Wozniak – ‘Pikes Peak’


After many months of hard work, Edinburgh foursome Wozniak have released their latest EP ‘Pikes Peak’ via Morningside Young Team Records (download). The five track release is a mix of shoegaze, post rock and psych. Lead single ‘El Maresme’ is a stormy slow burner that opens up into a sprawling noise fest! But there’s a heap of variation, my favourite being the balls-to-the-wall rocker ‘Columbo’s Car’. Stream the rest at Bandcamp or below…

Wozniak – ‘Pikes Peak’

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Southern Boutique – ‘Undercurrents’

southern boutique-undercurrents-artwork

Introducing Austin trio Southern Boutique, formed from the ashes of Tiger Waves. Apparently a change can do the world of good because these tunes are very impressive. It’s like Brian Wilson and John Lennon holed up together, sailing off into the sunset! ‘Undercurrents‘ (free download) is a psych pop oddity waiting to be poured over, with stellar production washed in warm reverb. Check out more of Southern Boutique at Soundcloud. Brilliant.

Southern Boutique – ‘Undercurrents’

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Sexores – ‘Historias de Frío’

sexores-Historias de Frio-artwork

Rarely does the word “enchanting” get mentioned on these pages. Mainly because it’s a hard word for me to say, write or read with a straight face. Sexores are enchanting. *giggles*. The Spanish natives have produced their second record called ‘Historias de Frío‘ (available now). It’s no joke, this is some superb dream pop meets shoegaze that’s worth a listen. Great artwork too!

Sexores – ‘Historias de Frío’ [selected cuts]

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Matthew Zedolik – ‘Wild Shores’

Matthew Zedolik-wild shores-artwork

Pennsylvania’s Matthew Zedolik has delivered a new album of instrumental shoegaze called ‘Wild Shores’. The lo-fi charm comes courtesy of Matt’s basement recording studio! Expect some hypnotic experimental tunes, surf pop and a lot of spacey sounds. ‘Wild Shores’ is out now via Bandcamp. ‘Sundancer’ is a real treat…

Matthew Zedolik – ‘Wild Shores’

Matthew Zedolik’s ‘Wild Shores’ @ Bandcamp.

Shoegaze And Dream Pop Songs Of 2014

Shoegaze Dream Pop Songs 2014

With half of 2014 already in the books, it’s time to take a look at the stand out shoegaze and dream pop tunes of the year so far (as posted on Sounds Better With Reverb). Hopefully you’ll find something in this playlist that flies your kite! It’ll be updated periodically (until 2014 is behind us). If you notice something’s been missed, please click through and have a say in the comments section at the bottom of the page. Recommended listening can also be found in the review section here. For the purists, note that there’s a few songs in the list that hit the web in 2013 but weren’t released until this year. Plus a few jangle pop and psych tracks to spice things up. Happy hunting!

Shoegaze And Dream Pop Songs Of 2014…so far…

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