Pia Fraus – ‘Autumn Winds’


After eight years Pia Fraus have broken their silence with the new single ‘Autumn Winds‘. It’s a brilliant surprise from the Tallinn-based dream pop vets. Only a few months back the quintet unveiled their catalogue on vinyl (many for the first time) and now this! Best of all, ‘Autumn Winds’ confirms a fresh album is on the way (expected 2017 via Seksound). In the meantime, jump into ‘Autumn Winds’; which combines off-kilter psych sounds, otherworldly vocal harmonies and a super pretty chorus. The combination of Rein and Eve’s voice is just magic.

Pia Fraus – ‘Autumn Winds’

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Kinoko Teikoku – ‘Ai no Yukue’ (きのこ帝国 – 愛のゆくえ)


Japan’s Kinoko Teikoku have delivered their new album ‘Ai no Yukue’! This is their fourth album (since forming in 2007), and follows last year’s ‘Neko to Allergy’. The quartet’s latest is a little more pop leaning than their shoegaze beginnings; certainly more so than 2012’s ‘Uzu ni Naru’. Nevertheless, since being released in early November ‘Ai no Yukue’ has been well received. If you’re a fan of whirlwind Japanese shoegazers, you’re probably already onto it! Kinoko Teikoku’s ‘Ai no Yukue’ is available now to stream (Spotify); download (iTunes); or on CD (Amazon Japan).

Kinoko Teikoku – ‘Ai no Yukue’ (きのこ帝国 – 愛のゆくえ) [Spotify Stream]

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Pastel Dream – ‘Pastel Dream’


Caitlyn Whitfield fronts Pastel Dream; a five piece dream pop outfit out of California. Fans of lo-fi jangle/dream pop should lap up their debut self-titled EP. Its a short introduction (at four tracks), but it’s a promising start nonetheless. Name your price at Bandcamp.

Pastel Dream – ‘Pastel Dream’

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Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions – ‘Until the Hunter’


Hope Sandoval and The Warm Inventions return with their third album ‘Until The Hunter’ (featuring the lead single ‘Let Me Get There’ with Kurt Vile). The album is an expectedly solid emotional trip; seven years in the making. It’s good to see that the collab between Mazzy Star’s Hope Sandoval and My Bloody Valentine’s Colm Ó Cíosóig is still producing (even though their respective bands have been back in action). ‘Until The Hunter’ is a moody listen (and you really need to be in the right one to appreciate it). Personally, I enjoyed it as much as their 2001 debut ‘Bavarian Fruit Bread’. Which admittedly, I only properly indulged in recently. Dream pop doesn’t get much classier and thoughtful than this. Pick up the record via Tendril Tales (digital / physical).

Hope Sandoval And The Warm Inventions – ‘Until the Hunter’

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Vet Trip – ‘Swimming In Machines’


Austin shoegazers Vet Trip recently delivered their first full length ‘Swimming In Machines‘. It’s a solid debut, so chances are you’re already all over it! The foursome posted the lead single ‘Finland’ back in April and have backed it up with the spacey opener ‘No Smile’, the stormy and dissonant ‘I’m Your Shadow’, as well as the poppier songs ‘Fall Away’ and ‘Sunny Wigs’. Stream in full below…

Vet Trip – ‘Swimming In Machines’

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Joensuu 1685 – ‘Joensuu 1685’


Joensuu 1685 (pronounced Yo-Anne-Sioux Sixteen-Eighty-Five) have been spinning in my house over the past few weeks. You may remember their 2008 self-titled debut; an elaborate mix of noise rock, psych and experimental feedback. The band is three Finnish twenty somethings; Mikko Joensuu, Markus Joensuu and Risto Joensuu. Together they teamed up with Medicine’s Brad Laner to release a 10 inch split but are currently on hiatus. Hit up BB Island for the vinyl.

Joensuu 1685 – ‘Joensuu 1685’

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