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Is Bliss – ‘Ocean Blue’


Is Bliss are the latest addition to Club AC30’s roster; featuring singer/guitarist Jimmy Stuart, bassist Dean Edwards and Sam Speakman (on drums). The psychedelic shoegaze act have combined their shared love of Slowdive, Spacemen 3, and The Cure for their forthcoming debut EP ‘Velvet Dreams’ (out October 21). The British trio have announced a short run of dates in support of the release, with a full length planned for next year.

Is Bliss – ‘Ocean Blue’

Thursday 4th August – The Victoria, London – Supporting The Hacienda
Friday 5th August – The Fat Fox, Southsea – Supporting New Desert Blues
Saturday 24th September – Edge of the Wedge – Southsea Psych Out
Saturday 28th January – The Fat Fox, Southsea – Icebreaker Festival 2017

Visit Is Bliss @ Club AC30 @ Facebook.

VVOES – ‘Get Your Life’


Introducing VVOES, a four piece from Texas with a sound somewhere between post-punk, surf rock and shoegaze! Their debut EP ‘Get Your Life’ is available now, with support from Overblown, Central Track, Forth Worth Weekly and Dallas Observer. Jump into the stream below…

VVOES – ‘Get Your Life’ [EP Stream]

Visit VVOES @ Web @ Bandcamp @ Facebook.

Drowse – ‘Memory’


Portland’s Kyle Bates (aka Drowse) releases his three track EP ‘Memory Bed’ this week via Native Sound. The hushed collection was inspired by Grouper, Mount Eerie, Velvet Cacoon, and Unwound (which makes a whole lot of sense when you listen to ‘Memory’). Bates is a talented songwriter, recently co-writing two tracks for Miserable’s ‘Uncontrollable’ LP. ‘Memory’ is an intimate and moody listen; it’s under your skin music for late night listening.

Drowse – ‘Memory’

Visit Drowse @ Native Sound @ Bandcamp @ Facebook.

Kindling – ‘Capital Cities’


‘Capital Cities’ is the latest pitch bending shoegazer from Kindling (as premiered by the A.V. Club). The Massachusetts quintet deliver their new full length ‘Everywhere Else’ on August 12 via No Idea Records, it also features the lead single ‘Weightlessly‘. It’s sounding great so far, as recorded at Sonelab in rural Easthampton with Justin Pizzoferrato (Pixies, Speedy Ortiz etc.)

Kindling – ‘Capital Cities’

Visit Kindling @ No Idea Records @ Facebook.

Mumrunner – ‘Sputnik’


Mumrunner have announced their new EP ‘Gentle Slopes’ will be with us on September 9 through Soliti (digital) and Wolves & Vibrancy (vinyl)! Must say, the vinyl printed skeletons look amazing (see here). The Finnish reverb rockers also served up their latest single ‘Sputnik’, the follow up to ‘Shawshank‘. The band had this to say, “Sputnik has it’s roots in the Finnish district of Kaleva. It’s a place where half of our band members live. It’s where we rehearse, play football, make love, money and hang out. The Sputnik probe started a new era in a mankind’s history many years ago. So did moving to Kaleva for Mumrunner. And to be honest, there’s also a bit  of a soviet feeling in the neighbourhood.”

Mumrunner – ‘Sputnik’

Visit Mumrunner @ Soliti @ Facebook.

Bleak House – ‘Sun Down’


British five piece Bleak House returned with ‘Sun Down’ last week after almost two years of silence. It’s a slow burning blend of dream pop and psych. The combination of Dan and Yasmyn’s vocals weave their magic by the end of the track. Grab a download via Bandcamp.

Bleak House – ‘Sun Down’

Visit Bleak House @ Bandcamp @ Facebook.