Ceremony’s ‘Distance’ Now On Limited Vinyl


Ceremony‘s much loved album ‘Distance’ (released back in 2013 by Moon Sounds) has been given the vinyl treatment – better late than never! Already at cult status among noise rock fans, the album marked Ceremony’s transition to being the solo project of John Fedowitz. Regular readers know all about it, but for those that don’t, John was a former member of Skywave, A Virginia rock trio with Oliver Ackermann (A Place To Bury Strangers) and Paul Baker (Static Daydream). The lo-fi chaos of ‘Distance’ sounds just as great as you can imagine on wax! Ceremony’s ‘Distance’ is available now on limited blue vinyl through Blue Aurora Audio.

Ceremony – ‘Distance’ [Album Stream]

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Nite Fields – ‘Depersonalisation’


Nite Fields debut full length ‘Depersonalisation’ is officially released today via felte. The Aussie quartet craft their sound from a combination of experimental post punk, shoegaze and art rock. Sounds a little highbrow right? Not quite, it’s an accessible LP for the most part, but it is unflinchingly dark.  The album arrives following the lead tracks ‘You I Never Knew’ and ‘Winter’s Gone’, with support from The Guardian, Clash, Stereogum, Indie Shuffle, FACT and The 405. After four years in the making, it’s fair to say that it’s a much anticipated release.

Originally from Brisbane, Nite Fields are now split between Sydney and their hometown. As a result, ‘Depersonalisation’ was recorded all over the place, including “garages, bedrooms, borrowed studios, stairwells and a restaurant dining room after hours”. Surprisingly, it still sounds like it was recorded in one space, the band have done a great job with the DIY recording. Not to forget the post production talents of mixer Nigel Lee-Yang (HTRK) and mastering engineer Greg Wadley. The lo-fi grit suits the songwriting, and the electronic parts never poke out from the mix to distract you.

‘Depersonalisation’ is desperately bleak, but beautiful. The deep vocals are delivered with a crooner smoothness that draws the listener into the songs. I suppose that’s what strong singers do *tips hat to Leonard Cohen*. There’s also a distinctly Australian sound to it, like Steve Kilbey fronting The Church in the late 80s. Or perhaps The Go-Betweens or The Triffids? In fact, ‘Depersonalisation’ sounds like an album from another era. If it were released in 1988 would it be a cult classic by now? Quite possibly. I hope listeners will appreciate it as much as I do. Other than the singles, the stand outs ‘Prescription’, ‘Come Down’ and ‘Hell/Happy’ (comparable to The Cure during the ‘Faith’ / ‘Pornography’ era) will take you back for repeated listens.

Nite Fields – ‘Depersonalisation’ [Album Stream]

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Nite Fields - 'Depersonalisation'
  • Beautiful songs
  • Classic sounds re-invented
  • Amazing atmospheric moments
  • Will be too depressing for some
  • There can always be more reverb!
4.0Overall Score
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Leave The Planet – ‘Winter Sleep’


New Yorkers are in for a treat this week, Beliefs, Wildhoney, Dead Leaf Echo and Leave The Planet are playing the Cake Shop on Wednesday. This is the first stateside tour for Leave The Planet and kicks off on the back of their ‘Winter Sleep’ single (available February 3 thanks to Kanine Records). The London-based duo (Nathalia Bruno and Jack Milwaukee) have also posted a new video, which follows last year’s single ‘Coasts’. Both songs point to an exciting debut full length, a must for lovers of shoegaze and dream pop.

Leave The Planet – ‘Winter Sleep’ [Video]

Leave The Planet – Upcoming US Show Dates:

Wednesday Feb. 4 (Cake Shop)
Thursday Feb. 5 (Shea Stadium)
Saturday Feb. 7 (The Crown in Baltimore)
Wednesday Feb. 11 (Pianos)
Thursday Feb. 12 (Philadelphia at Bourbon and Branch)
Saturday Feb. 14 (Brooklyn Nite Bazaar)
Monday Feb. 16 (Palisades)

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Blind Mr. Jones – ‘Tatooine’


Saint Marie Records is celebrating the 20th Anniversary release of Blind Mr. Jones‘ classic album ‘Tatooine’ (on CD and Vinyl). This is the first time the album has been available on wax, now fully remastered with sexy artwork! The British shoegazers drew comparisons to Ride and Slowdive at the time, one of their defining features was the inclusion of a flutist. As Last fm puts it, they were “jokingly referred to as the Jethro Tull of shoegazing for their frequent use of flute”. Jump into the full LP stream below and hit up Saint Marie for a copy!

Blind Mr. Jones – ‘Tatooine’ (20th Anniversary Edition Stream)

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Oeil – ‘Myrtle’


Chances are you’ve heard ‘Myrtle’, the title track from Oeil‘s latest EP (out now via Hands And Moment), but you may not have heard the whole stream which was recently posted on Youtube (thanks to Japanese Shoegaze). The Tokyo-based trio formed in 2007 and released their debut EP ‘Urban Twilight’ followed by the singles ‘Half Dreaming’, ‘After The Rain’ and ‘Scent’. The band’s MBV influence is obvious, they nail that classic sound on opener ‘Blurred Lights’ and ‘Memories Of The Past’ however the remaining songs are a complete contrast, with a jangle pop/twee feel. Judge for yourself, the EP stream is below…

Oeil – ‘Myrtle’ [EP Stream]

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