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Vivienne Eastwood – ‘Messy’


If ‘Messy’ is indicative of Vivienne Eastwood‘s upcoming EP then we’re all in for a treat! It’s a stunning ambient trip from the Brooklyn shoegaze act. A submerged head nod to MBV and the classics; with all the warmth and fuzzy edges you’d expect. It’s the first new music we’ve heard from the quartet since 2012’s ‘Rose Pedals’ (as below), which is equally awesome. The new EP is dropping on October 6, with a release party happening at Night Of Joy (for the New Yorkers).

Vivienne Eastwood – ‘Messy’

Visit Vivienne Eastwood @ Bandcamp @ Facebook.

Light Fantastic – ‘Something Like Love’


‘Something Like Love’ kicks off Light Fantastic‘s campaign for their debut long player ‘Out Of View’ (available October 7). The reverb heavy, psych-tinged rocker is 100% sunshine. The San Francisco-based collective worked with engineer and guitarist Rex Shelverton (of Tamaryn) for the album. Light Fantastic bridge surf rock with dream pop n’ jangle. Most importantly, there’s great songwriting courtesy of Terry Sowers and his twangy Rickenbacker.

Light Fantastic – ‘Something Like Love’

Visit Light Fantastic @ Bandcamp @ Facebook.

Kestrels – ‘Waiting’


Kestrels return with their third album on September 30 featuring the lead single ‘No Alternative’ and their latest ‘Waiting’. I had a listen to the record this week, and I know you’ll love it! The Halifax noise pop trio is drummer Paul Brown, bassist Devin Peck and singer/guitarist Chad Peck (of We Need Secrets / Noyes Records fame). Kestrels spent two years carving out the record, as mixed by Brad Wood (Smashing Pumpkins / Sunny Day Real Estate). Pick up the limited gold and purple splatter vinyl through Sonic Unyon.

Kestrels – ‘Waiting’

Visit Kestrels @ Sonic Unyon @ Bandcamp @ Facebook.

Orchin – ‘If I Ever’


Orchin have served up ‘If I Ever’ (the b-side to ‘One’). It’s another shimmering delight from the LA-based three piece. The group is led by Sydney expat Jeremy McLennan, who weaves intricate melodies through a mass of guitar strings and reverb. I like where Orchin is going with this one, the latter half of ‘If I Ever’ really opens up. If I could direct an 80s teen movie, this would be on the soundtrack! Download a copy here.

Orchin – ‘If I Ever’

Visit Orchin @ Bandcamp @ Facebook.

Turnip King – ‘Rosy’s On Safari’

turnip king-laika

Rosy’s On Safari‘ is my favourite song of the year… there I said it! I’ve flapped on about Turnip King‘s newie ‘Laika’ enough, but now you can stream the whole thing right here (as released by Fire Talk this month). The New Yorkers go nuts on this track, there’s the overblown chorus (that sounds like two songs playing at once), and the punk driven verse that plays out like Kim Deal and Black Francis at their most entertaining. If you’ve only got time to check out one new album this week, let it be this one.

Turnip King – ‘Rosy’s On Safari’ [‘Laika’ Stream]

Visit Turnip King @ Bandcamp @ Facebook.

Suburban Living – ‘Lovely Times’

suburban living-almost paradise

Swoony pop music doesn’t get much more fun than this! Suburban Living‘s ‘Lovely Times’ has a simple but epic hook that leads you into the double timed outro. It might be too sugary for some ears; a well-balanced mix of indie pop and ‘gazey layers. It’s lifted from Suburban Living’s second album ‘Almost Paradise’ (out October 7 via 6131 Records).

Suburban Living – ‘Lovely Times’

Visit Suburban Living @ 6131 Records @ Facebook.

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