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Wood Lake – ‘Hollow’


Wood Lake has dished up the first single from their new album, the relentless reverb rocker ‘Hollow’. The anthem leads an eclectic selection of tunes from the Ontario trio. Punk, shoegaze and metal collide on their forthcoming full length ‘Hell’ (out April 22).

Wood Lake – ‘Hollow’

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Omega Vague – ‘From The Outside’


Omega Vague returns with ‘From The Outside’ a huge tune from his forthcoming new album ‘Obsolescent’ (out this summer). It’s the work of solo artist Craig Douglas, and in my opinion, this is head and shoulders above his previous work. ‘From The Outside’ is a swooning monster with loads of atmosphere, more here.

Omega Vague – ‘From The Outside’

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Lacing – ‘Honey Glow’


Introducing Tennessee’s Lacing, and their debut EP ‘Honey Glow’ which features four crushing shoegaze / post-hardcore tunes. The four piece have started playing shows in their native Chattanooga, already opening for Kim Deal (of the Breeders / Pixies fame). Pick up ‘Honey Glow’ on digital or limited cassette here.

Lacing – ‘Honey Glow’

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Time for a catch up…

minor victories-film-one

It’s been a couple weeks since the last update so a catch up is in order – here’s a bumper post! First up, some fresh music videos. Minor Victories (featuring Slowdive’s Rachel Goswell) has delivered ‘Folk Arp’ from their forthcoming debut (out this June). Nothing dropped their Nirvana-esque alt rocker ‘Eaten By Worms’, taken from ‘Tired Of Tomorrow’ (out next month). Explosions In The Sky has released ‘The Wilderness’, one of their best works and their first non-soundtrack record in five years! L.A.’s Autolux have unleashed their third album ‘Pussy’s Dead’ with the experimental lead single ‘Brainwasher’. Bloody Knives new album ‘I Will Cut Your Heart Out For This’ is sounding deadly! Take a look at ‘Reflection Lies’ ahead of the album release on April 15. Fans of fuzzy psych rock should check out The Orange Kyte’s ‘Which Vivian?’, it’s out now.

Germany’s Hazy Mountains is back with a new electronic shoegaze album called ‘Small Hours’. It a big progression for the soloist (Julian Prott), I’m loving the album cut ‘Silver Screen’ with its overblown mid section.

A handful of really impressive bedroom pop songs deserve attention, Fog Lake’s ‘Rattlesnake’ is brilliant, it’s lifted from an LP (coming this fall). Plus Daniel Longmore aka Sunface has posted a pair of lo-fi charmers that are also worth your minutes.

More soon @ Sounds Better With Reverb.

Leave The Planet – ‘Nowhere’ [EP Premiere]


Nathalie Bruno and Jack Milwaukee formed Leave The Planet with a shared love of Slowdive, Felt and early Sarah Records acts. The East Londoners named themselves after a Galaxie 500 song and went on to release an impressive demo (selected by Fat Records), and several singles through Kanine Records. ‘Nowhere’ marks their first EP and features some stunning songs recorded over the past few years. The pair don’t overstate themselves, it’s a gentle and progressive EP that’s delivered with confidence. The combination of classic synths, drum machine and plenty of washed-out guitars makes for a late 80s synth pop sound, most evident on ‘Sirius B’ and ‘White Astra’, while ‘Surrender’ mixes it up with a new wave/jangle pop sound. ‘Seashore’ stretches their abilities again, proving that Leave The Planet are capable of carrying themselves into less structured territory, this (almost six minute song) is perhaps the hidden highlight. ‘Nowhere’ is one of the finest dream pop debuts I’ve heard in a while, highly recommended listening! Pick it up via Weiner Records from March 28 (pre-order).

Leave The Planet – ‘Nowhere’ [EP Premiere]

Visit Leave The Planet @ Bandcamp @ Facebook.