Conheartist – ‘Rainbow Bridge’


If you can’t decide whether you prefer experimental, post rock or shoegaze, perhaps Conheartist is your answer! The Californian duo are set to release a diverse EP called ‘Surrounded By Drones’ on Sun Terrace Records (pre-order). Stream the rest right here!

Conheartist – ‘Rainbow Bridge’

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Static Daydream – ‘Control’


Static Daydream is the work of Paul Baker, a former member of Ceremony (with John Fedowitz) until his departure in late 2012. The project also features the vocals of Paul’s partner Jamie Casey. Over the past month Static Daydream has posted some ear ripping tunes on Bandcamp and Soundcloud. Case in point – this huge track called ‘Control’ (download).

Static Daydream – ‘Control’

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Roku Music – ‘Collider’


Exciting news from the Sonic Masala camp, the Australian blog has launched their own label, kicking it off with a brilliant single from Roku Music (free download). The Brisbane based shoegazers will release their new LP ‘Collider’ (with this title track) on March 3 via Sonic Masala Records. The foursome formed last year, releasing the ‘Primitive‘ EP (with covers of MBV and Slowdive). Stand by for local tour dates planned for March / April.

Roku Music – ‘Collider’

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Alcest – ‘Shelter’


French post rockers Alcest have well and truly left their metal days behind them with the release of their fourth album ‘Shelter‘ this week. Their abrasive past has made way for a gorgeous sounding album, full of swelling instrumentation and shimmering edges. Having Sigur Ros producer Birgir Jón Birgisson in tow must’ve made the journey to dizzying euphoria a little easier. Album cut ‘Away’ features guest vocalist Neil Halstead (of Slowdive / Black Hearted Brother). Another fine reason to jump straight into this LP!

Alcest Feat. Neil Halstead – ‘Away’

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Alcest - 'Shelter'
3.7Overall Score
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Wavr – ‘Wilt’


‘Melt My Brain’ is the epic opener from Wavr‘s latest EP ‘Wilt‘ (available now). The Dallas shoegaze outfit sound like they’re playing in the next room but still manage to have an immediate impact on your eardrums. Stream the rest of the four track release at Bandcamp.

Wavr – ‘Melt My Brain’

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Mogwai – ‘Rave Tapes’


Its album number eight for Mogwai! ‘Rave Tapes’ hits February 20 via Rock Action, recorded in the awesomely named ‘Castle Of Doom‘ studios in Glasgow. The Scottish post rockers built both the label and studio, I suppose that’s the prize for surviving almost twenty years in the business. Their latest ten track creation will appeal to long standing fans, they haven’t lost any edge (or gone “soft”). Lead track ‘Remurdered‘ raised eyebrows last year due to its synths but really, this album is about guys rocking out in a room together. And once again, they’ve created an album that’s familiar but fresh.

Mogwai – ‘Hexon Bogon’

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Mogwai - 'Rave Tapes'
3.6Overall Score
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Warpaint – ‘Warpaint’


Los Angeles quartet Warpaint delivered their second self-titled LP in Australia today (the rest of the world on January 20 via Rough Trade). A lot will be said of this release, it’ll be essential listening for many. Since releasing their debut album ‘Fool’ in 2010 Warpaint have opted against a quick release follow up, instead allowing time to craft an incredible collection of tunes. Its aided by production veteran Flood (Sigur Ros, Nick Cave, Curve, JMC) and Nigel Godrich (Atoms For Peace, Radiohead) behind the mixing desk. The result does sound like a melding of British and American creative muscle, that’s intricate and well polished. Its smart song writing with inventive song structures that avoid sameness. There’s very little not to love, 2014 starts strong.

Warpaint – ‘Feeling Alright’

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Warpaint - 'Warpaint'
3.8Overall Score
Reader Rating: (5 Votes)

Dead Sea – ‘Before We Die’


More brilliant music from Paris! Dead Sea are a French shoegaze/psych pop outfit with an amazing debut single called ‘Before We Die‘. It’s already been earmarked for a forthcoming compilation through Beef Wellington Records. The swooning vocal performance is enough to leave Hope Sandoval weak at the knees!

Dead Sea – ‘Before We Die’

Visit Dead Sea @ Soundcloud @ We Are Dead Sea.

Death Of Lovers – ‘Buried Under A World Of Roses’


Nick Bassett of Whirr (formerly Deafheaven) and Domenic Palermo (Nothing) formed a new side project called Death Of Lovers whilst touring together last year. The debut single ‘Buried Under A World Of Roses’ was posted last October and today the band formerly announced the arrival of an EP via Death Wish Inc. It’s a mix of post punk, coldwave and fuzz pedals that’s unashamedly dark. Time to break out the black nail polish!

Death Of Lovers – ‘Buried Under A World Of Roses’

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