93MillionMilesFromTheSun – ‘Fall Into Nothing’


93MillionMilesFromTheSun have dropped their new album ‘Fall Into Nothing’! It arrives on the back of February’s ‘Watch Her Fall’ EP and features fifteen epics tunes (including interludes). The Doncaster trio have always enjoyed pushing the sonic boundaries, blurring the line between noise rock, shoegaze and drone. ‘Fall Into Nothing’ is well rounded, unpredictable and uncompromising. Even though album number four packs the same noise assault as previous releases, it doesn’t lack melody. ‘Fall Into Nothing’ is available on CD and digital here, plus there’s a fresh interview at The Big Takeover.

93MillionMilesFromTheSun – ‘Fall Into Nothing’

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Vallens – ‘Tennesse Haze’


‘Tennesse Haze’ is an impressive new shoegazer courtesy of Ontario-based outfit Vallens. The group is lead by songwriter Robyn Phillips, who is currently recording a debut full length with Jeff Berner (Psychic TV) and label mate Josh Korody (Beliefs / Wish). ‘Tennesse Haze’ is a sprawling rocker that covers a lot of ground over its six plus minutes, the seasick guitars are held together with an 80s backbeat. Big sound, big tune! The single is out now via Canadian label Hand Drawn Dracula.

Vallens – ‘Tennesse Haze’

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The Death Of Pop – ‘What A Day’


Philadelphia’s Hidden Gem Records have delivered their very first vinyl comp – the ‘Colorwheel Compilation’. It features Tape Waves, The Arctic Flow, The Skating Party and this delightful jangle popper from The Death Of Pop! The British band also released their own compilation last month called ‘Runts‘ (pulling together songs from 2013-14). Grab ‘What A Day’ on The ‘Colorwheel Compilation’ via Hidden Gem Records.

The Death Of Pop – ‘What A Day’

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Trementina – ‘Kisses In Your Eyes’


Trementina (‘Turpentine’ in English) have posted ‘Kisses In Your Eyes’, the first song from their forthcoming full length ‘Almost Reach The Sun’ – coming soon via Bym Records (Chile) / Vinyl Junkie (Japan). Their first (legit) video was filmed by Matias Illanes and director Matias Illanes at their home, and on the streets of Santiago with skater Loco Cheby! It’s Trementina’s most polished and confident creation yet, and points to a strong LP. The shoegaze quartet are just about to hit Japan for a tour with Astrobrite at the Whitenoise Superstars Fest. They’ve got all their ducks in a row (and are sounding awesome)!

Trementina – ‘Kisses In Your Eyes’ [Video]

Trementina – Japan Tour Dates

24/05 – Tokyo Koenji · High (Whitenoise Superstars)
25/05 – Tokyo · Tsutaya O-Nest
26/05 – Osaka · Club Vijon
27/05 – Nagoya · Apollo Base

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ColoreSantos – ‘Forest’


Fantastic new psych pop from Santiago, Chile! ‘Forest’ is a jangly gem from a newly formed quintet called ColoreSantos. There’s loads packed into this tune, the latter half really impresses, (particularly the bendy instrumental break)! If you’re keen for more, check out their first demo ‘Toy’ over at Soundcloud.

ColoreSantos – ‘Forest’

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Westkust – ‘Easy’


Westkust have delivered their new LP ‘Last Forever’ featuring the stand out lead track ‘Swirl’ and the equally loveable ‘Weekends’, ‘Easy’ and ‘Jonna’. The Swedish band produce twee noise poppers at a relentless pace with catchy boy/girl vocals. The digital is up for grabs now, with vinyl pressings from Sweden’s Luxury, and now from Run For Cover Records (USA). ‘Last Forever’ is easy to fall for – find out for yourself (full stream below)…

Westkust – ‘Easy’ [‘Last Forever’ LP Stream]

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