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Warm – ‘Visions Of You’

New York’s Warm are enjoying a huge start to the year. The quintet followed up their 2015 debut EP ‘Pt. 1’ with its successor ‘Pt. 2‘ in January, and have already posted an impressive follow-up single (and video) in ‘Visions Of You’. All of the above releases are worth your minutes. Warm are sounding lush and polished, check out the dramatic visuals below.

Warm – ‘Visions Of You’

Visit Warm @ Bandcamp @ Facebook.

Vyva Melinkolya – ‘Vyva Melinkolya’

Kentucky noisemaker Alyc Diaz (aka Vyva Melinkolya) has completed an eclectic self-titled long player featuring the lead tune ‘1:00AM’. The DIY release is full of charm and sincerity, with a sound that fringes psych, shoegaze and dream pop. The album was mastered by Warren Hildebrand (Foxes in Fiction, Orchid Tapes) and is available now. Stream in full below…

Vyva Melinkolya – ‘Vyva Melinkolya’ [Album Stream]

Visit Vyva Melinkolya @ Bandcamp @ Facebook.

Launder – ‘Annie Blue’

Launder (otherwise known as John Cudlip) returns with another jangle pop gem called ‘Annie Blue’, lifted from his forthcoming ‘Pink Cloud’ EP (pre-order). The Californian solo artist enlisted producer Jackson Phillips (Day Wave), French vocalist Soko, and DIIV’s Zachary Cole Smith to guest on the release (which is out on March 23). ‘Annie Blue’ is a laid back listen, despite the fact that there’s plenty of guitars and vocals layered upon one another. Yet melodically it doesn’t try to do too much, and has me really looking forward to this EP. Take a listen to the previous single ‘Fade’ if you missed it.

Launder – ‘Annie Blue’

Visit Launder @ Bandcamp @ Facebook.

Blurred City Lights – ‘Volker’

Blurred City Lights have dropped their second album ‘Volker‘ featuring the electronic bliss of ‘Don’t Let Go’ (as sung by Rose Berlin). After many years the collaboration between Dean Garcia (Curve, SPC ECO) and Polish multi-instrumentalist Jarek Leskiewicz (Sunset Wrecks, Opollo, SPC ECO) continues to sound immediate. The pair have been crafting fuzzy soundscapes together since 2013’s ‘Neon Glow’ and their latest is a worthy addition. The album art is fantastic too, admittedly it gives me Bladrunner feels! Jarek explains the inspiration, “Dean was always very stimulated by evocative visuals and right away pointed at the first one and said that it should be the cover art for our new release. I agreed. I think that image motivated/inspired us quite a bit and sealed the fate of the record as a creative vision that must be completed.”

Blurred City Lights – ‘Volker’

Visit Blurred City Lights @ Bandcamp @ Facebook.

Luca Mar – ‘Exit’

Here’s a release that totally flew under my radar; ‘Exit’ by Luca Mar (released late 2017). It’s the work of Seattle duo Christian Jorgensen (vocals) and Brock Jorgensen (guitar). Last May the pair dropped out of school and quit their jobs to write and record ‘Exit’. Life choices. I respect the conviction, however their parents may think differently! Anyway, check out ‘Rise Up’ which I think is really impressive, stream the rest here.

Luca Mar – ‘Rise Up’ [from ‘Exit’ LP]

Visit Luca Mar @ Bandcamp @ Facebook.

June Pastel – ‘Without A Phrase’

It’s been a hectic week, and while you may have been busy lapping up the new releases from Ride and Lowtide, there’s plenty of other gems that deserve attention. Case in point, June Pastel. It’s the work of Venezuelan-American Anthony Peña. The Baltimore solo artist produces breezy bedroom pop, which has been compared to Craft Spells and Wild Nothing. June Pastel will release his debut full length this summer through Native Sound. Get acquainted below!

June Pastel – ‘Without A Phrase’

Visit June Pastel @ Bandcamp @ Facebook.