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Candy Cigarettes – ‘Selling Price’


‘Selling Price’ has an immediately likeable psych rockin’ swagger to it, with a vintage sound and some Beatles-esque vocal harmonies to boot! It’s the work of Portland’s Lane Mueller, who just released his self-titled debut album this month. Candy Cigarettes has a mix of feels on offer, it’s a great listen and available for download here.

Candy Cigarettes – ‘Selling Price’

Visit Candy Cigarettes @ Bandcamp @ Facebook.

Dead Leaf Echo / The Harrow Split Single


New Yorkers Dead Leaf Echo and The Harrow have teamed up for a split single, out May 13 on Moon Sounds Records! ‘’ is the a-side from Dead Leaf Echo, their latest swooning dream pop creation. Whereas The Harrow’s ‘Dirty Minds’ is a dark post-punk tune with an 80s feel, both lathered in reverb! Unfortunately the short-run vinyl is already sold out but digital is available here.

Dead Leaf Echo/The Harrow Split Single

Pick up the split single from Moon Sounds Records.

Moon Loves Honey – ‘Balloon’ [Video Premiere]


Moon Loves Honey delivered their impressive six-track debut ‘Apart’ earlier this year on Tapetown Records. It’s picked up airplay in the USA and in Europe, with praise from Drowned In Sound, Step On Magazine and Sound Of Aarhus. This week the Danish dreamgazers share the first look at the ‘Balloon’ video. Unlike traditional clips, this one is like moving wallpaper with kaleidoscopic visuals that are built to hypnotize. I recommend jumping into the ‘Apart’ stream below if you haven’t yet – for fans of Dråpe, Panda Panda or Snøskred.

Moon Loves Honey – ‘Balloon’ [Video Premiere]

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Nothing – ‘Tired Of Tomorrow’


Just in case you needed a reminder – Nothing’s new album ‘Tired Of Tomorrow’ is out this week via Relapse Records (May 13)! The whole thing can be streamed now via NPR. The Philly rock act has also posted a bunch of updates to their documentary series (as below). In fact, I think it’s fair to say that the promo machine is in overdrive with an online Nothing meme creator, Nothing Emojis, plus 15 tattoo shops are offering Nothing-themed tats on release day! I’m planning on having the “N” logo tattooed on my child’s forehead to mark the occasion. *grins* But seriously, the album stream is sounding solid. They’ve balanced the hard hitters with dreamy laid-back tracks that give the record much needed depth. Now judge for yourself…

Nothing – ‘Tired Of Tomorrow’

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Mumrunner – ‘Shawshank’ [Premiere]


Mumrunner are back with ‘Shawshank’! It’s a pleasure to present the first public stream of the single, lifted from their forthcoming EP (coming soon from Soliti). The Finnish reverb rockers impressed with last year’s ‘Full Blossom’ EP. It featured ‘Bond’ which was praised by radio and the blogosphere, it lead to the German and Japanese release of the EP and an extensive European tour last fall.

Mumrunner – ‘Shawshank’ [Premiere]

Mumrunner explain the new single; “The soundscape of Shawshank is scaled down slightly and distortion is used more sparingly than before. The song is strongly melodic and there’s a lot of interaction between guitars. Shawshank tells a tragic tale of the way people squander their lives. Everything there is to say has been said and sung at quite an early stage, and after an oppressive standstill, the song increases instrumentally bit by bit towards its massive ending.”

‘Shawshank’ is available from May 9 from all digital outlets.

Visit Mumrunner @ Soliti @ Bandcamp @ Facebook.

Miniatures – ‘Honey’


Miniatures have posted another track from their forthcoming debut album ‘Jessamines’. ‘Honey’ is a melodic shoegazer with feel good vibes! The opening reminded me a little of Smashing Pumpkins’ ‘Today’ before the vocals kicked in – and wow, brilliant vocals! The Melbourne-based quartet (by way of Christchurch) unveiled the first single ‘What You Want’ back in March, an equally impressive track. The album was originally expected this month, so the wait can’t be much longer.

Miniatures – ‘Honey’

Visit Miniatures @ Bandcamp @ Facebook.