Lightning Bug – ‘Floaters’


Been busy streaming Lightning Bug‘s brilliant debut album ‘Floaters‘ this week. It came out in January and has steadily caught the ear of admirers over the past few months. ‘Luminous Veil’ isn’t a fair representation of the album, but it’s an amazing shoegazer even so! The rest of ‘Floaters’ is more in the psych pop realm but is very unique. ‘Bobby’ is just one of the other stand outs…

Lightning Bug – ‘Luminous Veil’ [Floaters LP Stream]

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Airiel – New Album Preview


Chicago shoegaze vets Airiel will deliver a new LP later this year! The band have posted a “rough mix” of four songs from the album, and it’s sounding lovely. Hard to believe it’s been three years since the foursome (founded by Jeremy Wrenn in ’97) released the ‘Kid Games’ EP – so its welcome news. There’s also a refreshed ‘Winks & Kisses’ vinyl set on the way with new remixes (including this).

Ariel – New Album Preview

Airiel – ‘Flashlight Tag’ [from ‘Kid Games’]

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California Death – ‘Wake’


‘Wake’ kicks off California Death‘s self-titled EP, available to stream/download here. The Virigina rockers serve up a dose of jangly psych, along with some lo-fi rockers across the six track collection. The four piece have had their debut featured on Primal Radio, DKFM and WCNU. Not a bad start!

California Death – ‘Wake’

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No Joy – ‘Hollywood Teeth’


No Joy have come a long way since the lo-fi haze of ‘Ghost Blonde’, the Canadian quartet have posted their latest track ‘Hollywood Teeth’ via Billboard. Needless to say, they’re sounding as awesome as ever. Not to forget the sparkle that producer Jorge Elbrecht adds to No Joy’s sound, evident since 2013’s much loved ‘Wait To Pleasure’ LP. ‘More Faithful’ is out June 9 via Mexican Summer.

No Joy – ‘Hollywood Teeth’

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Future – ‘Horizons’


Requiem pour un Twister presents ‘Horizons’, the debut full length from Future. The French trio (Brice Delourmel, Pauline La Chaceray and Venera 4’s Yann Canévet) craft dark and brutal songs that blur the line between noise rock, coldwave, post punk and shoegaze. The title track ‘Horizons’ plays out like a combination of Soft Moon and A Place To Bury Strangers – this is not for the feint hearted! Since forming in 2012 Future have released a number of singles and the ‘Abyss’ EP, and have played shows alongside Crocodiles, AVGVST and KVB. ‘Horizons’ is a chaotic collection that just doesn’t let up, it’s bound to please existing fans and should win them some new ones. ‘Horizons’ is available now on digital or vinyl.

Future – ‘Horizons’

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Drowse – ‘Melt’


Experimental solo artist Kyle Bates (aka Drowse) is set to deliver his latest album ‘Soon Asleep’ on June 9 via APNEICVOID. The Portland music maker blends drone, noise n’ shoegaze influences into disturbing yet pretty cinematic pieces. ‘Melt’ is a dynamic and interesting listen but is bound to divide listeners. It’s the kind of tune you’re either going to appreciate or not, no fence sitters! Lap it up below…

Drowse – ‘Melt’

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