Ulrika Spacek – ‘I Don’t Know’


Regular readers will be familiar with the work of British solo artist Rhys Williams, aka Viscous Liquid. Last year he delivered the EP ‘Songs For Jealous Lovers‘, a spacey pairing of surf rock and shoegaze. This week we can reveal his new project, Ulrika Spacek. The duo’s debut single ‘I Don’t Know’ is a lo-fi psych rocker with dreamy vocal harmonies and liberal phaser use! Ulrika Spacek have already recorded much of their debut album, more soon.

Ulrika Spacek – ‘I Don’t Know’

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Magic Potion – ‘Deep Web’


Introducing Magic Potion, a slacker pop outfit from Stockholm, Sweden. Their debut single ‘Deep Web’ is all about “internet luuuv, eating pizza and feeling alone :(“. Tracked on quarter inch tape, it’s a got an analogue warmth and melted vibe that’s hard not to like! Magic Potion will deliver their debut EP later this year.

Magic Potion – ‘Deep Web’

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Ride Go Acoustic For Reunion Show


Loads of footage has emerged online from Ride‘s hour long show at London’s 100 Club, their first in twenty years! The British rock vets opted for an acoustic set which featured ‘Like A Daydream’ and ‘Vapour Trail’ (as below). It was just Mark Gardener and Andy Bell performing, with Steve and Loz sitting out. Rolling Stone posted an interview, while Finnish website Rumba posted some live videos. Ride kick off their (full line-up) shows in the U.S. this April.

Ride – ‘Vapour Trail’ [Live Acoustic @ 100 Club, London Feb 2015]

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Crocodiles – ‘Crybaby Demon’


Crocodiles have announced details of their fifth album ‘Boys’, along with their latest psych pop gem ‘Crybaby Demon’. The Californian duo tracked it in Mexico City with producer Martin Thulin (aka Menonita Rock)! ‘Crybaby Demon’ is a party starter that sounds a little like Beck fronting The Stone Roses. ‘Boys’ is available via Zoo Music from April 28.

Crocodiles – ‘Crybaby Demon’

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A Place To Bury Strangers – ‘Transfixiation’


A Place To Bury Strangers delivered their fourth album ‘Transfixiation’ this week via Dead Oceans. It was conceived following several years of non-stop touring, with the mindset that it would be less controlled, and more unpredictable than their previous material. After a month of recording at (the now closed) Death By Audio, singer/guitarist Oliver Ackermann acknowledged that, “It got to be too much, where we – or at least I – almost had a meltdown or something. I felt like we had to stop, and I wasn’t even sure if the album was going to get finished or if we were going to be friends again.”

Several months later the New York trio reconvened with new material, and a fresh perspective on previous sessions. From an outsiders view, it seemed like A Place To Bury Strangers needed to recharge and get back to the fun of rock n’ roll (without worrying about the details), ‘Transfixiation’ is the result. It’s tinnitus-inducing, noise rock mayhem that’s best suited for the stage but here it is, captured on hard disc (or wax). I’m not sure this medium has ever done APTBS any favors because their delivery is just as vital as the songs themselves. Perhaps more so. This works against ‘Transfixiation’ from the start because it’s loaded with attitude, not hits.

It’s a rhythmic, textured affair with drummer Robi Gonzalez locking in with bassist Dion Lunadon. The pair complement Oliver’s trademark monotone vocals and stomp box wizardry. Often the bass line is the most melodic instrument, ‘Straight’ is one example. The single ‘We’ve Come So Far’ is another obvious highlight, the inclusion of a backing female vocalist in the chorus provides contrast. A contrast that is lacking on some of the album cuts. ‘Transfixiation’ is a feat of sonic exploration, style and spectacle but it doesn’t have the song writing weight to throw a knockout punch. In lieu of their stage presence, the album just needs a few more “songs”. In truth, I don’t think their core fan base will be bothered, it’s an exciting listen and I expect APTBS will be back, baying for blood and pissing off parents in no time!

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A Place To Bury Strangers - 'Transfixiation'
  • Huge sounds and production
  • APTBS take risks on experimentation
  • Lacks songwriting punch / hooks
3.0Overall Score
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Surf Rock Is Dead – ‘Zen A’


Surf Rock Is Dead return with ‘Zen A’, but don’t let the name fool you, there’s nothing surf rock about it. Which is kinda the point, right!? The Brooklyn-based duo (Kevin Pariso and Joel Witenberg) mix an 80s post punk feel with reverb and harmony, with brilliant results.  It follows the equally great lo-fi rocker ‘Late Risers‘. No word on an official release as yet.

Surf Rock Is Dead – ‘Zen A’

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