Glintshake – ‘Eyebones’


Glintshake’s first LP ‘Eyebones‘ is brand new on Arctic Pacific Records, 40 minutes spilling over with beautiful, high energy noise! From the word go the Moskva (Moscow) natives charge ahead with ‘Wiuwiuwiu’ (check the DIY video below). Its whiplash inducing punk – energetic, noisy, grinding breaks and raw, bopping vocals by guitarist-writer (and front woman) Kate Shilonosova. She’s beautifully, powerfully loud, and, one imagines, her hair is rarely the same color twice (in Kate’s case it’s true, too). She’s the femme fatale who kicks your ass in only the most memorable of dreams. Strong, bright, dangerous.

She and Glintshake also have an incredible ear for making beautiful noise from discordant, distorted harmonics. They might draw on grunge, punk, shoegaze, and noise rock, but their talent for harnessing those sounds and raw energies into “an atmosphere of permanent adolescence and inner freedom”for ‘Eyebones’ is unique and leans into art-rock territory in a way that hasn’t excited my ears in too long. Sonic Youth is not an unfair comparison (‘Face’ and ‘Teenage God’ being perhaps the clearest examples).

The band advertised a recent gig as “huge” and “superdeafening,” and I can attest that their work is best at volumes certain to draw complaints. Tracks are long and dense, but never feel exhausting or over worked. The production is bright, helping the band sound tight and ‘huge’ rather than muddy or unbalanced. The few lighter tracks of the LP (hard to call them breathers), like ‘Crocodile’ reinforce that the band are at their best when they make art out of heft. But the album never lets up for long, ‘Yes II’ returns with the noise and sensible grunge rock chops come with it. Heavy, huge and distorted guitars lay the catchy base for bright vocals before a warbling, whining break. High praises all around. [By Dave Lytton]
Glintshake – ‘Eyebones’ [Stream]

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Keaton Henson – ‘Elevator Song’ (Ulrich Schnauss Remix)

keaton henson-romantic works-artwork

On a totally different note, Ulrich Schnauss has recently posted a beautiful remix of Keaton Henson‘s ‘Elevator Song’. It’s up for free download thanks to the folks at XLR8R.The minimal electronic piece is built on slow moving sounds that build and fade, fantastic work! You’ll find the original version on Henson’s ‘Romantic Works‘ LP. Side point, I went to a hippy cinema on the weekend (think lentils and bean bags) and before the movie they were playing Carbon Based Lifeforms ‘Arecibo‘ from the Twentythree album. I’m not much of an ambient connoisseur but that album is perfect to zone out to (listen).

Keaton Henson – ‘Elevator Song’ (Ulrich Schnauss Remix)

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We Need Secrets – ‘Melancholy And The Archive’ [EXCLUSIVE]


We Need Secrets are here to make your day! It’s the pet project of Nova Scotia’s Chad Peck (of Kestrels, Noyes Records fame) and we’re happy to present an exclusive stream of the debut album ‘Melancholy And The Archive’ – out this week. It features guest appearances by ANGO, Elliott Frazier (Ringo Deathstarr), Paul Brown (Kestrels), and Aim Low‘s Omar Husain. Shellac’s Bob Weston handled mastering duties and Elliott mixed the record.

As you’ll hear below, Chad has really worked his ass off to make this a great album. It’s a colourful collection of well conceived shoegaze with all the fuzz, reverb and noise you could hope for! Order your copy of ‘Melancholy And The Archive’ via Saint Marie Records on limited clear glitter vinyl, standard black and CD here or digital. Recommended listening!
We Need Secrets – ‘Melancholy And The Archive’ [EXCLUSIVE]

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Heavy Sigh – ‘Rains’

heavy sigh-my quiet-artwork

Introducing Heavy Sigh, a five piece out of New Jersey. This month the indie dream poppers posted their debut EP ‘My Quiet’ featuring ‘Rains’ (download). It’s a solid first offering and should sit well with downcast twee lovers! There’s also some noise walls in there (check out the title track ‘My Quiet’). East Coast USA dwellers can catch Heavy Sigh on tour next month, hit up Facebook for details.

Heavy Sigh – ‘Rains’

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A Shoreline Dream – ‘The Heart Never Recovered’

a shoreline dream-the silent sunrise-artwork

Denver’s A Shoreline Dream return with ‘The Heart Never Recovered’ (free download) the lead single from their upcoming fourth album (as premiered by Surviving The Golden Age). It’s been three years since their last LP ‘Losing Them All To This Time’ and for their latest effort the shoegazers have explored more experimental waters, recruiting several guest musicians for the recording. By the sound of the single, they’ve also indulged their dark side! ‘The Silent Sunrise’ will be available from September 9 courtesy of Latenight Weeknight Records (pre-order).

A Shoreline Dream – ‘The Heart Never Recovered’

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Ray Rec – ‘Dreams Burn Down’

dreams burn down-ray rec-artwork

More free tunes coming atya! Ray Rec released a shoegaze compilation today called ‘Dreams Burn Down’ featuring Sky Between Leaves, National Screen Service, Follow The Sea, Crisis Arm and more (free download)! It also features ‘Lost Like Tears In Rain’, a lovely lo-fi gazer by Isle Of Wight rockers Auris Acumen.

Auris Acumen – ‘Lost Like Tears In Rain’

Download ‘Dreams Burn Down’ @ Ray Rec.