice contrast to the washed out sounds of the track. It’s is a hypnotic listen in which I quietly contemplated lowering my expectations for the new year *grin*. Meanwhile, I’m hoping Indoor Voices returns with a new album before long.

Indoor Voices – ‘Always The Same’

Visit Indoor Voices @ Bandcamp @ Facebook.